Mike Fletcher and Joe Kirkpatrick roll perfect games at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

Dec. 4, 2007 - It would appear that Classic Lanes' bowlers are beginning to zero in on those new bowling pins installed just shortly after the beginning of the 2007/'08 bowling season. This week saw two perfect games go into the books, along with three 700 series, three 690 series, as well as three series in the 680s. In addition to these, our bowlers rolled 42 more 600 series.

Greenville bowler Mike Fletcher and Classic Lanes maintenance specialist Joe Kirkpatrick led all of the center's bowlers this week, both men shooting 300 honor scores and the two highest 700 series posted for the week, a 734 from Fletcher on Thursday and a 720 from Kirkpatrick on Sunday. These 700s weren't the only ones recorded this week; Jason Keller posted another, a 711 on Thursday. Becky Bowden topped the ladies once again, shooting a 609 this time around.

Mike Fletcher is a professional painter by trade. Not the kind that paints on canvas; rather, he is the guy you call when your house or office needs a do over. But when it comes to bowling, this man is a true artist, who can “paint” the lanes with the best of them. This past Thursday, Mike registered his first honor score as well as his third 700 series of the season. Fletcher's perfect game came in Game 1, and was followed by games of 214 and 220 in Games 2 and 3, respectively. This week's 734 series moved Mike into first place on the Thursday Men's Commercial League high average board with a 219, and into third place on the center's overall high average listing. As good as it was, this week's series is not Fletcher's best of the season, that's a 746, which ties him for eighth place on the center's high series chart.

As the result of this week's two perfect games from Fletcher and Kirkpatrick, some separation has taken place at the top of the high game list. Standing alone at the top is Michael Burnett, who has two perfect games to his credit this season, while Joe Kirkpatrick now occupies second place all by his lonesome, with one 300 and a 299. In third place, we find Tarry Davison, Michael Carter and Mike Fletcher, each having posted one perfect score.

Joe Kirkpatrick produced the week's second highest series, his 720, on Sunday night. Like Fletcher, Joe's 300 came in Game 1 of Sunday's three-game set. Following his perfect game, Joe tossed games of 203 in Game 2, and 217 in Game 3. He took his time getting onto the 700 series sheet, having set at 699 for several weeks, but when he made his move up the paper, he jumped from 21st to 16th place on the high series chart, into a two-way tie with Sunday bowler Alan Roberts. Joe's series raised his average to a 209 on Sundays, but his best average comes out of the Tuesday Mixed League, where he carries a 217.50 average, best in that league. But, Joe is tied with one of our former high school bowling program competitors, Bobby Brown. The duo ranks fourth on the center's comprehensive high average board behind third place holder, Fletcher at 219, second place claimant, Jason Keller at 225, and first place leader, Tarry Davison at 230. As stated earlier, Kirkpatrick now holds second place on the high game list by virtue of his 300 and 299 honor scores.

Jason Keller, much like Mike Fletcher, is an artist in his own right, but he dabbles in dirt, rather than paint. Jason is a master at taking one's drab looking yard, and by some magic known only to landscapers, turns it into a show place, with beautiful plants, trees and flowers. Jason is a master “landscaper” on the lanes as well. This week, he posted his second 700 series of the season, coming on Thursday night, and presented the center with its third 700 of the week. The series boosted his Thursday average to a 216, which is good, but his highest average comes out of the Sunday night league, where he boasts a 225. As we indicated earlier, this average holds second place on the high average board. Jason's first 700 series of the season, a whopping 770, shot on a Sunday, still ranks second on the high series chart. Jason has yet to break the honor score barrier, having to settle for a 267 high game, which ties him with four others for 14th place on the high game list.

Three more of our bowlers came very near hitting 700s this week, Mike Gilliland, Roy Schutz and Scott Ogle. Gilliland tossed a 698, Schutz a 695, and Ogle a 692. Gilliland and Schutz shot their series on Tuesday, while Ogle rolled his on Thursday. Mike rolled games of 202, 248 and 248 for his series, while Schutz posted scores of 235, 255 and 205 for his. Gilliland ranks seventh on the high average board, Schutz, 12th. Mike's best series is a 747, while Roy's is a 739. Gilliland ranks seventh on the high series chart; Roy ranks ninth. Mike ranks seventh on the high game list with a pair of 279s, while Roy is in 12th place with a 269.� �

Scott rolled three very consistent games of 230, 230 and 232 to collect what is currently his best series of the season. Ogle now holds the 22nd slot on the high series chart, up 24 positions from last week. Scott raised his average to a 194, 23rd on the high average board, where he joins Jesse Haggerty and Lynn Mills. Scott's best game is a 245.

Greg Pullen, Tarry Davison and Armin Ayers shot series in the 680s this week, coming very near the 700 level. Pullen and Davison were our top two bowlers one week ago, so this week's production is rather the norm for both men. Pullen shot a 689 on Sunday, while Davison shot a 685 on Sunday, followed by a 651 on Thursday. Tarry ranks first on the high average board with his 230, ranks third on the high game list with his 300, and is first and second on the high series chart with a 799 from Sunday and 783 from Thursday. Pullen ranks 12th on the high average board at 212, is 12th on the high game list with a 269, and ranks 15th on the high series chart with a 723.

Mr. Ayers is rather a newcomer to our center, but indications are that he will be a force to contend with before the season ends. This week's series, 684 consisting of games of 192, 247 and 245, raised Armin's average to a 197, 20th on the high average board, put him in 27th place on the high series chart, and gave him his new high game, 247, which takes him to 25th place on the high game list. We expect to hear more from Mr. Ayers as the season proceeds.

Becky Bowden just keeps on keeping on. This week she led the ladies with a 609 comprised of games of 201, 206 and 202. Becky continues to hold the ladies top average, a 200, is second on the ladies' high series chart with a 664, 18 pins behind chart leader Kathy Vansickle's 682, and boasts the ladies' second highest game, 258, 19 pins behind ladies' high game leader, Barbara Siegert and her 277. With nearly 20-plus weeks yet to go before the season ends, one can expect that Becky will not be content to stay with the status quo relative to her figures.

Justin Haggerty is a fun bowler, who, one rare occasion, takes his game seriously. That must have been the case on Sunday, because the young man finished the night with a 660 series, 109 pins over his average. Haggerty shot games of 203, 210 and 247 off of a 187 average.

We hope all of you are enjoying your holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you in the center during the holidays.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column runs on Tuesday.

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