Michaelson, Christ and Bowden collect 700s

Larry Mason

Mar. 8, 2007 - After a somewhat dismal week of bowling one week ago, three of Classic Lanes’ bowlers, Bruce Michaelson, Nathan Crist and Becky Bowden, found the 700 series range this week. Michaelson led all of the center's bowlers, shooting a 725 on Thursday. Crist followed on Sunday night with a 716, as did Bowden with a 707. Becky was the top lady bowler on Monday night, shooting a 623 series, while Mike Gilliland was the top bowler on Tuesday night with a 673.

This week, another of our retired United States Air Force personnel, Bruce Michaelson, led all of the center’s bowlers, producing the highest three game set, a 725. To collect his seventh 700 series of the current season, Bruce shot games of 202, 248 and 275. The series raised his average to a 222, which moved him into sole possession of second place on the center’s high average board, two pins behind leader, Tarry Davison. Bruce ranks 12th on the high series chart with a 737, and holds 11th place on the high game list, by virtue of this week’s 275 third game. Those individuals with whom Bruce is tied for second place in 700 series production are: Greg Pullen, Harold McClure, David Gholson and Becky Bowden.

If you are wondering why so many of the center’s top bowlers seem to come out of the Air Force, consider the fact that the Air Force male and female squads won this years inter-service bowling competition, just as they did last year. The USMC squads were last, while the Army and Navy teams fought for second and third places in the two divisions. And, bear in mind that these squads got to practice year round, because the Air Force has bowling centers on most of their many land bases worldwide. It’s hard to bowl on a U.S. Navy ship, just as it is difficult to bowl in foxholes, if one happens to be a member of the U.S. Army or USMC. I realize these are weak excuses, but they’re the best I can come up with on such short notice.

Nathan Crist produced this week’s second best series, a 716. It is Nathan’s fourth 700 series of the year. To get it, Nathan shot a 225 first game, a 245 second and a 246 third. Crist’s best series thus far this season is a 725, which places him 18th on the high series chart. Nathan is one of the 12 individuals who have shot an honor score this season. Nathan’s honor score is a 290 game, which ranks fifth on the high game list and ties him with Charles Harred. Crist ranks 12th on the high average board, where he finds himself tied with Roy Schutz, Wes Campbell and Vincent Smith at 205.

Becky Bowden, like Bruce Michaelson, collected her seventh 700 series of the season this week, a 707, shooting games of 267, 238 and 202 on Sunday night. Becky’s highest series of the season is a 762, which holds eighth place on the combined high series chart. She is averaging 217 on Tuesday, 214 on Monday and 211 on Sunday; she ranks fifth on the combined men and ladies’ high average board. Bowden is tied with Tarry Davison, Darrell Green and Joe Kirkpatrick for first place on the combined high game list. Each has shot a perfect game this season. Davison has shot two. On the ladies only listings, Becky ranks first in every category, average, series and game.

Dorothy Harrison just recently returned to bowling at Classic Lanes.  Monday night, Dorothy shot a series that was 135 over her average series, finishing the night with a 576 series, and a one-night average of 192. When play began, Dorothy was averaging 147, and her average series was a 441.  This week, Ms. Harrison shot games of 226, 161 and 189. The ladies City Tournament is just around the corner, and it may be that Dorothy has found her game in the nick of time. We’ll see.

James Allen came to the center on Thursday carrying a 165 average, which means he will normally shoot in and around 495 for a series.  Thursday night, however, he shot games of 174, 211 and 237 to complete the night’s competition with a 622 series, 127 pins over his series average. His single night’s average was 207. James best series to this point in the season is a 666, which ranks 44th on the high series chart. James is tied for 29th place on the high game list with a 245.

Jerry C. Thompson, one of our retired persons out of the USMC, started league play Tuesday with a 186 average. His first game that night was a 221; his second a 220; his third a 224. How’s that for consistency? Jerry finished the night with a 665 series, the eighth highest series of the week. However, it isn’t Jerry’s highest series - that’s a 707. It places him 27th on the high series chart, where he is tied with Turk Morgan. Jerry’s best game of the season is a 258, which ranks 18th on the high game list. The game ties him with center owner, Paul Carter, and Clinton Cline.

Jason Keller fell 13 pins short of recording his fourth 700 series of the season, having to settle for a 687 on Thursday night. Keller rolled games of 225, 214 and 248. Jason’s 687 was the second-best series recorded on Thursday evening, and the fourth-best shot during the week. Jason is carrying a 221 average in the men’s commercial league, which puts him in third place on the high average board, one pin behind second place holder, Bruce Michaelson, and three pins behind average leader, Tarry Davison, and his 224. Keller is tied with Larry Siegert and D.J. Kast for second place on the high game list, with a 299 honor game. Keller’s best series is a 791, which holds second place on the high series chart, two pins behind leader, Darreyl Dixon and his 793.

Jason Burchfield is one of two disgruntled postal workers who bowl at Classic Lanes; the other is Danny Burns. When either of these gentlemen bowl exceptionally well, I make certain that I point it out to you folks. Jason shot exceptionally well on Sunday evening. Mr. Burchfield shot a 629 series, for a one-night average of 209, and a series total 89 pins over his norm, 537. Jason shot games of 172, 246 and 211. Burchfield’s best game is a 257, 19th on the high series chart, and his best series is a 646, 58th on the high series chart.

One of Burchfield’s partners on Sunday, is Allan Hague. Allan is a dairyman from the Yantis area. He has a bunch of those red-and-white Holsteins. He, like Burchfield, has just recently resumed bowling. On Sunday, Mr. Hague shot a 649 series, made up of games of 230, 201 and 218. Allan registered the fourth best series for Sunday. When he started play, he was carrying a 193 average; when the night was over, he had raised his average by one pin to a 194. Allan’s best series this season is a 686, 33rd on the high series chart, and his highest game is a 259, 17th on the high game list.

Others who bowled well this week include: Dewayne Roach (674), Mike Gilliland (673 Tuesday/641 Thursday), Darreyl Dixon (668), Greg Pullen (659), Mark Smith (652), Michael Carter (646), Tommy Fletcher (643), Wes Campbell and Scott Roach (626), D.J. Kast (625), and David Strain (622). 

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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