Brotherly Love: Biggerstaff remembers his late brother before every game
Joseph Elerson | News-Telegram Sports Writer

Jan. 5, 2007 - Sulphur Springs senior point guard Drew Biggerstaff has seen the ups-and-downs of life the past two years, but he keeps fighting on in honor of one special person in his life.

After the loss of his older brother Josh two years ago, Drew now plays the game of basketball in honor of his brother and says thinking about Josh helps him perform to his abilities every night.

"My brother Josh is a role model to me. I looked up to him in every aspect from on the court, off the court, on the field, off the field - wherever we were at," Biggerstaff said.

"When we were playing one-on-one, I had to beat him and now that he is not here to beat now, I just impress him. I know that he is looking down and watching over me and I feel like everything I do I do it for him. Before every game I think about him, and after I am through with that I focus on the game. It has been hard and he never saw me play a varsity game."

After losing his brother, Biggerstaff had two tattoos done to honor Josh. One tattoo on his arm is of praying hands with Josh's name underneath, and he also has the biblical verse Joshua 1:9 on his back.

He said after getting those tattoos, his parents - Jim and Julie - knew the reason behind them. His brother D.J. also has one in honor of Josh.

"My mom and dad aren't very fond of tattoos, but they knew that I hurt and they knew there is not very many ways to express yourself and honor him when he is not here," as he sniffed in remembrance of Josh. "I want everyone to know that that is who I live for besides my parents and I want to go on and accomplish the things he would have done."

He said of all of the players on the team, he has one of the tightest relationships with teammate Aaron Williams - as the duo works at Brookshires together and have been friends since the sixth grade. They plan on going to college together as Biggerstaff will major in history.

"Aaron was the first friend I had down here and we have been friends since the sixth grade. When we got to our eighth grade year or freshman year we decided that we wanted to go to college together and right now we are picking UNT," he said.

"We are the same in every aspect - and I haven't told him this - but he takes on the role of my brother. When I look at him, I want him to be successful but then I get mad at him for being better than me at some things. There is no better person that I would want to have take on that role."

Another area that is of importance to Biggerstaff is the role of team captain with Williams, and he takes the role personally.

"Being a team captain means somebody that never shows his weaknesses on the court," the senior said. "When they come out, you have to overcome them and be a leader vocally and play like you are giving 110 percent on the court, 110 percent of the time."

With 10 players on the Wildcat roster - seven of them seniors - Biggerstaff said the players know how to help sophomores Tyrick Rollison and Colten Nash and junior Andrew Panter prepare for next year.

"All of us have a pretty big leadership role. We all know when to talk on the court and we are encouraging one another before the game," he said. "Tyrick and Andrew are starting to understand that this is me next year, and they are learning to be a leader."

After being second in scoring early in the year and now averaging 7.7 points, 2.9 rebounds, 1.9 steals and 1.9 assists, Biggerstaff leads the team with 19 3-pointers.

"I lost my shot there for a little bit and I talked to my dad about it and he told me there would be scouts there all the time and he didn't want me to show everything," he said. "I feel that my role is I can score when I have to, but if I put up 8-to-10 points a game then I have fulfilled my role."

With the team record at 14-4 heading into tonight's game at Pleasant Grove, Biggerstaff knows this year the team has a chance to make the playoffs.

"I think this year we know how to win and our inside game is dominant and that is because we have been bigger than everybody," Biggerstaff said. "In district, we are not going to be that way so we have to work our outside game to open up the inside game. I feel like we can play with every team in our district this year."

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