Keller, Gilliland and McClure book 700s at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Dec. 11, 2007 - Jason Keller, Mike Gilliland and Harold McClure bagged 700s this week, while five more men, David Soeder, Jason Parmer, Casey Morton, Steve Edwards and Matt Arnold, came within one mark of hitting 700, but had to settle for series in the 690s, instead. Bobby Brown came close to 700, as well, shooting a 689 on Thursday.

Chebna McClure, Harold's better half, led the ladies this round, shooting a 612 on Sunday. Colby Pullen, our SSMS eighth grader, tossed another 600 series this week as well.

Jason Keller collected his third 700 series of the season on Sunday night, firing games of 226, 269 and 235, and in the process moved into first place on the high average board, having raised his Sunday's average to a 228.73, wresting the lead from Tarry Davison by a slim 15/100s of a pin. Keller's best series since the current season began back in August is a 770, which continues to hold third place on the high series chart, trailing Davison, who holds the first and second best series, a 799 and a 783. Jason's highest game to date is a 269, which lands Keller in a six-way tie for 12th place on the high game list.

Mike Gilliland gathered his third 700 series of the season also, shooting his second 707 with games of 222, 226 and 259. Gilliland is averaging 214 on Tuesdays and 211 on Thursdays. His Tuesday average ranks sixth on the high average board. Mike must have an advertising agreement with the Boeing folks, because all of his series end in seven - 747, 707 and 707. At any rate, Mike's 747 holds eighth place on the high series chart. Gilliland's highest game of this season is a 279, a score he has duplicated three times. All three games were within a single mark of being perfect games.

Harold McClure shot his seventh 700 series since August, shooting a 704 on Thursday, rolling games of 217, 270 and 217. McClure has produced one less 700 than Davison, his brother-in-law, who has a center-leading eight to his credit. McClure's best series, a 764, holds fourth place on the high series chart, six pins behind Keller's 770. McClure is averaging 216 on Sunday, which fourth on the high average board,and 213 on Thursday. There have been eight honor scores shot at the center this season, and Harold has one of them. He and Wes Campbell are tied for fourth place on the high game list with identical honor scores of 290.

David Soeder has tossed two 700s this season, and with a little bit of luck would have claimed his third this past Tuesday, but it wasn't to be. David had to settle for a 697 series with games of 237, 199 and 261. Mr. Soeder did manage to bump his Tuesday average up to a 209, which is good enough to claim ninth place on the high average board. Soeder is in a three-way tie with Chris Brooks and David Strain. Soeder's best series of his two, is a 724, which ranks 15th on the high series chart. His best game is a 279, a score that places him in a seven-way tie for seventh place on the high game list.

Jason Parmer produced the center's fifth best series of the week, a 695, which just happens to be his personal best of the season, on Thursday night. Jason tossed games of 188, 275 and 232 to reach his 695, and who knows what he might have done had he only done something in that first game of the set. As it is, Jason's series places him in the 23rd position on the high series chart, and raised his Thursday average to a 210. Parmer also carries a 210 on Sunday night. He ranks 10th on the high average board. On the high game list, Jason is in a three-way tie for fifth place with a 289. David Vansickle and Racque Propes are the two men with whom he is tied. By the way, on Sunday, Parmer rolled a 650 series.

Casey Morton produced his best series of the season on Sunday, a whopping 694, 178 pins over his series average. Casey rolled games of 278, 214 and 202, and was largely responsible for his team's winning three of the four points up for grabs when play began. Morton was averaging 172 when play began on Sunday, but left the center averaging 176. Casey jumped to 24th place on the high series chart with his 694, and his 278 first game pushed him into a four-way tie for eighth place on the high game list. He is tied with Sunday league teammate Chris Brooks, and Nevil Solomon and David Gholson.

Steve Edwards has one 700 series to his credit this season. Had he found seven more pins on Thursday, he would have had his second. As is, he managed to toss the center's seventh best series for the week, a 693, made up of games of 247, 201 and 245. Steve is averaging 200 on Tuesday,which ranks 19th on the high average board, and 197 on Thursday. His only 700, a 739, holds 11th place on the high series board, where he is tied with David Vansickle and Roy Schutz. Steve's best game to date is a 268, which ranks 13th on the high game list, and ties him with Allan Hague and Larry Siegert.

When an exceptionally big human being, or a karate expert, shoots a very good series, it's a good idea to recognize the accomplishment, if for no other reason than self-preservation. Matt Arnold is one such individual. No, he isn't a martial arts expert - but he sure is big, and he bowled very well on Thursday night. In fact, he shot his best series of the season, a 691, tossing games of 279, 208 and 204. The series was eighth best in the center for the week, and it moved Matt to the No. 27 position on the high series chart. Matt bowled 106 pins over his series average. Arnold is now averaging 198 on Thursday, up three pins from last week, and now holds the 20th position on the high average board. His best game of the season is this week's 279 first game. It moved Matt into that seven-way tie for seventh place on the high game list. Matt, by the way, was an offensive tackle on the TAMU-Commerce football squad.

Another individual who is very big, is one Joel Gregory. He, like Matt, can throw heavy bowling balls around like normal humans do softballs. In fact, he can throw the ball so easily, the weight block inside of the ball doesn't get to do its job. Because of his sheer strength, Joel just overpowers his equipment. As such, he is only averaging 105 on Thursdays and 110 on Sundays. His average should be much higher in both leagues. We're still working on it. This week, on Thursday, Joel shot two very good games, a 163 and a 155 in his first two games, before succumbing to his need to throw the ball the length of the lane to finish with a 99. Still, he did shoot a 417 series, his best of the season thus far, and was 102 pins over his series average. Those extra pins were instrumental in his team's winning three out four from their opposition.

Chebna McClure has been bowling awfully well here of late, and Sunday was no exception. Chebna posted the ladies' highest series of the week, a 612, made up of games of 197, 202 and 222. Chebna has been inching her average up, steadily, and is now in sixth place on the ladies' high average board with a 177. Chebna's best series is a 634, shot a couple of weeks back; it ranks fourth on the ladies' high series chart. Chebna's best game of the season is a 256, which holds third place on the ladies' high game list.

Kelly Sutton usually shoots around the 417 series mark on Mondays, but this week, she tossed a 555 series, 138 pins over her series average. Kelly rolled games of 219, 153 and 183. Kelly's effort led her team, and enabled them to win three of four points from their competition.

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