Alliance Bank claims Ladies' Monday Night League Championship

Larry Mason

June 1, 2007 - The ladies slugged it out for 36 very long weeks before a champion was crowned on May 22. The ladies, unlike the remainder of the center's leagues, divide their play into to halves, 18 weeks each, then have those two winners roll-off for the championship. We won't discuss tiebreakers.

At any rate, the ladies representing Alliance Bank and those representing Thee Beauty Parlor ended up in this season's roll-off, with the Alliance Bank ladies winning the season title by 173 pins.

In the first game of the night, the women from Alliance, Deana Hale, Erma Whitney, Julita Richardson and Debbie Carter, built a substantial 94-pin lead over Thee Beauty Parlor, Kathy Vansickle, Eva Phillips, Tina Phillips and Betty Russell, 787-to-693, to take a comfortable lead into Game 2. Deana Hale shot a 201 for the bank people, with Debbie Carter posting a 181, Julita a 160 and Erma a 158.

Tina Phillips tossed a 156 for Thee Beauty Parlor, while Betty Russell chipped in with a 152, Kathy a 145 and Eva a 117.

In Game 2, Alliance Bank increased its lead over the opposition by another 67 pins, giving it a 161-pin lead after two games of the championship roll-off. Julita Richardson led all of the bowlers in Game 2, tossing a 237. It was the highest game of the night by either team. Deana Hale rolled a 193 in Game 2, while Debbie hit a 177, and Erma booked a 134.

Thee Beauty Parlor's top shooter in Game 2 was Betty Russell, who came through with 207. She was followed by Kathy's 171, Tina's 142 and Eva's 118.

At the end of Game 2, Alliance had shot 1,615 with handicap, while the parlor folks had registered a 1,454. Alliance Bank held a 161-pin lead going into Game 3.

In the final game, for Alliance, Deana Hale rolled a 236, followed by Julita with a 202, Debbie a 172 and Erma a 144. Thee Beauty Parlor's top shooter in Game 3 was Betty Russell at 192, with Kathy at 185, Tina at 167 and Eva at 162. After the night's final game was over, the Alliance Bank squad had recorded an 841 with handicap, while Thee Beauty Parlor had to settle for an 829, losing Game 3 by just 12 pins.

Looking at the score sheet, one could see that the ladies from Alliance Bank shot very consistently, 787, 828 and 841, with Thee Beauty Parlor improving each game, 693, 761 and 829.

The evening's top performer was Deana Hale who shot a 630 series. Julita Richardson finished second with a 599, Betty Russell third with a 551, Debbie Carter fourth with a 530, Kathy Vansickle fifth with a 501, Tina Phillips sixth at 465, Erma Whitney seventh with a 436, and Eva Phillips eighth at 397.� �

L Larry Mason writes a column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes.

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