Tarry Davison starts fall season with 799 series, 300 game

Larry Mason

Aug. 28, 2007 - He took the summer off, as he does every year, and, as he normally does every year, upon his return to the lanes, immediately climbed to the top of all of those lists that Classic Lanes bowlers care about - high average, high series and high game. He is Tarry Davison. Tarry shot a 799 series in the Sunday Mixed league, which just happened to include a perfect game. What a way to start the new fall/winter bowling season!

Tarry's closest competition this week came from Darreyl Dixon and Jason Parmer, who threw 687 and 680, respectively, Dixon's 687 coming on Sunday, Parmer's 680 on Tuesday. For the ladies, Debbie Carter, Shannon Hague and Debbie Miller led the way, shooting 594, 590 and 588, respectively. esse McFarland looked very impressive on Tuesday, shooting what we believe is a career's best for Jesse, a 531.

At the conclusion of the last year's fall/winter bowling season, Davison held the top average, 224, had two perfect games, a double arm full of 700 series, 24, and had five more series in the 690s. His best series, a 783 placed him fourth on the high series chart. He was the man to beat, and Jason Keller and Darreyl Dixon kept the pressure on all season long, booking averages of 222 and 220, respectively, firing 12 and seven 700s, respectively. Keller, like Davison, rolled a perfect game, while Dixon hit a 298. One can expect more of the same this year. � �

This time around, on Sunday the 19th, Tarry picked up where he left off last season. Once again, he sits at the top of all of our various lists. His 266 from this week ranks first on the high average board, as his 224 did at the end of last year. This week's perfect game puts him in first place on the high game list, the same position he held at the conclusion of last year's play.

This year, Tarry finds himself in first place on the high series chart with this week's 799, compared to his fourth place finish on the chart last season, when he finished with a 783. Darreyl Dixon led the high series chart all season long in 2006/'07, with a 793. Tarry's series on Sunday consisted of a 276 in Game 1, a 223 in Game 2 and his perfect game in Game 3. � �

The men's league begins its fall season on tAug. 30, when 60-plus bowlers will take to the lanes. On that night, these men will learn that, if they want to be atop any of our lists, they will have to average more than 266, or shoot an 800 or better series. And, if one of these men shoots a perfect game, the best he can do on the high game list is tie. For all of you Thursday Men's league bowlers, the gauntlet has been thrown, and the race is on.

Speaking of Darreyl Dixon, he shot two great games on Sunday, a 269 in Game 2, and a 258 in Game 3, but his first game in the series, a 160, didn't help him in his chase of Davison. Had he done anything in that first game, he probably could have booked the center's second 700 of the new season. As it stands, Mr. Dixon is second on the high average board with a 229, second on the high series chart with a 687, and second on the high game list with a 269. One can anticipate that Darreyl will be giving Tarry a run for his money this year, just as he has in past seasons.

For example, at the end of the fall/winter season, Darreyl held first place on the high series chart with that 793, had accounted for 12 of the center's 166 700 series, ranked third on the high average board with a 220, and ranked third on the high game list with a 298 honor score. Expect more of the same this season.

Jason Parmer kicked off our new season tossing a 680 series on Tuesday with games of 237, 188 and 255. Like Dixon, had Jason done anything in his second game, he very probably would have produced the center's third 700 of the week. On Sunday, Mr. Parmer tossed a 651 series, shooting games of 225, 232 and 194, and, once again, could have hit 700, with just a little luck in Game 3.� �

At the end of the last year's league, Jason tied for 24th on the high average board with a 191. Jason's final average in the Sunday Mixed league was a 227, but, because he had only bowled six games in that league, he did not qualify for the season's top average.

Parmer's best series was a 730, which placed him 19th on the high series chart where he joined Joe Kirkpatrick. Parmer's best single game was a 289, which tied him in the No. 6 spot on the high game list.

After this past Tuesday's performance, Jason finds himself in third place on the high average board with a 226, third on the high series chart with his 680, and is fourth on the high game list with his 255 third game.

David Strain shot the devil's series, 666, on Sunday, which proved to be the fourth best series produced during the week. Strain shot games of 203, 209 and 254. David holds fourth place on the new season's high average board with a 222, fourth on the high series chart with his 666, and is fifth on the high game list with his 254.

On last year's lists, David ranked 10th on the high average board with a 206, 22nd on the high series chart with a 726, and was seventh on the high game list with a 279. In the last category, Strain tied with nine other bowlers.

Alan Roberts took the summer off from bowling, but, based on his performance Sunday, one wouldn't know it. Alan shot games of 222, 236 and 206 to complete the evening's competition with a 664 series. It was the week's fifth best series. Alan's efforts resulted in his being fifth on the high average board, fifth on the high series chart and 10th on the high game list.

When the 2006/07 fall league play concluded, Alan held a 203 average, ranking 13th on the high average board, was 14th on the high series chart with a 741, and was ninth on the high game list with a 277.

Debbie Carter shot the ladies' top series this week, registering a 594 on

Tuesday, with games of 203, 147 and 244. The series placed Debbie first on the ladies' only high average board, first on the ladies' only high series chart, and first on ladies' only high game list, where she finds herself tied with Becky Bowden. Shannon Hague followed Debbie with a 590 series, firing games of 220, 165 and 205. Debbie Miller, bowling on Sunday, booked the ladies' third best series, a 588, rolling games of 195, 176 and 217. � � � �

Jesse McFarland has been bowling for about two years. He has been steadily working at improving his game, and has seen significant improvement of late. This past Tuesday, Jesse entered league competition carrying a 141 average. His first game was a 176, 35 pins over his average. Jesse's second game was, a 172, 31 pins over his average. And, his third game of the night was a whopping 183, 42 pins over his average. For the evening, McFarland was 108 pins over his series average. On a normal evening, Jesse should shoot, based on his average, around the 423 series mark. He ended the night shooting a 531. His performance was largely instrumental in his team's sweeping their opposition.

Others who bowled well this week include: Neldon Smith (647), Richard Allen and Jerry C. Thompson (638), Wes Campbell (637), Allan Hague (636 Tuesday/632 Sunday), David Vansickle (630), James Allen (629), David Soeder (623), Nathan Crist (621), Justin Haggerty (615), David Gholson (614) and Michael Carter (609).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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