Bowden shoots two 700s; Harred shoots 290 honor score

Larry Mason

Feb. 20, 2007 - She didn't shoot the highest 700 series of the week, but she did shoot the most. Becky Bowden shot her fifth 700 series of the season on Sunday, posting a 702, and her sixth on Monday, a 701. But Becky didn't shoot the highest series for Sunday, or for the week, for that matter. Those honors were destined to belong to Alan Roberts for Sunday, and Charles Harred for the week.

Alan Roberts decided to join in the 700 hunt Sunday, rolling his first 700 of the season and the highest series for the night, a 709. The duo of Bowden and Roberts brought the center's total for 700 series to 106 after Sunday's play. But Becky still had another night to bowl.

Becky followed Sunday's performance by registering her second 700 of the week on Monday night, a 701, her sixth 700 series of the season. The series brought the center's 700 total to 107. It was already a good week for bowling, but the week wasn't over yet.

On Thursday night, Charles Harred fired a 748 series, the week's highest, and a series that just happened to included the center's 12th honor score of the season, a 290 game. This series moved the center's 700 series total to 108. Things were looking good at this point, but the week still wasn't done.

Tarry Davison, the man who has rolled the lions' share of the center's 700s with 16, chipping in with a 703 series on Thursday, bringing the 700 total up to 109 for the season. Two other men were within striking distance of 700 this go around, Wes Campbell and David Gholson. Campbell shot a 696 on Tuesday, while Gholson tossed a 692 on Thursday. In addition to these scores, there were another 31 600 series rolled during the week, along with 91 games of 200 or more. All in all, it was a very productive week on the lanes.

As we stated earlier, Becky Bowden didn't shoot the week's highest series, but she did shoot the most 700s, two, and when one considers the fact that Becky only bowls in two leagues each week, two 700s in one week is pretty darn good. Even more impressive is the fact that she shot another 700 the week before, giving her three in a seven-day period. This week's effort consisted of games of 215, 279 and 208 on Sunday, and 247, 221 and 233 on Monday. She now has six 700s for the season; of these six, Becky's best is a 762, which ranks eighth on the high series chart. Ms. Bowden is averaging 217 on Tuesdays, 215 on Monday and 212 on Sunday, and ranks fourth on the combined high average board. She is also one of only four people who have rolled perfect games this season. She is the center's most prolific woman bowler.

Charles Harred isn't a newcomer when it comes to shooting 700s. He has buckets full of 700 patches; however, since August, he has been struggling with his game a bit and 700s have been hard to come by. But Thursday night, Mr. Harred returned to form, and shot his first 700 series of the current season, an impressive 748, made up of games of 290, 202, and 256. His 290 first game consisted of one spare, in the first frame, followed by 11 consecutive strikes. Charles will receive a plaque from the USBC folks for shooting those 11 strikes in a row. Harred's 290-honor game moved him into a two-way tie with Nathan Crist for fifth place on the high game list, and this week's series moved him to 11th place on the high series chart. By virtue of this week's performance, Harred has climbed back onto the high average board, with a 190 average. Expect to hear more from Harred as the season progresses.

Like Charles, Alan Roberts took his time getting his first 700 of the season. Prior to Sunday's action, Robert's best series was a 690, which held 33rd place on the high series chart. But, after Sunday's play, Alan had collected his first 700 series, a 709, and had moved up the chart to 25th place, where he joins Michael Carter and Roy Schutz. Alan rolled games of 257, 224 and 228 to claim his first 700 series since August. Roberts is currently toting a 203 average, which ties him with six other bowlers for the No. 15th position on the high average board. Alan's best game of the season is a 277, which ties him for ninth on the high game list. � � � � � � � � � � � �

Tarry Davison has been the center's top male performer since the

fall/winter season began. He bowls in two leagues, Sunday and Thursday, and carries the top average in both, a 225. He ranks first on the high average board. He also ranks first on the high game list by virtue of having shot not just one, but two, perfect games since this season's league competition began. The only area where he isn't in first place is on the high series chart where he ranks third with a 783, eight pins behind second place holder, Jason Keller, and 10 pins behind chart leader, Darreyl Dixon. But, Mr. Davison has the distinction of having shot the most 700 series this season, 16, and he has four 690 series as well. This week's series, a 709, consisted of games of 182, 264 and 257. Tarry was sleeping in Game 1, apparently, but when he woke up, he killed the pins in Games 2 and 3. This guy is a competitor, and it's a trait that must run in the family. His brother Garry is the coach of the Saltillo girls basketball team, which looks to be heading to the state finals.

Wes Campbell came very near shooting his third 700 of the season, but had to settle for a 696 series on Tuesday, firing games of 201, 250 and 245. Wes missed a number of weeks of competition in the early going of the season due to medical reasons, but seems to be recovering nicely. He shot a 649 series on Thursday. Campbell ranks seventh on the high average board with a 211, is ninth on the high series chart with a 760, and is seventh on the high game list with a 279.

David Gholson shares the honor of having shot the second-most 700 series of the season, seven, with Greg Pullen. Dave came oh so close to getting his eighth on Thursday, but came up short, having to settle for a 692. David's games were very consistent, 235, 232 and 225, and if Game 3 had been another 233 or more, he would have gotten his 700, but it wasn't destined to be. Gholson ranks fourth on the center's high average board with a 214, is seventh on the high series chart with a 771, and holds sixth place on the high game list with a 289, an honor he shares with Greg Pullen.

Angela Allen is the daughter of Becky Bowden. She bowled in the center's high school bowling program way back when, and drove her coaches crazy because she had a thing for putting her ball into the right hand gutter. She doesn't do that any longer. Sunday night, Angela brought her 159 average to the lanes, anticipating shooting around a 480 series. What she did, however, was to shoot 116 pins over her average with games of 203, 137 and 253, finishing the night with a 593 series, and a single night average of 197. Her 253 third game ranks 21st on the combined high game list, and fourth on the ladies' only high game list.

Penny Shelton average 151 on Mondays. Her three-game set will be around the 450 mark, normally. Monday, however, she shot games of 144, 236 and 194 to finish the evening with a 574 series and a 197 single night's average, and was 121 pins over her series norm.

Rick Pearce can hurt an opponent when he's on his game. He was on last Tuesday. Rick rolled a 658 series, 118 pins over his series average, with games of 204, 264 and 190, and a one-night average of 219.

Others who bowled well this week include: Darreyl Dixon (675 Sunday/611 Thursday), Nevil Solomon (674), Allan Hague and Ray Howser (671), Jason Parmer (668), James Allen (666), David Strain (665), Mike Kopecky (661), Mike Gilliland (661 Thursday/642 Tuesday), Vincent Smith (658), Bruce Michaelson and Don Kast (657), Mike Fletcher, Russ Nuss and Jeff Wright (656), Nick Painter (644), Greg Pullen (635), and Bo Duncan (633).� �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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