In the Cheap Seats


June 7, 2007 - The Rangers look to the future today in the amateur draft. They have six picks in the top two rounds which could help restock a minor league system that is depleted of major-league ready talent.

The downside is that the Ranger operation is being run by the Boy Blunder.

Jon Daniels, who got the Rangers general manager job because he would work for less money than the other 29 GMs in the league, has been duped in every trade he's made and has shown an uncanny knack for being totally, absolutely, 180 degrees wrong when it comes to judging major and minor league talent.

You could flip a coin and get better results than the Boy Blunder.

Let's hope today the Rangers have a quarter. Otherwise, it's up to Daniels' baseball acumen to secure the franchise's future. That's not a comforting thought.

The state of the Rangers' major league team - which has the worst record in the major leagues and is on a crash course with becoming the worst team in franchise history - is a reflection of what happens when you have an owner who doesn't care about anything but making money coupled with a GM in over his head and a manager who can't take off his rose-colored glasses long enough to kick some butt.

After losing 10-0 last night, manager Ron "Washed Up" Washington said, "We’ve got games left on the schedule and we’re going to show up."

Isn't that special? Washed Up guaranteed that there would be nine players on the field for tonight's game. He didn't promise a win or even that they would play with any focus, determination or enthusiasm. But, for those families who will go the park and spend a couple of hundred dollars to watch a collection of losers, at least the Rangers will show up.

That attitude is so pervasive - and it starts with King Midas himself - that nothing short of total dismantling of the franchise will work.

It's past time for the franchise to clean house, and it starts at the top. King Midas must sell the team for it to improve. He's done a fantastic job of taking this team straight to the toilet while he sits on his throne counting his money.

Then, everyone associated with the organization needs to be fired. Start with the Boy Blunder and Washed Up. Then, fire every coach, assistant coach and scout, let the bat boys go, dismiss the cleaning crew, fire the people who sell concessions, burn the uniforms and disk up the field. Let's hold everyone accountable.

That's too much for hope for, of course, but accountability needs to show up somewhere. Supposed staff "ace" Kevin Millwood looked more like a joker than an ace on Wednesday. Millwood? More like dead wood.

He's a pitiful imitation of what an ace should be. He doesn't win games when it counts, but he'll stockpile some wins at the end of the season when the pressure is off and make his stats look decent.

Millwood is a perfect post boy for this sorry franchise which is falling faster than Sammy Sosa's batting average. He's not the only loser, just the one that makes the most money (other than King Midas).

Once you reach rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. We've learned that King Midas, Boy Blunder and Washed Up can take this team to the cellar. Who's going to bring it back up?

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