Joe Kirkpatrick tosses 300 honor game, 730 series; D.J. Kast books 299 honor game

Larry Mason

Feb. 6, 2007 - This week's top bowler, Joe Kirkpatrick, not only recorded Classic Lanes' fifth perfect game of the season on Sunday night, but also collected the center's 100th 700 series of the season, as well. Then, on Tuesday night, D.J. Kast shot his first career honor score, a 299 game, bringing the center's honor score total to 11.

In the meantime, Dewayne Roach reset the center's 700 series odometer, recording the week's second 700 series, a 709, and moving the total to 101. Mike Gilliland came as close as one can to recording a 700 last Tuesday, posting a 699, one pin shy of what would have been his third 700 series of the season, while Becky Bowden returned to form to lead the ladies this week by rolling a 663 series on Sunday.

�� � � Joe Kirkpatrick has a double armload of honor scores for a relatively young bowler. He has tossed 300 four times, 298 three times, and 290 twice. All he needs to do to complete the cycle is an 800 series. In that he is a very good bowler, when he keeps his cool - he is red-headed after all - he'll probably accomplish it before his bowling career closes. But, whatever happens, he'll be fun to watch.

On Sunday night, Joe stepped onto the lanes in a substitute's role, carrying what for him was a rather lackluster 187 average, a season high series of 685 and a high game of 279. But, when Sunday night's scores were entered into the book, Mr. Kirkpatrick had posted a 730 series, his first 700 of the season, had registered the center's fifth perfect game of the year, and had averaged 243. To get his 730 series, Joe shot a 193 in Game 1, his 300 in Game 2, and 237 in Game 3. Game two's perfect score was Joe's first honor score in some time, though he has been close on numerous occasions. With a little more production in Games 1 and 3, Joe might have even hit that elusive 800 honor series mentioned earlier; all the young man needed to do was to spread 70 pins across the two games, but, unfortunately, that's easier said than done. As of now, Kirkpatrick is carrying a 200 average on Tuesday, a 199 on Thursday and a 190 on Sunday. He ranks 16th on the high average board, while his 730 ranks 14th on the high series chart, and his perfect game moves him into a first place tie on the high game list. Just think what he could do if he were able to practice.

Another feisty young bowler at Classic Lanes is our own D.J. Kast. When he has hair, it's black. Still, black hair or not, D.J. is every bit as temperamental as Kirkpatrick, and just as talented. Next week, Kast ventures into his first tournament as a card carrying USBC professional bowler. We wish him good luck.

Meanwhile, in our own house on Tuesday, Mr. K. discovered how it feels to have to step onto a lane and face a full rack of pins, needing a 12th consecutive strike for a perfect game, in league competition. It's very scary. After Tuesday, Kast also knows how it feels when, after one releases his or her bowling ball and it appears to crush the pocket, the 10-pin wobbles, but doesn't fall down. That's exactly what happened to D.J. Tuesday night. On his 12th ball, he appeared to crush the pocket, but the 10-pin wouldn't fall, so he had to settle for a 299. Still, it was the first honor score of his bowling career, and he still gets a 299 ring from the USBC folks, so the night wasn't a total loss. His series on Tuesday, when he shot his honor game, was a 649, but his best series was a 684 from Thursday night. In fact, his Sunday night series was a 650. � � �

D.J. is averaging 211 on Sunday, 210 on Tuesday and 204 on Thursday. He ranks seventh on the high average board, is 16th on the high series chart, and ranks second on the high game list.

Mike Gilliland admits that he has struggled with his game this season, but he hasn't given up. This past Tuesday, he shot a 699 series with games of 234, 219 and 246, just one pin shy of booking his third 700 of the season. Then, on Thursday, Mike posted a 668 series made up of games of 205, 244 and 219. For the first time in several weeks, Mike shot all of his games in the 200s. He is now averaging 201 on Tuesday and 199 on Thursday, and is moving in the right direction on the high average board, up. His season high series is a 718, which holds 20th place on the high series chart, and his best game, a 277, is ninth on the high game list.

Becky Bowden broke out of the doldrums Sunday night to capture the ladies' top honors for the week, registering a 663 series, made up of games of 218, 247 and 198. Becky ranks first on the ladies' only high average board with a 217, is first on the ladies' only high series chart with a 762, and is first on high game lists with a perfect game. When matched with the men, Becky ranks fourth on the average board, eighth on the high series chart, and first on the high game list. Not too bad a showing for a girl type person, huh?

Chris Pearsall discovered something about the game of bowling this week that he has been missing in the past. He found out what he can do when he puts his mind to the task. Thursday night, this youngster kept his composure, and blew away his competition shooting the best series of his life - a very impressive 667. Chris started the night with a 157 average, but on this one occasion, he walked away with a 222. Chris rolled games of 244, 246 and 177. He was 196 pins over his series norm, and was instrumental in his team's winning three of the four games up for grabs when play began.

Rick Pearce is a sleeper, but when he wakes up, he's dangerous. He woke up Tuesday, shooting a 648 series, 117 pins over his average if 531. Rick shot games of 203, 201 and 244.

Jason Burchfield just began bowling again this season. He is one of those disgruntled postal workers, out of Yantis. He averages 175, shoots in the low 500s normally, and is capable of much more. Sunday, he did much more. Jason shot games of 179, 221 and 246, to finish the night with a 646 series, and a one-night average of 215. Jason finished the night 121 pins over his series norm.

Scott Tubb is our version of Bob the Builder, without the hat. He bowls for the fun of it. But, Thursday he shot 110 pins over his series average, posting a 641 series with games of 215, 257 and 169. What might he do if he took this game seriously?

Heather Priest bowls on Sundays. She averages 111 and will shoot a series in the 330s, normally. Sunday, she wasn't satisfied with just being normal, apparently. The lady tossed a 438 series, 105 pins over her series average, with games of 138, 135 and 165. All three games were above her single game average, as well. I suspect there are a couple of USBC awards in here, somewhere.

Others who bowled well this week include: Wes Campbell (687 Thursday/627 Tuesday), Jason Keller (687), Mark Smith (674), Darreyl Dixon (663), Tarry Davison (662 Sunday/612 Thursday), Nevil Solomon (644), Bo Duncan (642), Nick Painter (640), Bruce Michaelson (639), Neldon Smith (634 Tuesday/608 Thursday), Alan Roberts (629), Ray Howser (624), Jerry A. Thompson, Darrell Green and Doug Brann (623), Mark Miller (622), Russ Nuss (619), and Roy Schutz (610).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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