Greg Pullen claims week's top honors at Classic Lanes

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July 3, 2007 - Greg Pullen substituted for Mark Miller on Sunday night, and ended up shooting the week's highest series at Classic Lanes, a 742, which also happened to be the best series shot this summer. Dave Gholson gave 700 a run for the money, but came up three pins short, having to settle for a 697. Michael Burnett and James Allen both shot 683s on Sunday evening, while Jason Keller contributed a 678 on Thursday. As for the ladies, Becky Bowden led the pack once again, shooting a 641 series Sunday night.

Greg Pullen has been struggling with his game for several months, due in part to a complex back problem. To compensate for his back, he's had to modify his bowling delivery a great deal, and it has taken some time to get back in the groove. Sunday night, Mr. Pullen was grooving.

Greg shot the summer's best three-game series, a 742, with games of 234, 248 and 260. The series not only moved Greg to the top of the three-game high series chart, but it also raised his Sunday average to a 206, which moved him into seventh place on the high average board, where he joins Neldon Smith. Greg started the night with a 165 average, but when the evening was completed, he had averaged 247, and finished competition 247 pins over his series average. Pullen's 260 in Game 3 is his best of the summer, thus far. It moved Greg to seventh place on the high game list. It seems that Greg is on the road to recovery.

David Gholson shot two very good series this week, with his best coming in the Sunday Mixed league. David rolled games of 227, 238 and 232 to finish the evening's play with a 697. On Thursday, Mr. Gholson shot 204, 234 and 227 for his first three games, which gave him a 665 three-game set. He then shot a 247 in Game 4 to finish the night with the week's only 900 series, a 912.

Sunday's 697 is David's best three-game series of the summer. It moved him to sixth place on the three-game high series list. On Thursday, David shot 708 series if one only counts the second, third and fourth games, 234, 227 and 247, but, unfortunately the USBC only counts the first three games of a four-game series for series awards. His 912 moved him to fifth place on the four-game high series chart. While Gholson has yet to record an official 700 series, he is the only bowler who has shot multiple 900s, a 912 and a 909. David's best single game performance is a 255, which holds 11th place on the high game list. Gholson is carrying the center's second best average, a 215 in Thursday's league, one pin behind average leader, Jason Keller, and boasts a 209 on Sundays.

Michael Burnett hasn't bowled a great deal in the recent past, but since his return to our lanes, he has been steadily improving his game. Michael bowled twice this week, and did quite well in both outings. On Thursday, he shot a three-game set of 660, and a four-game series of 838, rolling games of 234, 222, 204 and 178. He followed Thursday's performance with a 683 series on Sunday, shooting games of 224, 205 and 254. For the week, Michael averaged 217. On the high average board, Burnett is carrying a 192 on Sunday, and a 189 on Thursday. He holds 14th place on the board, where he is tied with Duane Anspon, but, in light of Michael's recent performances, don't be surprised if you see a significant move toward the top of the board by Michael before the summer league's end. This week's 683 series moved Burnett to ninth place on the three-game high series chart, where he joins Jeff Wright. Burnett's 838 series from Thursday night's men's league ranks 14th on the four-game high series chart. Michael's best game of the summer is his 254 third game from Sunday night; it ranks 12th on the high game list. It was a very good week for Mr. Burnett. He tossed his best game, his best three-game series and his best four-game series and was 126 pins over his four-game series average. Not too shabby.

James Allen has put a lot of effort into improving his bowling skills over the past two years, and that effort is beginning to pay off in big dividends. James bowled twice this week, and averaged 221 in the process. Like Michael Burnett, James shot a 683 series on Sunday night, shooting games of 213, 203 and 267. On Thursday, James shot a 642 series for the first three games, with games of 190, 250, 202, then he came through with a 222 in Game 4 to finish the evening with an 864 series. James is averaging 203 on Thursdays and 198 on Sundays. Mr. Allen's 203 average from Thursday ranks ninth on the high average board. His best three-game series is a 646, 17th on the three-game chart, and his best four-game set is an 864, which ties him with Jeff Wright for ninth place on the four-game chart. James' best single game of the summer is a 267, which ranks fifth on the high game list, where he joins Jason Parmer.

We mentioned earlier that Jason Keller has moved into first place on the high average board, boasting a 216 average on Thursday night. Jason has been steadily plodding along, waiting to make his move to the top. He now holds a single pin advantage over David Gholson and Allan Hague. Jason ranks sixth on the high game list, where he finds himself in a two-way tie with Darreyl Dixon, and holds 10th place on the three-game high series list with a 682. Keller's best four-game set is an 889, which holds seventh place on the four-game chart. This week, Jason shot a 678 for three games on Thursday, and 873 for four, rolling games of 179, 228, 263 and 203.

Once again, Becky Bowden carried the banner for the ladies, this week shooting a 641 series with games of 248, 206 and 187. Becky raised her average to a 207, good enough to move to sixth place on the men's and ladies' combined high average board, where she shares honors with Cliff Whitney. Becky's best game of the summer is this week's 248, which ranks 13th on the combined high game list. Becky's best three-game set of the summer, to date, is a 667, which holds 12th place on the combined chart. Bowden is first in average on the ladies only board, is first on the ladies' only high series chart, and is second on the ladies' only high game list. Her daughter, Angela Allen, is first.

Others who bowled well this week include: Jason Parmer (648), Wes Campbell (647), Neldon Smith (640/870), Cliff Whitney (632/845), Allan Hague (624), Nathan Crist (621), and Ace Wiginton (605/804). � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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