Keller, Bowden and Thompson record 700s

Larry Mason

Feb. 13, 2007 - Jason Keller captured his third 700 series of the season this past week, while Becky Bowden shot her fourth and Jerry C. Thompson collected his first, to bring the center's total of 700 series to 104 since league action began back in August.

Tarry Davison missed hitting his 16th 700 by a mere eight pins, having to settle for a 692 on Thursday. Wes Campbell and Greg Pullen came close to 700s as well, with both men shooting 685s.In addition to these scores, Barbara Seigert booked her first 600 series of the season, posting a 610 series on Tuesday evening.

Jason Keller carries a 222 average in the Men's Commercial League, which holds second place on the high average board, four sticks behind leader, Tarry Davison and his 226. Mr. Keller is tied with Bruce Michaelson. But, this past Thursday, Jason was second to none, because he produced the center's highest series, a 715 and averaged 238 for the evening. Keller rolled games of 248, 257 and 210 to reach his 715, which just happens to be the lowest 700 series Jason has shot this season. You may recall that Jason registered a whopping 791 just recently, and that series was the one that propelled Keller into second place on the high series chart, two pins behind chart leader, Darreyl Dixon. Keller also ranks second on the high game list with a 299 honor game, where he joins Classic Lanes' lead mechanic, D.J. Kast.

Jerry C. Thompson is one of the center's two retired USMC personnel. Jerry was an officer, used to having people do things he told them to do. On Thursday night Mr. Thompson told the bowling pins to fall down, and they did just that. Jerry shot his first 700 of the season on Thursday, tossing games of 254, 233 and 220, to complete play with a 707 series. He bowled 152 pins over his series average. Jerry moved up four places on the high series chart to 26th by virtue of his performance. Jerry came to the lanes Thursday boasting a 185 average; but, when the night was over, Jerry had shot the second-best series of the night, and third-best for the week, beating all but two of 126 bowlers by rolling a 235 average for Thursday's three games. Jerry raised his average by three pins, to a 188, just two pins away from the 190 minimum average required for a man to get onto the high average board. Jerry's best game of the season is a 258, which is tied for 17th place on the high game list.

Becky Bowden resurrected her “A” game on Sunday night, shooting her fourth 700 series of the current season, a 714, with games of 222, 215 and 277. Ms. Bowden continues to be the dominant force on the ladies' only registers, holding the highest average, 217, the highest series, 762, and the highest game, 300. When matched up against the boys on the combined men's and ladies' listings, Becky ranks fourth on the high average board, eighth on the high series chart, and first on the high game list.

Tarry Davison didn't shoot any 700s this week, but he did register a 692 on Thursday, just one mark shy of a 700. His 692 consisted of games of 268, 207 and 217. Not too bad for an “off” night. Tarry continues to lead all center bowlers in average, carrying a 226 in Sunday's league, and 225 in Thursday's. His closest competitors are Jason Keller and Bruce Michealson, both of whom are carrying 222s. Davison is one of four persons who have rolled perfect games this season, but Tarry has rolled two. The others are Becky Bowden, Darrell Green, and Joe Kirkpatrick. Tarry's best series of the current season is a 783, which holds third place on the high series chart. Davison is our most prolific producer of 700s, however, having accounted for 15 of the center's 104, or 15 percent of the total. His two averages have been maintained over 135 games, 66 games on Sunday, 69 games on Thursday. Now that, my friends, is consistency.

Wes Campbell, Greg Pullen and Mike Gilliland shot identical 685s this past week, to record the center's fourth highest series of the week, Wes' 685 coming on Tuesday, while Greg and Mike shot theirs on Thursday. Wes rolled games of 242, 232 and 211 for his 685, while Greg shot games of 225, 236 and 224 for his, and Mike tossed games of 218, 235 and 232 for his. Currently, Wes is averaging 211, and ranks seventh on the high average board, while Greg ranks ninth at 209, and Mike ranks 14th with a 202. Pullen ranks fourth on the high series chart with his 781, while Wes ranks ninth, with a 760, and Mike holds 20th place with a 718. Pullen ranks sixth on the high game list with a 289, Wes ranks seventh with a 279, and Mike ranks ninth with a 277.

Barbara Siegert shot her first 600 series of the season on Tuesday, shooting a 610 made up of games of 256, 149 and 205. Barbara, who averaged 169 when competition began, ended the night with a 171 average, raising her average two pins. Ms. Siegert finished the night 103 pins over her series average. Barbara's best game of the current season is a 256. Barbara ranks ninth on the ladies' high average board and the ladies' high series chart and places third on the ladies' high game list.

Shawna Hall shot a very respectful 524 series on Sunday night, rolling games of 147, 202 and 175. Shawna normally shoots in the 420 series range, averaging near 140. Sunday, she shot a 178 one-day average, and was 104 pins over her series norm. Shawna is one of the few bowlers at Classic Lanes who throws a “back-up” ball, meaning the ball comes off her right hand with a clockwise rotation, and is aimed at the 1-2 pocket, rather than the 1-3, which is normal for right-handers. � �

Jason Parmer has been slumping all season long, and he knows it. He has fallen off the high average board entirely, which means he is carrying averages below 190 in all three of the leagues in which he participates. This shouldn't be the case. What should be more the case is more like what he did on the lanes Thursday night. Parmer shot a 658 series that evening, earning him a one-night average of 219, and putting him 97 pins over his current series norm, 561. Parmer shot games of 213, 245 and 200, games more in line with where his average should be. Still, slumping or not, Jason ranks seventh on the center's high game list, having shot 279 twice this season, each game one mark short of an honor game, and has shot two 700 series, 710 and 701. What he needs now is some consistency.

Jo Kays averages 108 in our Monday ladies' league. When she finishes a night's bowling, she will have a series around 324. On occasion, however, she does much better, as was the case this past Monday. Jo shot games of 145, 121 and 140 and finished the night with a 406 series, 82 pins over her series average, and a one-night average of 135.

And, for those of you who haven't heard, D.J. Kast, bowling in his first ever Professional Bowler's Association (PBA) tournament, ranked 80th out of the 100 bowlers who competed in Dallas last Wednesday. For his first ever competition - that's not a bad finish. I believe Jason Keller finished 53rd.

Others who bowled well this week include: Keith Ethridge (667), David Vansickle (666), David Gholson (653), Roy Schutz and Harold McClure (651), Bo Duncan (640 Thursday/634 Tuesday), Nathan Crist (635), Ray Howser (635 Thursday/614 Tuesday), Bruce Michaelson (634), Mike Fletcher (632), Cliff Whitney (623), Darreyl Dixon (617), John Dodd (608), Joe Kirkpatrick and John Dodd (601).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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