A family affair: Son-in-law, Mother and Daughter are top bowlers this week

Larry Mason

June 19, 2007 - It's a happening that is a rarity in any bowling center, and it's very likely to be the first time it has ever happened at Classic Lanes in its 60-year history. This week's top bowling honors went to a trio of relatives, a son-in-law, Richard Allen, Richard's mother-in law, Becky Bowden, and Richard's wife (Becky's daughter), Angela Allen.

Richard shot the week's highest three-game and four-game series, 699 and 920, respectively, while Becky posted the ladies highest three-game set, a 667, with Angela finishing Sunday's league with a 627 series. Jason Keller shot the men's second-best three and four-games sets, registering a 682 in the former, and an 889 in the latter.

Richard Allen has established a number of “firsts” for himself in the past year or so. In 2006, he got married, and became a father. In 2007, he shot his highest three-game series, a 699, and his highest four-game series, a 920, both occurring this past Thursday night. Richard tossed games of 235, 221 and 243 for the week's best three-game series, and finished the night with a 221 to claim the week's best four-game series. When play began last Thursday, Allen was averaging 173. When the night was over, he had raised his average by 19 pins, to a 192, and had moved to the No. 16 position on the high average list, where he was tied with his mother-in-law, Becky Bowden, and Jeff Wright.

Becky broke the tie with Richard on Sunday night. Richard moved to third place on the three-game high series chart with his 699, and took over second place on the four-game high series chart with his 920. Mr. Allen's best game of the current season is his third game from Thursday, 243. It places Richard in the No. 13 position on the high game list where he is tied with Neldon Smith. Richard completed the night 180 pins over his three-game series average and 228 pins over his four-game series norm.

Richard's mother-in-law, Becky Bowden, shot the week's best series by a lady, a 667 consisting of games of 198, 246 and 223. Last week, we remarked that Becky wouldn't stay in the sub-200 average range very long, and she didn't. After Sunday's performance, she had raised her average to a 202 and moved to ninth place on the men and ladies' high average board, and first on the ladies board. Her series is the best thrown by a woman so far this season, and claims ninth place on the men's and ladies' combined high series chart. Becky's best game thus far this season is the 247 she rolled on Sunday, which moved her into 10th place on the high game list.

Richard Allen's better half is Angela, who is the daughter of Becky. Sunday night, Angela made it a family outing on the lanes at the center, tossing a 627 series made up of games of 256, 185 and 186. When play began, Angela was carrying a 190 average. When the new averages were computed, she had raised hers to a 196 and had moved to 14th place on the high average board, where she is tied with Shannon Hague, Greg Pullen and Wes Campbell. Angela and Shannon are tied for second place on the ladies' version of the high average board. Angela's 627 is her best series of the season thus far. It holds 18th place on the combined high series chart, and is second best on the ladies only high series chart.

Jason Keller isn't related to the Allens or Becky in any way, but he was a distant cousin of sorts, shooting the men's second-highest three-game and four-game series for the week, posting a 682 for three games and 889 for four. Jason tossed games of 254, 214 and 214 in Games 1-3, and 207 in Game 4. He started the evening averaging 208, and wound up the evening with a 212. He moved to fifth place on the high average board. His 682 three-game set took over sixth place on the three-game high series chart, while his 889 four game effort moved him to fifth place on the four-game high series chart. His best game of the current season is this week's 254. It moved him to eighth place on the high game list.

Marcella Mitchell is one of those individuals who insists on throwing her ball using the wrong leg for her “slide.” She is right-handed, which normally means her “slide foot” would be the one on her left side. Marcella throws right and slides right. On Sunday night, she shot a 338 series, giving her a 112 average for the evening. She normally averages 84, which expands to a 252 for a three-game series. This Sunday, Ms. Mitchell's series was 86 pins over her average, shooting games of 113, 105 and 120. What might she do if we could get her to throw with the correct leg forward?

Others who bowled well this week include: Neldon Smith (644/830), Nathan Crist (639), Buddy McClendon (627/844), and Jason Parmer (619).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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