Davison, Howser, Kast and Crist snag 700s

Larry Mason

April 10, 2007 - Tarry Davison lead all bowlers at Classic Lanes this week, shooting his 19th 700 series of the season, a 747 shot on Thursday. Joining Tarry at 700 were Ray Howser and D.J. Kast, both with 731s on Tuesday, and Nathan Crist with a 728 from Sunday. Close behind this foursome came Allan Hague, who shot a 693 series on Thursday, and a 673 on Sunday. Not a bad week for a guy who has been away from the game for several years. As for the ladies, the week's top lady bowler was Ladies' City Tournament champion, Amy Sharp, who posted a 586 on Tuesday.

Tarry Davison carries the center's highest average, a 224 from Sunday's mixed league. He has been at the top of the heap all season long, and until recently, carried the top average on Thursdays as well. Davison was bumped out of first place on Thursdays a short time ago, however, replaced by Jason Keller. Tarry must not have liked the idea that his wasn't the top average anymore - he trailed Jason Keller 222 to 220 - because Thursday night, Tarry shot a 747, made up of games of 265, 255 and 227, while Keller struggled with a 623. When the night was over, Davison was back in first place on Thursday again, by 0.06 of a pin, 221.89 to 221.83. Tarry's Sunday average is a 223.

Thursday's series was Tarry's 19th 700 series of this season, and his third 747. Of his 19, eight have been 746 or higher. His best, a 783, ranks third on the high series chart, where he trails Jason Keller's 791, and Darreyl Dixon's 793. Tarry has shot two perfect games this season, placing him first on the high game list. Jason Keller, Becky Bowden, Darrell Green and Joe Kirkpatrick, each of whom have bowled one perfect game are sorta kinda tied with Tarry, depending upon how one looks at the situation. Keller almost caught Tarry with a second perfect game not too long ago, but wound up with a 299 honor game instead. There are still six weeks left in the season. It will be interesting to see who finishes where, in week 36.

Ray Howser and D.J. Kast went head-to-head on Tuesday, and when the dust settled, both had booked 731s. Ray rolled games of 221, 255 and 255 to capture his second 700 series of the season, while D.J. tossed games of 267, 224 and 240 to garner his third. Howser's highest series to date is a 756, which ranks 10th on the high series chart, while this week's 731 is D.J.'s best of the year. It ranks 14th on the high series chart, where he joins Dewayne Roach.

Howser started play Tuesday with a 206 average; D.J., a 203. When the day's action was over, Ray had raised his average to a 208, and D.J. stood at 210. Kast bowled well enough to take over first place in average department for the men on Tuesday; Becky Bowden holds the ladies. On the high game list, D.J. holds second place with a 299 honor game, where he is tied with Larry Siegert. Howser's high game is a 268, a score he has rolled not just once, but three times this season. Howser's game places him 12th on the high game list.

Our fourth 700 series of the week came from the bowling skills of Nathan Crist. Mr. C. shot games of 266, 259 and 203 to complete Sunday's action with a 728 series, his fifth 700 of the season, and his best to date. Nathan's series moved him up one slot from the previous week's rankings, into a two-way tie with David Soeder for 17th place on the high series chart. Nathan is carrying a 205 average on Sundays, which puts him into a three-way tie with brothers Tommy and Mike Fletcher for 13th place on the high average board. Crist's highest scratch game of this season is a 290 honor score that holds fifth place on the high game list, where he finds himself in yet another tie, this time with Charles Harred.

Allan Hague came within seven sticks of claiming 700 No. 2 of the season, but had to settle for a 693 series, consisting of games of 228, 219 and 246. For a guy who hasn't been bowling at all for several years, and who just returned to the lanes at the mid-point of this season, Mr. Hague is giving notice that he is most definitely back in the game. Hague shot his 693 series on Thursday night, but he bowls on Sundays, also. Sunday night, all the man was able to do was to post a 673 series, with games of 231, 201 and 241. As of this week, Allan has raised his average on Thursday to a 198, and average on Sunday to a 196. He ranks 20th on the high average board, where he joins David Strain. His best series is a 719, holding 21st on the high series chart, and his best game a, 267, ranks 12th on the high game list, where he joins Tommy Fletcher and Nevil Solomon.� � � �

As for the ladies this week, top honors went to Ladies City Tournament champion, Amy Sharp. Amy registered a 586 on Tuesday, shooting games of 165, 189 and 232. Ms. Sharp is averaging 175 on Tuesday, has a high game of 265, 14th on the men's and ladies' combined high game list, second on the ladies'. Her best series is a 665, 26th on the combined chart, fourth on the ladies.

Barbara Siegert finished second on the ladies side of the ledger. Barbara was close on Amy's heels, shooting a 572 on Tuesday. Finishing third for the girls was probably one of our more consistent bowlers, Kathy Vansickle, who shot a 571 on Monday and 567 on Sunday. Behind Kathy came another of the Hagues, Allan's better half, Shannon, who recorded a 567. Debbie Miller and Pat Chaddick rounded out our list for the week, rolling 550 and 533, respectively.

Cristy and Adam Miller bowl with us on Sunday. They are on the same team. They may be related, they may not be. For example, they could be married to one another, or they could be sister and brother, or they could be cousins, or they could be two people who just happen to have the same last name; but whatever their relationship, they both bowled very well on Sunday. Cristy, who averages 93, shot a 438 series with games of 90, 132 and 116, for a one-night average of 146, 159 pins over her series norm. Teammate Adam, (A. Husband; B. Brother; C. Cousin; or D. Friend with same last name) averages 145, but Sunday, he shot a 534 with games of 203, 161 and 170, and a one-night average of 178. Adam was 99 pins over his series average.

Justin Haggerty, on rare occasion, takes the game of bowling seriously, and shoots accordingly. He did just that on Tuesday, firing a 677 series made up of games of 219, 246 and 212. Justin finished the evening 152 pins over his series norm, 525, and had a 225 average for the night. His 677 is his best series of the season, while a 250 is his best game.

Navy veteran Jim Galloway shot his best series of the season on Tuesday, firing games of 232, 229 and 191 to finish with a whopping 652, and a night's average of 217. Jim's series was 154 pins over his average. Jim's 232 first game is his best of the season. Jim averages 166.

Craig McBrayer shot great games of 206, 215 and 236 on Tuesday to finish with a 657 series, 129 pins over his series norm. Craig's best series to date is a 652, his best game a 241. He averages 176.

Others who bowled well include: Darreyl Dixon (685 Thursday/670 Sunday), David Strain (682 Tuesday/604 Sunday), David Vansickle (668), Jason Parmer (661), Cliff Whitney (657), Matt Arnold (655), Wes Campbell (652 Thursday/638 Tuesday) Turk Morgan (652), and Bruce Michaelson (651).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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