Five Classic Lanes' bowlers bag six 700s

Larry Mason

Dec. 26, 2007 - Scores have been getting better at the center in recent weeks, and this week those 690s and 680s we've reported on lately, turned into 700s. It was the most productive week for 700s in the past three months. Five men accounted for six 700s this round, with one bowler, Allan Hague, collecting two of the six, a 703 on Tuesday and a 701 on Sunday. Tarry Davison shot the highest, a 738 on Thursday, while two Tuesday bowlers, Michael Carter and David Gholson, came within a mark of making it eight 700s for the week when Michael shot a 699 and David fired a 693.

Tarry Davison produced his center-leading 10th 700 series of the season on Thursday, while he was at the same time shooting the week's highest series as well, a 738, made up of games of 247, 289 and 202. Tarry sits atop our high series chart with a 799 he shot in Week 1 of our Sunday league's competition, and he also holds the distinction of occupying the second spot as well, having shot a 783 in the Thursday Men's league a few weeks back.

Tarry is one of six men who have thrown perfect games so far this season. The others are Michael Burnett, Joe Kirkpatrick, Michael Carter and Mike Fletcher. Burnett sits at the top of the center's high game list by virtue of the fact that he has rolled two 300s this season, while Joe ranks second with a 300 as well as a 299. Davison, Carter and Fletcher rank third.� �

At the mid-point of the season, Davison is carrying a 228.11 average on Sunday, and a 219 on Thursday. He trails Jason Keller on Sunday by 62/100ths of a point, while he trails center newcomer, Shayne Wilson, by 21 pins on Thursday. Wilson, you might recall, took over the top spot on our high average board with a 240 average he set just last week, when he shot a 720 series in his first night of play at Classic Lanes.

Allan Hague shot his fourth and fifth 700s of the season this week, one coming on Sunday, the other on Tuesday. On Sunday, Allan shot games of 258, 218 and 225, while his Tuesday series, consisted of games of 246, 234 and 223. Hague ranks first on the Tuesday Mixed league high series chart with a 762 shot earlier in the season; the series ranks fifth on the center's all-inclusive high series chart. Allan is averaging 210 on Tuesdays, eighth best on the high average board. He finds himself tied with three others, Neldon Smith, Jason Parmer and Michael Carter. Allan averages 204 in the Sunday league and 203 on Thursday. Hague's best game of the season, a score he has recorded twice this season, is a 268. It holds the No. 13 position on the high game list, where he joins Steve Edwards and Larry Siegert.

Darreyl Dixon shot the second-best series at the center this week, posting a 711 on Sunday. Darreyl tossed games of 195, 239 and 244 to capture his fifth 700 series of the season. Dixon's highest series of the current season is a 764, which ties him with Harold McClure for fourth place on the high series chart. Darreyl is averaging 215 on Thursday, which places him in a three-way tie with, yet again, Harold McClure, and up and coming bowler, Bobby Brown, for fourth place on the high average board. Dixon totes a 209 average on Sundays. Darreyl's best game of the season is a 288, which ranks sixth on the high game list, and ties him with long-time bowling partner, Charles Harred.

Center maintenance guru Wes Campbell and Greg Pullen both rolled 710 series this week, Wes's occurring on Tuesday, while Greg busted his on Sunday. Wes rolled games of 244, 212 and 254 to claim his fourth 700 in the past 17 weeks, while Greg tossed games of 227, 239 and 244 to register his sixth 700 of the season. On our high average board, Greg ranks sixth with a 212 average on Sunday, tying him with fellow Sunday bowler, Alan Roberts. Wes averages 211 on Tuesday, placing him one slot below Pullen on the high average board in seventh place. Of his four 700s, Campbell's best is a 735, which holds 11th place on the high series chart. Pullen's best of his six 700s is a 723, allowing Greg to claim the 16th position on the high series chart. On the high game list, Wes' 290 honor score ranks fourth, where he joins Harold McClure. Pullen, in the meantime, ranks 12th on the list with a 269, where he joins a host of others, six to be exact. Wes rolled a 650 on Thursday.

Michael Carter, son of Classic Lanes' owners, Debbie and Paul, collected the center's seventh-highest series for the week, shooting a 699 Tuesday night. It's the second 699 Michael has shot this season, both occurring in the Tuesday Mixed league. Michael's initial 699 included his first perfect game of the season. This time around, Michael shot games of 273, 222 and 204. Carter's best series is a 760, which lands him in the No. 6 position on the high series chart. He is averaging 210, eighth on the high average board, tying him with three others, and he is one of those three individuals tied for third place on the high game list with a perfect 300.

David Gholson contributed a 693 series to this week's total, the eighth-best series of the week. David shot games of 202, 257 and 234, just missing what would have been his third 700 of the current season, by seven sticks. At this time, David's best series is a 730, which ranks 13th on the high series chart. He is averaging 200 or more in all three of his leagues, with his best average, a 208 on Tuesday, occupying ninth place on the high average board. Here, he is in a three-way tie with David Strain and Chris Brooks. On the high game list, David ranks eighth with a 278, which ties him with Chris Brooks, Nevil Solomon and Casey Morton.

The ladies didn't have one of those stellar weeks this time around, but one lady did come through for her team at a time when some great bowling was called for - the mid-season championship roll-off for the Ladies' Monday night league. Amber Johnson, who came into the championship with a 149 average, tossed a 539 series, 92 pins over her series average of 447, which was instrumental in allowing the Gutter Dusters to take three of four points from the City National Bank quartet, resulting in the Gutter Dusters taking the 18 week championship. Amber shot games of 155, 201 and 183. Amber's teammates were all over series average as well, with Debbie Miller 33 pins over, Deborah Crist 32 over, and Sharon Callahan finishing at plus 14.

Richard Ethridge must like the pressure of bowling in roll-offs - at least it seemed that way Tuesday night. Richard, who averages a respectable 162, finished Tuesday's action 95 pins above his series norm, shooting a 581, made up of games of 170, 204 and 207. All of Richard's teammates finished above average as well, with Brigette Painter finishing plus 70 pins, Richard's wife Judy, plus 59 pins and Nick Painter, plus 21 pins. They swept their competition, four to zip.

Others who bowled well this week include: David Soeder (670), James Allen (666 Thursday/613 Sunday), Jason Parmer (664 Tuesday/660 Sunday), Alan Roberts (664), Larry Siegert (659), Cliff Whitney and Bobby Brown (658), Nathan Crist (657), Mike Gilliland (652 Tuesday/629 Thursday), Mike Fletcher (638), Michael Burnett (636), Jason Keller (625), Vincent Smith (614), David Strain (611 Sunday/603 Thursday), Danny Burns (610), Chris Brooks (607), Nick Painter, and Charles Harred (603), and Mark Smith (600).

We hope all of you have had an enjoyable holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you at the center in the coming year. God bless each and every one of you.� � � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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