Davison, McClure and Michaelson fire 700s
Larry Mason

Jan. 16, 2007 - Three bowlers registered 700s this past week, ending a three week period that saw only one 700 series in each. Tarry Davison returned to form, shooting the week's top score, a 729, while Tarry's brother-in-law, Harold McClure, rolled a 724, and Greenville resident Bruce Michaelson came through with a 708. D.J. Kast came close to 700, but came up a bit short, settling for a 692. Three ladies hit the 600 mark this week, Debbie Carter, Becky Bowden and Debbie Miller. Carter shot a 646, while Bowden and Miller shot duplicate 609s.

Tarry Davison took a short sabbatical in recent weeks, a period that saw his center-leading average drop five pins, falling behind Becky Bowden, into second place on the high average board. This past Thursday, Tarry found his “A” game, shooting a three game set of 233, 260 and 236 for his 729, and his 14th 700 series of the season. The series raised his average to a 227 on Thursdays, and moved him back to first place in the high average category. Tarry still leads all bowlers on the high game list, having shot two perfect games in the fall of 2006, and is still tied with Greg Pullen for second place on the high series chart. Both men have booked 781s. Tarry's 14 700s are the most by any bowler so far this season.

Mr. Sergeant Harold McClure got a feel for the ball on Thursday, and fingered his way to his seventh 700 of the current season, a 724. Harold ranks fourth on the high series chart with a 774, and has produced the second highest number of 700s this season, a feat he shares with Greg Pullen and David Gholson. Mr. McClure (he makes us call him mister) shot games of 233, 235 and 256. The series raised his Thursday average to a 213, which just happens to be the average he carries on Sundays, as well. Harold ranks seventh on this week's high average board, tied with Darreyl Dixon. Mr. McClure's best game of the season is a 279, which ranks seventh on the high game list, where he joins eight others who have done the same.

Bruce Michaelson is one of our three USAF retired folks. Bo Duncan and Cliff Whitney are the others, if memory serves. Michaelson and Duncan are employed by L3 in Greenville. Whitney is truly retired. He does nothing other than play. At any rate, Michaelson came through with his sixth 700 series of the season on Thursday night, shooting games of 225, 225 and 258. Bruce now ranks second on the high average board with a 223 average. He trails Davison by four sticks. On the high series chart, Bruce holds 10th place with a 737. His best game, which holds 12th place on the high game list, is a 270, tying him with Wayne Womack.

D.J. Kast has shot two 700 series this season, a 728 and a 725. He has shot 698 and 692, as well. He ranks 14th on the high series chart, where he joins another of our L3 employees, David Soeder. D.J.'s most recent series of note was this week's 692, comprised of games of 190, 232 and 270. Had he just done something in Game 1 - who knows what would have happened before the night was over? Oh, well. D.J. is now toting averages above 200 in three leagues, Sunday, 211, Tuesday, 205, and Thursday, 203. He holds eighth place on the high average board, where he joins Wes Campbell and Michael Carter. His best game this season is a 279, something he's done twice this year, which throws him into that pile of humanity tied for seventh place on the high game list.

Debbie Carter, mother of the Michael Carter mentioned earlier, decided to do something dynamic in the way of bowling on Tuesday, finishing the night, and the week, with the ladies' highest series. Debbie rolled games of 213, 208 and 225 to finish the night with a 646 series, her best of the current season. It ranks 53rd on the men's and ladies' combined high series chart, but holds fourth place on the ladies' only chart. Debbie is averaging 180 on Monday, and 173 on Tuesday. Her best game of the season is a 236, shot earlier in the season.

Another Debbie, Debbie Miller, shot the ladies' second highest series of the week, coming through with her season's best, a 609. It is her second 600 of the season. The other was a 600 even. To get her second 600, Ms. Miller shot games of 225, 183 and 201. Debbie began the night averaging 168, but finished with a 203 for the evening. She is now averaging 170 on Sunday, having raised her average by two pins by virtue of this week's performance, and has a 162 average on Mondays. Debbie's best game of the season is this week's 225.

Becky Bowden tied Debbie Miller's 609 series this week, shooting games of 211, 202 and 196. Only one of her games was over her Sunday average of 210, however. Becky fourth on the high average board with a 218 out of the Monday night ladies' league, and she carries a 217 in the Tuesday mixed league. She is one of three people who have posted a perfect game this season, joining Tarry Davison and Darrell Green. Becky has shot three 700s and two 690s during the current season. Her best series is a 762, which places her sixth on the high series chart.

Wendy McFarland is a relative newcomer to the sport of bowling. She has all the attributes needed to become a real force on the lanes - she just needs to develop a little confidence in herself. Tuesday night, she did just that. Wendy, who began the night carrying a 126 average, shot a 482 series, 104 pins over her series norm. Wendy recorded only one sub-average game, a 118 in Game 1, but she broke loose with a 161 second game, and had a whopping 203 in her third game. The series is her best this season, and her 203 third game is her best game of the season.

Apparently, someone thought that when I alluded to our scores being somewhat sub-par in recent weeks, due to a tougher than usual lane condition, that I was also saying the center's mechanics had intentionally changed our lane machine's oiling pattern. That's not the case, folks. Lots of things can cause oil patterns to “break down.” Most good bowlers know this. Some of these things are humidity, temperature, the oil itself, the oiling machine - not to mention the wide variety of bowling balls in use today, and the number of bowlers competing at any one time. Another factor that impacts scores is where bowlers set their bowling ball on the lane when they release it. The bowlers' challenge is to “read” the condition, whatever it might be, and to adjust to it accordingly. Nuff said? � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Vincent Smith (689), Cliff Whitney (687), Bo Duncan and David Gholson (654), Darreyl Dixon (642 Thursday/618 Sunday), Roy Schutz (639), Ken Sharp and Ray Howser (634), Wesley Crist and Wes Campbell (630), Larry Stovall and Jason Keller (622), Joe Callahan (621) and Joe Kirkpatrick (620).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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