Allen Hague starts summer season with two 700s

Larry Mason

June 6, 2007 - Allen Hague shot two 700 series in two attempts this week, one on Thursday, the other on Sunday, while Darreyl Dixon came within a whisker of 700, shooting a 697 on Thursday. Following closely behind Dixon were Nathan Crist, who posted a 687 on Sunday, and Jeff Wright, who shot a 683 on Thursday. The better half of the Hague household, Shannon, led the ladies this week, registering a 611 series on Sunday.

Summer bowling competition fired up on Thursday night when the men's trio league climbed onto the approaches at Classic Lanes. For those of you who may not be familiar with this league's format, the guys bowl four games, rather than the normal three with only the first three counting for series awards. All four games count toward individual awards such as honor games and high average.

The trio format is one that truly tests ones stamina, first, because of the extra game the bowlers have to roll, plus the fact that it consists of teams with only three members, which makes it a fast moving, rapid fire competition. There are no long waits between one frame and the next. The contestants are constantly bowling.

When Thursday was over, Allan Hague, our gentleman dairy farmer from Yantis, had rolled a 708 series, with games of 227, 233 and 248 to claim the summer's first 700 series. He completed his four game set by shooting a 210 fourth game, to finish the night with a 918 for his four game series, which was also the highest four game series for the week. Friday morning found Mr. Hague sitting atop the high average board, boasting a 229, while his three game series, the 708, and his four game series, the 918, held first place on both the three game and the four game high series charts. The only listing where Allan wasn't in first place was on the high game list, where he ranked fifth with a 248. But the week wasn't over, and neither was Allan.

Mr. And Mrs. Hague bowled together in the initial week of the summer's Sunday Mixed league on June 3. Allan rolled games of 257, 235 and 214 to complete the night's play with his second 700 series of the week, a 706. As of Monday morning, Allan found himself holding first place on the high average board for both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, with a 235 for the former and 229 for the latter. He was still atop the three game high series chart, but now he had two 700s, rather than one. He had moved from fifth place on the high game list into a two-way tie with Doug Brann for fourth place with his 257 first game from Sunday. It appears that Mr. Hague has come to bowl this summer.

Fourteen men averaged 200 or better Thursday night, and four averaged 200 or better on Sunday night. Darreyl Dixon was one of them. Darreyl carded a 697 on Thursday for his first three games, shooting 217, 217 and 263. He completed his four game series by shooting a 218 fourth game, giving him a grand total of 915 for the evening, and a 228 average for the night. As of Monday morning, Dixon occupied third place on the high average board at 228, was second on both the three and four game series lists with a 697 on the former and a 915 on the latter, and was in third place on the high game list with his 263 third game from Thursday's action. It would seem that Mr. Dixon is taking this summer's bowling very seriously.

Nathan Crist came awfully close to shooting a 700 of his own on Sunday night, but came up just a tad short, having to be content with a 687 made up of games of 211, 243 and 233. While it wasn't a 700, it was good enough to give his a 229 average, which allowed him to take over second place on the high average board. His series moved him into third place on the high series chart, and his 243 in game two pushed him into sixth place on the high game list.

When Jeff Wright gets his game right, he can hurt the opposition. On Thursday, Jeff shot games of 204, 211 and 268 to book a 683 three game set, which was good enough to give him fourth place on the three game high series chart. His fourth game was a 181, which probably was the result of the stamina issue mentioned earlier, but Jeff still finished the evening with an 864 four game series, and a 216 average, which put him in the No. 6 spot on the high average board, and fourth on the four game high series list. His 268 third game gave him sole possession of second place on the high game list.

Shannon Hague, the Mrs. part of Mr. and Mrs. Hague, turned in this week's best performance by a lady, shooting a 611 series on Sunday. Shannon registered games of 183, 191 and 237 on the evening. As of Monday morning, Shannon held first place on the ladies' version of the high average board with a 203, held first place on the ladies' high series chart with her 611, and held first place on the ladies' high game list with her 237. On the men and ladies' combined listings, Shannon ranks 12th on the high average board, 15th on the high series chart, and ninth on the high game list.

Justin Haggerty bowled a 620 three game series on Thursday, which gave him a 206 average for three games. But, Thursday's is a four game format, which means ones average is computed until the fourth game is completed. Justin's fourth game was a 161, which lowered his overall average to a 195, and gave him a 781 series for his four games. Justin, who isn't one of those highly competitive bowlers - meaning that he is very laid back when it comes to his bowling - wouldn't normally be getting a mention this week, except for the fact that he shot the week's highest game, a 278, just one mark short of an honor-game. Obviously, he ranks first on the high game list, while his 620 series holds fort in the 20th spot on the three game high series chart, and his 781 ranks 16th on the four game high series chart. His 195 average ranks 15th on the high average board, where he is tied with Joe Kirkpatrick.

Others who bowled well this week include: David Gholson (678/865), Ace Wiginton (659/817), Buddy McClendon (647/844), Cliff Whitney (640/852), James Allen (632/822), Greg Pullen (628/813), Larry Stovall (625), Jason Keller (622/834), Jason Parmer (619/830), Charles Harred (611/809), Terry Kozeluh (611), Neldon Smith (608/821) and Shane Quinn (608).

There are still openings for teams and individual bowlers in both the Thursday and Sunday leagues. These are short duration leagues, lasting approximately 12 weeks; so, if you would like to try your hand at the sport for the first time, or, if you are tempted to return to the lanes after a long lay-off, this is a good time to do so. Call or come by the center to sign-up.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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