Shayne Wilson and Tarry Davison shoot 700 at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Dec. 18, 2007 - Two men, Shayne Wilson and Tarry Davison, found the 700 series range this week, shooting 721 and 707, respectively, to bring the center's 700 total to 52 for the season. Cliff Whitney was within a mark of getting the center's third 700 for the week, but had to settle for a 690.

Jason Keller and Mike Fletcher came close to hitting 700s also, Keller firing a 686, while Fletcher tossed a 684. Two of our ladies collected 600s this week, Becky Bowden and Deana Hale. Becky rolled an almost 700 of her own, finishing the week with a 684, while Deana came through with a 606.

There could have been a very confused software program at Classic Lanes this week, were it not for the letter “y.” You know the letter “y,” that is sometimes a vowel, along with the known vowels, A, E, I, O and U. Now, here's the confusing part; as of last Thursday, Classic Lanes has not just one S. Wilson, we have two. One is a local Sulphur Springs fellow who spells his name S-H-A-N-E. The second, and our newest, is a Greenville person, who spells his name S-H-A-Y-N-E. Notice the “y”, and be thankful for it, for, had it not been there, I don't know how, or even if, our software would have distinguished between the two. But, there is a “y”, so everything works out.

Our “Y” version of S. Wilson bowled at Classic Lanes for the first time on Thursday night, and when the night came to a close, he, “Y” had collected the week's highest series, a 721, and, as a result, had moved to the top of the high average board with a 240. “Y” shot games of 269, 247 and 205. His best game, the 269, moved him into a seven-way tie for 12th place on the high game list, where, ironically, Y-less S. Wilson just happens to be ranked, also. “Y” ranks 17th on the high series chart. And, yes, you are probably correct - we would have had to use a middle initial, were it not for the “y”.

Thank goodness, no one spells his or her name like Tarry Davison does. He does have a twin brother, however, Garry, and when he bowls, he's about as good as his brother, and physically the two are very hard to tell apart. It gets a little confusing. You may know something of the brother, Garry, in that he is the coach of the state's top-ranked Saltillo Lady Lions basketball team.

Gary didn't bowl this week, but Tarry did, and he did quite well. Tarry shot a 707 on Sunday night, posting games of 226, 247 and 234, to register his center-leading ninth700 series since league play began in August. Tarry also lays claim to first and second place on the high series chart with a 799 from the Sunday league, and a 783 from Thursdays. Tarry's 229 average from Sunday now holds second place on the high average board, by virtue of “Y” Wilson's 240 taking over first place, but knowing Tarry, he won't stand for being second very long. Tarry is one of five individuals who have rolled perfect games this season, so he is sorta, kinda tied for first place on the high game list, that is, unless one considers Michael Burnett's two perfect games as first place, and Joe Kirkpatrick's 300 and 299 as second place. If Michael and Joe are 1 and 2, then Tarry is tied for third with Michael Carter and Mike Fletcher. There seems to be a pattern here. It would appear that being a Michael or a Mike gives one an edge in shooting honor scores. All one has to do is change his or her name.� �

Cliff Whitney is the only Cliff who bowls at Classic Lanes. He and his wife, Erma, are the only Whitneys. She is a very nice person. Clifford is a cantankerous elderly sort, retired from the U.S. Air Force. In spite of his being mean-spirited, Cliff is a pretty darn good bowler, and he did pretty well this week. In fact, he shot his best series of the season, a 690, on Tuesday night, booking games of 254, 199 and 237. On Thursday, Mr. W. shot a 617 series. It appears that he bowls better, when Erma is around to keep him in check. She's a better golfer than he, also. At any rate, Cliff's 690 moved him to 28th place on the high series chart, and nudged his Tuesday average up to a 204, identical to his Thursday average. He ranks 16th on the high average board, where he joins Mark Smith. Cliff's best game is a 279, which ties him with six others for seventh place on the high game list.

Jason Keller and Mike Fletcher shot 680s this time around, very nearly giving the center five 700s for the week. Jason shot a 686 on Thursday, while Mike bowled a 684, also on Thursday. Keller rolled games of 236, 246 and 204 for his total, while Fletcher stroked games of 258, 204 and 222 for his. At present, Keller ranks third on the high average board with his 228, while Fletcher ranks fourth with a 219. Jason holds second place on the high game list with a 770, while Fletcher is eighth with a 746. On our high game list, Fletcher is one of the five men who have rolled perfect games this season, while Keller finds himself in a seven-way tie for 12th place with a 269.� � � � �

Becky Bowden and Deana Hale take turns leading the ladies week after week. This week, the duo shot the two best series by a lady, Becky shooting a 784, Deana a 606.

Becky came very near collecting what would have been her first 700 series of the season, missing the mark by only 16 sticks. Becky shot games of 216, 257 and 211. It's only a matter of time before Bowden will hit that 700, she shot 14 of them just a couple of seasons ago. She also has a perfect game to her credit. Presently, Becky ranks first on the ladies' high average board with a 201 from Sunday, holds second on the ladies' high game list with a 258 and has moved to first place on the ladies' high series chart with this week's 684.

Deana booked a 606 on Monday, shooting games of 203, 200 and 203. Ms. Hale is averaging 187 on Monday, which is tops in that league. It ranks second on the ladies' high average board. Deana's best individual game of the season is a 246, fifth on the ladies' high game list, which ties her with Winnsboro's Debbie Miller. Ms. Hale's highest series is a 652, which ranks third on the ladies' high series chart.

Brian Stegall has been bowling at Classic Lanes for several seasons, now. He averages in the 170s, and is going to give his team 500 or more pins every night. This past Tuesday, Brian gave his team 500 pins, plus 127 more. For the night, Brian shot a 627, 111 pins over his series average, tossing games of 226, 224 and 177, which gave him a one night's average of 209. But, Brian's claim to fame isn't just his bowling talent; he's more than that. Brian is one of those individuals who, as a child, fought the fight with leukemia, and won. He is living proof, literally, that the disease can be whipped, and one can live a productive life afterward. Brian is a maintenance guru for the Como-Pickton ISD. If you need some inspiration, for whatever reason, come see Brian bowl on Tuesday nights. You'll be impressed.

This is our last column before the Christmas, and perhaps the New Year holiday - I think. This being the case, I will be politically incorrect, and wish you and yours the very merriest of Christmases, and an extremely happy and safe New Year. Please do not drink and drive. And remember to thank God for our men and women in uniform, who will not be at home this holiday season. From all of us at Classic Lanes - MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy New Year.

And, by the way, Classic Lanes will be offering its Kid's Day Out special each weekday of the holiday school vacation period, excluding Christmas Day, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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