Charles Harred, and Greg Pullen lead Classic Lanes' bowlers

Larry Mason

Aug. 7, 2007 - Charles Harred and Greg Pullen tossed identical 695 series on Thursday to claim the week's top honors at Classic Lanes. David Gholson was the week's runner-up, shooting a 684 for three games, but he led the pack in the four-game series category, tossing a 919. Jason Keller joined Gholson in the quest for 900, shooting a 904 four-game set on Thursday. The Sunday Mixed league completed its summer schedule a week ago, so we have no ladies' scores this week.

Charlie Harred has truly resurrected his game. For several weeks early in the schedule, he was shooting in the low 190s, and it seemed that it took forever before he shot his first 700 of the season. But, slowly and surely, he began to come alive, so to say. Charles shot a 705, followed that with a 709, then came through with this week's 695. He now holds fifth place on the three-game high series chart. Harred raised his average to a 203, which places him in a two-way tie with Michael Burnett for ninth place on the high average board. On the four-game high series chart, Charles ranks ninth, by virtue of a 907 he shot just last week. And, last, but not least, Mr. H. shot a perfect game a few weeks back - the only 300 shot so far this summer.

To claim his 695 this week, Charles shot games of 204, 224 and 267. His fourth game wasn't one of those that Charlie would write home about, a 183, but it was his fourth game of the night, and he had just thrown that 267. It seems he just ran out of gas. But, 183 or not, Sir Charles finished the night with an 878 series for four games, and a night's average of 219.

Greg Pullen matched Harred's three-game series on Thursday, tossing games of 247, 201 and 247 for his 695. Greg's fourth game was a 179, four pins less than Harred's, which allowed Charlie to edge Greg in the four-game series competition 878 to 874. Pullen is averaging 201 on Thursdays, 11th on the high average board, where he is tied with one of our more senior bowlers, Nevil Solomon. Greg's best three-games series of the summer is a 742, which holds second place on the three-game high series chart. His best four-game set is a 908, which holds eighth place on that chart. Mr. P's best game is a 260, shot earlier in the season, which places Greg in 13th place on the high game list.

David the “Gas Man” Gholson, produced the week's third best three-game effort, shooting a 684 series made up of games of 235, 225, and 224. His fourth game, another 235, allowed him to push past the 900 series barrier to finish the night with a 919 for four games, and the week's best four-game set. David's series was by far the most consistent shot on Thursday. Gholson raised his average to a 212, which moved him to fourth place on the high average board, tying him with Nathan Crist. David's best three-game effort this summer is a 697, which places Dave in ninth place on the three-game high series chart, and his best four-game set is this week's 919, which moved David to fifth place on the four-game chart. Gholson's best game, to date, is a 268, which ties him with Jeff Wright and Nevil Solomon for ninth place on the high game list.

Jason Keller struggled for his first three games on Thursday, shooting a 213, a 200 and a 202, giving him a 615 three-game series, but his fourth game righted his ship. Jason tossed 10 strikes in a row in Game 4 to finish with a 289. For his effort, Jason will receive a plaque from the Dallas Men's Bowling Association to commemorate his showing. For the night, Jason shot a 904 for four games, only the second produced by Classic Lanes' bowlers for the week. Keller raised his house-leading average to a 223, and now holds an eight-pin lead over second place claimant, Darreyl Dixon. Jason also ranks first on the three-game high series chart with a 757, and is in first place on the four-game high series chart as well, with a 1,012. The only category that Keller isn't sitting atop is the high game list, where Charles Harred rules the roost, but Jason's 289 shot in Game 4 this week, did move him into second place on the list behind Charlie.

Cliff Whitney, our retired USAF veteran, and another of our senior bowlers, came through with the week's fourth best three-game series, a 673, consisting of games of 237, 256 and 180. It is Cliff's best series of the current season, and, with just a little more production in Game 3, could have easily been his first 700 of the summer. Cliff's last game on Thursday was a 204, which allowed him to finish with an 877, and a 219 average for the evening. Whitney ranks seventh on the high average board with a 205, where he joins Neldon Smith, is 14th on the three game high series chart, by virtue of this week's 673, is seventh on the four game high series chart with a 910, which ties him with Neldon Smith and Nevil Solomon.

Michael Burnett has been steadily improving his game since he returned to the lanes last fall. Currently, he is averaging 203, tied with Charles Harred for ninth on the high average board, is 13th on the three-game high series chart with a 683, tying him with Jeff Wright, is 10th on the four-game high series chart with a 905, and holds sixth place on the high game list with a 277. This week, Burnett shot a three-game series of 665 with games of 262, 212, and 191, and completed the night shooting a 230 in Game 4 to finish the evening with an 895 four-game high series. Michael produced the week's fifth best three-game series, and the week's third best four-game set, an 895.

There were a couple of folks who bowled better than Buddy McClendon this week, but in light of what he did, for the third time this summer, we thought he deserved some recognition. For the third time this summer, Buddy shot a four game set of 844. We don't know what the statistical probability of one's being able to do this is, but we're betting it's pretty small. This time around, Buddy shot games of 269, 191, 192 and 192. McClendon is averaging 196, has a 664 three-game set and a high game of 269, from this week.

Others who bowled well this week include: Justin Haggerty (663/816), Jason Parmer (658/851), David Strain (658/832), Doug Brann (651/830), Mike Miller (619), Wes Campbell (616/ 828), Nevil Solomon (608/813), and Allan Hague (607/823).� �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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