Tellez, Kramer will see plenty of action

By JOSEPH ELERSON | News-Telegram Sports Writer

Aug. 30, 2007 - COMO - Como-Pickton football fans will get to know the names of Noe Tellez and Aaron Kramer throughout the 2007 season.

This pair of seniors will be key players in the offensive backfield as well as the defensive secondary for first-year coach Paul Tullis.

Tellez is penciled in as one of the team's quarterbacks, back-up running back, a linebacker or defensive back and the team's No. 1 punter and kicker.

"I like that kind of pressure," said Tellez, the son of Jose and Oralia Tellez. "I like having pressure on me and it makes me feel good when I get it done right. I always try my hardest to do my best."

Kramer, the son of Wayne and Lena Kramer, is listed as a wingback and defensive back for the Eagles this season in only his second year as a varsity player.

"Aaron is a good athlete and very coachable," CP head coach Paul Tullis said. "He is a team player and is not selfish at all. I know as a coach that I can put him at any position and he is going to do what I ask him to."

Kramer said the comment made by his coach gives him the confidence to perform at his hardest every Friday night.

"It makes me feel pretty good," he said. "It makes me want to go out there and perform very well in having that confidence from my coach."

After a winless season in which both players participated in last year, Tellez, a four year starter, said the emotions were tough for him knowing how good they had been in the past.

"It has been bad knowing that we were a good team at one point and we just keep going down," he said. "Hopefully, this year we can get back up there and be a good team. I hope that we can get to the playoffs and be a part of the experience one more time. "

Kramer said last season was a tough way to open up his varsity career for the Eagles.

"That was a tough year and just to come back here and practice and practice knowing that you didn't do it well last year killed me inside," he said. "This offseason has went really well. The 7-on-7 really helped the team a lot and I think we surprised some teams."

Both players participated in the 7-on-7 summer league at Sulphur Springs and said the offseason workouts put the players in a different mindset coming into this year.

"This year, we came during the summer and did a lot of weights and we usually do running on Monday and Tuesday and some Wednesdays," Tellez said. "We try to find ways to do a lot of training on our own to get us better."

With a stacked district all around in 16-2A, Kramer said games can go either way with favorites in Winnsboro, Quitman and Hawkins standing in their way.

"It is going to be tough with a balanced district," he said. "There are some good teams and some bad teams, but games can go either way this year and we need to fight to the end.

"We need to get fired up and win some games. As a goal, I want to win the season, make the playoffs and win a playoff game."

Kramer said after high school, he plans on working during the summer and then joining the Marines, while Tellez is still working on college plans.

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