Davison, Schutz shoot 700s; Green leads ladies with 667
Larry Mason

Jan. 30, 2007 - Tarry Davison and Roy Schutz both recorded 700s at Classic Lanes this week, Davison a 783, and Schutz a 709. Jason Keller came close to hitting his third 700, shooting a 697, while Amanda Green and Julita Richardson booked 600s for the ladies: Amanda a whopping 667, Julita a 618. The week's total was two 700s, and 27 600s.

Tarry Davison shot his 15th 700 series of the season, compiling a 783 on Sunday night. For Tarry, this is his best series of the season. This week's series moved Tarry out of a two-way tie with Greg Pullen for third place on the high series chart at 781, into undisputed third place at 783. To reach 783, Tarry shot 27 strikes, six spares and had no open frames. His was what is referred to as a “clean” series. Davison now trails last week's top bowler, and the high series chart's second place claimant, Jason Keller, by two pins, while he trails chart leader, Darreyl Dixon, by 10.

In the remaining categories that we track at Classic Lanes, high average and high game, Mr. Davison is in control. Tarry carries the center's top average, a 227 out of the Sunday mixed league, and carries the center's second highest average, a 226 from Thursday's league. How's that for consistency? Tarry also sits atop the high game list with not just one, but two, perfect games. Davison, to prove that he is in fact, human, didn't have a stellar night on Thursday, however, having to settle for a 600 series, even.

Roy Schutz bowls at Classic Lanes on two nights, Tuesday and Thursday. Roy averages 210 on Thursday, and 206 on Tuesday. This last Tuesday, Roy struggled a bit, shooting a 614, a few pins below his average. But, this past Thursday, Mr. Schutz averaged 236, shooting games of 199, 266 and 244, finishing the evening with the center's second best series of the week, a 709. Roy's series is his second 700 of the season; his first was a 702. Roy ranks 23rd on the high series chart, where he joins Michael Carter, son of center owners, Debbie and Paul. Roy ranks eighth on the high game list with his 278, where he finds himself in a three-way tie with fellow keglers Mike Kopecky and Turk Morgan.

Last week's top bowler, Jason Keller, came up a little bit short on Thursday night, shooting a 697 this time around, just missing his third 700 series of the season. Keller tossed games of 242, 262 and 193. Had he done anything in Game 3, who knows where he would have finished? One week ago, Jason shot the center's second best series of the current season, a 791. In addition to being second on the series chart, Jason ranks second on the high game list with a 299-honor game. Keller ranks third on the high average board with a 221, out of our Thursday men's league.

Amanda Green is a very capable bowler, who proved the point this past Tuesday. Ms. Green bagged games of 202, 243 and 222 to complete the night's play with a very impressive 667, and a one-night average of 222. When competition began, Amanda was carrying a 175. For the evening, Amanda was 142 pins over her series norm, a 525. Her series, coupled with that of husband Darrell's, also a 667, was instrumental in their sweeping four points from their competition. Amanda's series is the third best produced by a women this year, and it ranks 43rd on the men's and ladies' combined high series chart. Her best game since August is this week's 243. It's the seventh highest ladies game, and holds 30th place on the combined high game list, where she is in a five-way tie.

Julita Richardson finally got her shot bore-sighted this week, enough so that she produced her first 600 series of the season. Julita shot games of 244, 187 and 187 to end play with a 618 series. Her best game of the season is her 244 first game from Tuesday's action. She is currently carrying a 174 on Tuesdays and a 168 on Mondays.

Linda R. Henry normally shoots around the 450 mark for a series, and averages 150. On Monday night, however, Linda R. shot a 545 series, averaging 181 for the night, and was 95 pins over her series average. Linda shot games of 166, 222 and 157, all three games over her single game average.

Mike Miller is another of those individuals who can just kill the opposition when he's on target. He was on target Thursday, but, unfortunately, his teammates weren't quite as much on target as Mike. As a result, in spite of Mike's great play, and the better-than-average production of his teammates, the best the squad could muster was a split with their competition. Mr. Miller rolled a 630 series, 90 pins over his series norm, shooting games of 200, 183 and 247, producing the best series shot on lanes 9 and 10. He started the night averaging 180, but finished the night's play with a single night average of 210. Mike's best series is a 639, while his best game is this week's 247.

I think Allan Hague still operates a dairy around the Yantis area. He just returned to bowling about four weeks ago. He shot a good series the first night he returned to the lanes, tossing a 674. For the next few weeks, Allan struggled, but he came back to life this week, shooting a 686 series on Sunday. It is now the best he's done so far this season, and it moved him to 33rd place on the high series chart. His best game is a 253, which ranks 22nd on the high game list. He is currently averaging 191, up three pins from one week ago. We expect to hear more from Mr. and Mrs. Hague as the season proceeds. The Mrs. Hague, Shannon, is averaging 160, has a high game of 248 and a high series of 536. She teaches school in Emory.

Chad Nuss is the son of Russ. In proving that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, we offer Chad's performance of Thursday night. Chad shot the highest series on lanes 1 and 2, a 656, while carrying a 162 average. He was 170 pins over his series average for the evening. Chad bowled games of 219, 200 and 237. Dad bowled a 548, and was soundly “whooped up on” by son Chad to the tune of 108 pins.

There are several gentlemen who qualify as “senior citizens” here at Classic Lanes, but our most senior, senior citizen, is very likely Mr. Alton Attaway, who just happens to be 81 years young. In fact, he celebrated his birthday last week. I know, because I heard it announced on radio station KSST. To highlight his birthday, Alton, who just started bowling in leagues at the center this season, shot 83 pins over his series average on Sunday night, rolling games of 175, 140 and 185, finishing the night with a 500 series, even. All three games exceeded his single game average of 139. Not only is he a good bowler at age 81 - he doesn't look 81, either. And he's a nice gentleman, to boot. The folks at Classic Lanes really like Mr. Attaway.

Others who bowled well this week include: Harold McClure (669 Sunday/665 Thursday), Darrell Green (667), Cliff Whitney (666), Mike Fletcher (659), David Gholson (654 Tuesday/605 Thursday), Darreyl Dixon (647), Neldon Smith (643), Alan Roberts and Wes Campbell (630), David Vansickle (629 Thursday/607 Sunday), Ray Howser (628), Wayne Womack (625), D.J. Kast (622 Thursday/615 Tuesday/610 Sunday), Bryan Gelwick (615), Nathan Crist and Keith Ethridge (611), Terry Kozeluh (609), Raque Propes (603) and Turk Morgan (600).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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