Darreyl Dixon claims week's only 700

Larry Mason

June 12, 2007 - Darreyl Dixon was the only bowler who found the 700 series range this week, shooting a 718 on Thursday night. David Gholson and Charles Harred were within striking distance, but ended the night with 676 and 671, respectively. For the ladies, a mother/daughter combination led the pack, with Becky Bowden rolling a 630 while daughter Angela Allen tossed a 604.

Darreyl Dixon took over first place on three of the four lists tracked at Classic Lanes during the summer leagues. Dixon now leads on the high average board, as well as on both the three-game and four-game high series charts. In the second week of league action, Dixon rolled a 718 three-game series, shooting games of 248, 245 and 225, which allowed him to move atop the three-game high series chart. He finished the evening with a 224 fourth game, which gave him a 942 four-game series, which moved him to the top of the four-game high series chart. The 942 pins he accumulated on the night raised his Thursday's average to a 232, which bumped him into first place on the high average board. Dixon holds fourth place on the high game list with a 263 shot last week.

David Gholson didn't shoot a 700 series this week, but he did hit a 676, which was good enough to claim second place on this week's sheet of top bowlers. Dave shot games of 247, 223, and 206 for his three-game total, and followed these with a 233 fourth game, which gave him a four-game set of 909. At the conclusion of Thursday's play, Gholson had raised his average to a 221, and had moved into second place on the high average board. Gholson holds fifth place on the three-game high series chart with a 678 from last week, while this week's 909 four-game series moved him to third place on the four-game high series chart. David's best game thus far this summer season is a 255, which puts him in sixth place on the high game list.

Charles Harred shot his first perfect game during the waning weeks of the fall season, some five weeks ago. Thursday night, he came within a single pin of doing the same thing, again. Mr. Harred, in Game 1 on Thursday night, tossed 11 strikes and had one spare, in the second frame, to end the game with a 280. He won't be receiving any awards from the USBC folks for all of his work, because he didn't hit a 290 or better, and his 11 strikes weren't consecutive, but he will get an award from the Dallas Men's Bowling Association for tossing 10 strikes in a row starting in the third frame and continuing till the end of the 10th frame. Harred's game moved him into first place on the high game list. Charlie's remaining games were 223, and 168, which gave him a 671 three-game set, placing him third on this week's list of top bowlers. His fourth game was a 190, which gave him an 861 set for his four games. Harred is now averaging 208, putting him in a three-way tie with Larry Stovall and Jason Keller for fifth place on the high average board. Harred ranks sixth on the three-game high series list by virtue of this week's 671, and is fifth on the four-game high series list as the result of this week's 861.

Becky Bowden took this week's honors for the ladies, firing a 630 series comprised of games of 189, 227 and 214. The series raised Becky's average to 192, up 15 pins from last week's 175. Given Becky's competitive drive, she won't be sub-200 for very long. She now holds second place on the ladies' high average board, with 10 weeks left to bowl. This week's 630 series moved Becky to the top of the ladies' high series list. Becky's best game after two weeks of play is this week's 227, which puts her in second place on the ladies' high game list.

Angela Allen is Becky's daughter, and back in August, she made Becky a grandmother. Now, she's challenging mom on the bowling lanes. Angela was one of the center's high school program bowlers some three years back. She drove her coaches crazy because she had an affinity for throwing her bowling ball into the right hand gutter with unerring regularity. She didn't throw anything into the gutter Sunday night. What she did do was to post the second-best series for a woman for the week, shooting a 604 three-game set, with games of 202, 204 and 198. Now, that's consistent bowling.

Angela is averaging 190 on Sunday, third-best on the ladies' high average board, ranks third on the ladies high series chart with this week's 604, and is third on the ladies' high game list with a 216.

Colby Pullen, who is still our youngest sanctioned league bowler, shot a 568 series on Sunday evening, tossing games of 169, 200 and 199. He ended the night with a 189 average. That's an average that isn't all that bad for a young man just entering the eighth grade, or for a lot of grown men, for that matter. Colby's highest game to date is a 206, his highest series a 598 from one week ago.

Others who bowled well this week include: Nathan Crist (637), Duane Anspon (629/859), Paul Carter (618/805), Allan Hague (612), Greg Pullen (610/810), Cliff Whitney (600/769), Wes Campbell (598/828) and Nevil Solomon (588/856).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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