Dixon shoots three of 11 700s shot by Classic Lanes' bowlers

Larry Mason

April 17, 2007 - Classic Lanes' keglers got everything right this week. Darreyl Dixon bowled three times and shot 700s each time. Tarry Davison bowled twice and bowled 700s both times. Alan Roberts, Jason Keller, David Gholson, David Strain, Scott Roach and Allan Hague accounted for six more 700s, shooting one each. Ray Howser just missed shooting the 12th 700 of the week, booking a 697.

On the ladies' side of the ledger, Debbie Carter collected two of five 600s tossed by the ladies this week, while Debbie Miller, Betty Russell and Becky Bowden each shot one. Colby Pullen, our student from SSMS, shot another 600. It was a great week to be bowling at the center.

Darreyl Dixon must have had a point to make this week, and he made it in spades. On Sunday, Darreyl shot his first 700 of the week, a 722, with games of 226, 268 and 228. On Tuesday, subbing for Willie Richardson, Darreyl shot his second 700 series, this one a 725 made up of games of 201, 257 and 267. And, as if he hadn't already done enough to prove his point, Dixon added an exclamation point by shooting his third 700 series of the week, this one a 758 on Thursday, firing games of 286, 214 and 258. For the week, Darreyl averaged 245. The three 700s tossed this week bring his total for the season to 10. Actually, Darreyl shot the three 700s over a five day period. He has an opportunity to shoot a fourth this coming Sunday.

Dixon continues to hold first place on the high series chart with a 793, ranks sixth on the high average board at 214, tying him with Tyren Williams, and is in third place on the high game list with a 298 honor score. Here, he is tied with Ken Sharp.

To the best of my knowledge, this week's three consecutive 700 series performance by Dixon is a record for Classic Lanes. I'm fairly certain that Darreyl has done it before, but that time he shot in two different bowling centers. Whatever the case, it's a feat that is difficult to do, to say the least. But you might recall that sometime ago, I made the statement that Darreyl is one of several bowlers who could, and probably should, shoot 700 or better every time they step on a pair of lanes. I rest my case. Thanks, Darreyl.

Tarry Davison is another of those individuals, who, like Dixon, is capable of bowling 700 or better every time he steps on the approach. Of the 63 chances he has had to bowl 700, he has done so 21 times. His closest competitors, Dixon and David Gholson, have done so 10 times. This week, Tarry shot two more 700s, a 715 on Sunday and a 746 on Thursday. On Sunday, Tarry rolled games of 288, 223 and 204, followed by games of 279, 222 and 245 on Thursday. For the week, Davison averaged 243.

Tarry continues to carry a 224 average on Sunday, best in the house, and has a 222.75 on Thursday, 0.42 pins ahead of Jason Keller and his 222.33. Five people have shot perfect games this season - but Tarry has rolled two - again, best in the house. Of his 21 700s, nine are 246s or higher. His best, a 783, ranks third on the high series chart.

Alan Roberts and Jason Keller shot identical 712s this week, Alan on Sunday, Jason on Thursday. Roberts tossed games of 254, 243 and 215 for his, while Jason rolled games of 197, 279 and 236 for his. It was Alan's second 700 of the season, and his best. It moved him to the 23rd position on the high series chart. The series raised Alan's average to a 203, landing him in 14th place on the high average board. Alan's best game to date is a 277, ninth on the high game list.

Keller's 712 series is his sixth 700 of the season. His best, a 791, holds second place on the high series chart. Jason is one of the bowlers who has manufactured a perfect game, and has a 299 honor game as well. You already know his average. He is another of those individuals is capable of shooting 700 or better each time they bowl.

David Gholson continues on a tear. This week he shot his 10th 700 series, a 709, with games of 238, 268 and 203. David ranks seventh on the high average board with a 211, is seventh on the high series chart with a 771, and has a high game of 289, sixth place on the high game list. Thursday he shot a 662.

David Strain finally shot a 700 this season. On Tuesday, David rolled games of 215, 268 and 223, finishing with a 706 series, 29th best on the high series chart. He is averaging 206 on Tuesdays, 11th place on the high average board. David's best game is a 277, ninth on the high game list.

Scott Roach, like Strain, rolled his first 700 series of the season, a 703 on Thursday. Mr. R. tossed games of 252, 226 and 225 in the process. The series moved Scott to 30th place on the high series chart. Scott is averaging 199 on Tuesdays, which places him in 18th place on the high average board. Scott's best game of the current season is this week's 252, which moved him to 23rd position on the high game list.

Our 11th 700 of the week was fashioned by Allan Hague, who rolled a 700 even on Thursday. It is Allan's second 700 of the season, a season that, for Allan, didn't begin until December. He ranks 13th on the high game list with a 267, is 21st on the high series chart with a 719, and has raised his average to a 203, 13th on the high average board.

Ray Howser has begun to return to form, shooting a near 700 on Tuesday, settling for a 697 series with games of 212, 229 and 256. Ray has two 700s this season, and two series in the 690s. He ranks 10th on the high series chart with a 756, is 12th on the high game list with a 268, a score shot three times this season, and is toting a 208 average on Tuesday, ninth on the high average board.

Debbie Carter came alive this week, and revived her bowling game. On Monday, Ms. Carter shot a whopping 671 series with games of 191, 258 and 222. Debbie followed Monday's performance on Tuesday, with a 650 series made up of games of 190, 215 and 245. Debbie's 671 series moved her into 42nd place on the high series chart, and her 258 game bounced her into 18th place on the high game list. She is averaging 179 on Monday, and 171 on Tuesday.

Another Debbie, Debbie Miller, shot a 649 series on Monday, tossing games of 170, 227 and 252. Her third game score moved her to 23rd place on the high game list, and her series propelled her to 59th on the high series chart. Ms. Miller averages 172 on Sunday and 164 on Monday.

Betty Russell and Becky Bowden completed the ladies 600 run for the week, Betty shooting a 621, Becky a 618. Betty shot games of 211, 183 and 224, while Becky tossed games of 211, 183 and 224.

Cristy and Adam Miller did it again. Cristy finished Sunday's play 92 pins over her series average with a 374 series, while Adam finished play 99 pins over his series average with a 537.

Curt Miller, who isn't related to Adam or Cristy, but is related to Debbie Miller, shot a 586 series on Sunday, finishing 106 pins over his series average. He shot games of 165, 210 and 211. � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: D.J. Kast (686), Harold McClure (683 Sunday/657 Thursday), Darrell Green and Mark Smith (662), Jason Parmer (661 Tuesday/657 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (656), Nick Painter (653), Cliff Whitney (652 Thursday/650 Tuesday), Mike Fletcher (652), Lynn Mills (649), Mike Gilliland (647), Michael Carter (646), and Wes Campbell (640).� � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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