In the Cheap Seats

By BOBBY "BUTCH" BURNEY | News-Telegram Sports Writer

June 2, 2007 - Random thoughts:

The NFL took the steps of banning alcohol from all team functions - except one. Games. The NFL won't let its players drink on busses or planes or training rooms. But, the fans can continue to drink, drink, drink all they want. The reason is that NFL teams don't charge the players $10 per cup of alcohol, like they do the fans.

... Remember when Ranger owner Tom Hicks (aka King Midas) said that the club had "financial flexibility" after trading Alex Rodriguez, Chan Ho Park, Phil Nevin and Alfonso Soriano? Seems the flexibility part came when Hicks reached for his wallet to stuff all that money into it.

... By all accounts, Ranger first baseman Mark Teixeira is not going to re-sign with Texas. I don't blame him for that, because the club's management and ownership is disastrous. But, apparently the Rangers aren't even going to try to sign him. So much for King Midas' "financial flexibility." If you aren't going to use the money to sign your own young stars, then who will you spend it on?

... The other disturbing trend about the Teixeira ordeal is that Ranger GM Jon Daniels (aka Boy Blunder) will be in charge of trading him. How would you like to have a line-up that includes Adrian Gonzalez at first base, Alfonso Soriano at second base, Kevin Mench in right, Gary Matthews Jr. in center, Carlos Lee in left and Travis Hafner at DH? How about Chris Young and John Danks in the rotation? You could have all of those if Boy Blunder hadn't traded them ( or let them leave in free agency) for a big ol' bag of nothing.

... Fact is, Sammy Sosa, Eric Gagne, Kenny Lofton, Vicente Padilla, Frank Catalanotto and Jerry Hairston Jr. should all be gone before this year's trading deadline. If you're going to lose - and the Rangers are going to lose - then at least do it with young players who have a future with the club.

... The NCAA is trying something novel in baseball - they're having a tournament to see who is the best team in the country. Of course, they've been doing that in baseball for decades. So why not do it in football? The football BCS has a problem - only two teams can win the championship, and those are the ones that the committee selects to play the final game. There is no chance for a Cinderella, which dulls the excitement.

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