Classic Bowlers grab seven 700 series

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April 24, 2007 - Nevil Solomon took this week's honors at Classic Lanes, shooting his second 700 series of the season, a 715, on Thursday evening. Solomon was joined by another six men who shot 700s, Darreyl Dixon, Mike Gilliland, David Strain, Dewayne Roach, Jason Keller and Vincent Smith.

Five more bowlers shot series in the 690s, Michael Carter, Tarry Davison, Mark Smith, Cliff Whitney and Joe Kirkpatrick. Angela Allen led the ladies with a 668 series on Sunday, followed by Debbie Carter's 640 from Monday, and Amy Sharp's 624 on Tuesday. It was another good week for bowlers at Classic Lanes.

Nevil Solomon is certainly one of our center's more senior citizens, having celebrated his 70th birthday several times, but on Thursday he bowled like a youngster, firing his second (and highest) 700 series of the season, a 716. Mr. Solomon shot games of 234, 259 and 223 in the process. This week's series moved Nevil to 23rd place on the high series chart. Nevil's series increased his average by one pin, to a 193, which places him in 24th place on the high average board. Solomon's best game is a 267, which ties him for 13th place on the high game list.

Darreyl Dixon shot the week's second highest series, a 715, rolled in the Tuesday Mixed league. You might recall that Mr. Dixon shot three consecutive 700s last week, one each on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. He broke his consecutive string this past Sunday, shooting a 652, but he did get his fourth 700 in five attempts with Tuesday's performance. Darreyl rolled games of 232, 236 and 247. Thursday night, Darreyl rolled a 647 series.

Dixon has been at the top of the high series chart since the first week of league play, way back in August, when he shot a 793. He now has tossed 11 700s and two series in the 690s. He is carrying the men's highest average in the Tuesday league, a 216, which ranks sixth on the high average board. Dixon is averaging 214 on Thursday and 211 on Sunday. Darreyl's highest game of the season a 298 honor game, ties him with Ken Sharp for third place on the high game list.

Mike Gilliland works in the produce department at Wal-Mart. While he rearranges the veggies, he likes to talk about bowling. That's what he and I did this past Tuesday; I bought some veggies, and he talked about bowling. The talking must have done him some good, too, because that very night, he bowled a 705, his fourth 700 series of the season. Mike rolled games of 212, 247 and 246. On Thursday night, Mr. Gilliland came close to collecting his fifth 700, tossing a 691 series made up of games of 248, 226 and 217. Mike ranks 20th on the high series chart with a 720, is ninth on the high game list with a 277 and holds 10th place on the high average board with a 208 from the Tuesday league. He is carrying a 204 average on Thursday.

David Strain has been shooting very well in recent weeks. Last week, he shot his first 700 series of the season, a 706. This week, on Sunday, Strain tossed games of 279, 215 and 209 to garner his second 700 series in as many weeks, a 703. David is averaging 205 on Tuesday, and has identical 195 averages on Sunday and Thursday, placing him 12th on the high average board. Strain ranks 20th on the high series chart with his 706, and his highest game is this week's 279.

Dewayne Roach shot a 703 series of his own on Thursday, rolling games of 241, 257 and 205. It was Dewayne's fifth 700 series of this season. Roach's best to date is a 731, which ties him with D.J. Kast for 14th place on the high series chart. Dewayne is averaging 202 on Thursday, 200 on Tuesday. His 202 holds 15th place on the high average board, and his highest game, a 276, places him in the No. 10 position on the high game list.

This week, 703 series were very popular. Jason Keller shot his on Thursday, with games of 246, 202 and 255. Jason's 703 is his seventh 700 series since August. His best series, a 791, ranks second on the high series chart, two pins behind Darreyl Dixon's 793. Keller averages 222.71 on Thursday and 197 on Sunday. On Thursday, he trails Tarry Davison by 4/100ths of a point for top average on Thursday. Jason has shot two honor scores this season, a 300 and a 299. He is tied with four others for first place on the high game list.

Vincent Smith collected the week's final 700 series, this one a 700 even, shooting games of 235, 207 and 258 on Thursday night. It was Vincent's third 700 series of the season. Smith ranks 19th on the high series chart with a 723, and he holds 12th place on the high average board with a 205. His best game is a 279, which ranks seventh on the high game list, where he joins 11 other bowlers.

Michael Carter is an L3 employee in Greenville, and is the son of center owners, Debbie and Paul. He bowls once a week, if he's lucky. This past Tuesday, Michael came about as close to a 700 as one can get, without getting a 700. Michael shot a 698 series comprised of games of 216, 225 and 257. He has hit the 700 mark once this season, a 709, which places him 27th on the high series chart. He is averaging 209 on Tuesday, which holds ninth place on the high average board and his best game, a 256, places him 21st on the high game list. And, young ladies out there, he's single. � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Tarry Davison didn't get his usual 700 series this week, but it wasn't for want of trying. On Sunday, Tarry tossed a 696 series, with games of 225, 246 and 225. Then, on Thursday, he rolled a 668 series, comprised of games of 203, 256 and 209. Tarry only gets to bowl twice a week, on Sunday and Thursday, but he makes good use of the time. He continues to hold the top average in both of his leagues, with a 224 on Sunday, and a 222.75 on Thursday. His 224 average from Sunday is the best in the house. And, while Tarry is tied with four others atop the high game list with a perfect game, Tarry has accomplished the feat twice this season, so that sorta kinda puts him a little more in first place than the others, right? Davison's best series is a 783, which holds forth in third place on the high series chart. He has accounted for 21 of the center's 141 700 series, and has another five series in the 690s.

Mark Smith and Cliff Whitney shot identical 694s on Thursday night, with Mark tossing games of 248, 243 and 203 for his series, while Cliff put together games of 235, 216 and 243 for his. Mark's 694 series is his best series of the season. It moved him to 34th place on the high series chart. Cliff, on the other hand, has one 700 series to date, a 717 that ranks 22nd on the high series chart. Mark is averaging 204 on Thursday, Cliff 201 on Thursday. Mark ranks 13th on the high average board, Cliff 16th. Mark and Cliff are in that pile of humanity tied for seventh place on the high game list with 279s.

Joe Kirkpatrick has been struggling with his game this season, and he'll be the first to tell you that. But he keeps on plugging away. This past Thursday, Joe came within nine pins of recording his second 700 series of the season, but had to settle for a 691 made up of games of 256, 221 and 214. Joe ranks 15th on the high series chart with a 730, is one of those five folks who have rolled perfect games this season, and is averaging 201.

Three ladies shot 600s this week, Angela Allen, Debbie Carter and Amy Sharp. Angela outdid herself, shooting an impressive 668 series with games of 224, 267 and 177. It's her best series of the year. Debbie rolled a 640 on Monday with games of 223, 217 and 200, while Amy booked a 624 on Tuesday, tossing games of 186, 225 and 213.

And to you 33 other folks who shot 600 or more this week - we've run out of space. Sorry.� �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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