Gholson shoots two 700s; Davison shoots one at Classic Lanes

Larry Mason

April 3, 2007 - David Gholson came through with two 700 series this week, a 734 on Tuesday and a 716 on Thursday, to lead all of Classic Lanes' bowlers. David's total of 700s for the season has now grown to nine. Tarry Davison collected his 18th 700 by hitting a 710 on Sunday. Two others, Dewayne Roach and Mike Gilliland, came close to getting into the 700 series chase this week, but had to settle for 699 and 698, respectively. Roach shot his series on Thursday, while Gilliland fired his on Tuesday.

As for the ladies, Becky Bowden and Amy Sharp both shot 600s this week, Becky a 619 on Sunday, Amy a 604 on Tuesday.

David Gholson, the guy who gives us gas on occasion (he's a delivery man for the Welding Store), had been struggling with his game a bit until this week. But his struggles ended on Tuesday, when he rolled his eighth 700 of the season. That night, Gholson rolled games of 278, 237 and 219. Two days later, Thursday, Gholson returned to the center and rolled his ninth 700 with games of 279, 235 and 202. Gholson's two 700s for this week broke him out of a tie with several bowlers who have rolled seven 700s, Becky Bowden, Bruce Michaelson, Darreyl Dixon, Greg Pullen, and Harold McClure, and moved him into sole possession of second place on the Most Prolific Producer of 700s List, behind leader, Tarry Davison, who has now amassed 18.

David bowls in three of our leagues at Classic Lanes - Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. He can't bowl on Monday because he isn't a girl. At any rate, he carries a 211 average on Thursday, a 205 on Tuesday and a 199 on Sunday. David's 211 average from Thursday ranks eighth on the high average board. Of Gholson's nine 700s, his best is a 771, which places him seventh on the high series chart. David ranks sixth on the high game list with a 289, where he is tied with Greg Pullen.

Tarry Davison tossed the week's only other 700 series of the week, chucking a 710 on Sunday night. Mr. D. shot games of 224, 208 and 278 in the process of registering his 18th 700 in 30 weeks of bowling. Tarry bowls in two of our leagues, Sunday, where he averages 224, and Thursday, where he carries a 220. Tarry's 224 from Sunday is the best average in the house, and has been for many weeks now. His two perfect games are the most by any bowler this season. Davison's best series is a 783, which ranks third on the high series chart, behind second-place holder Jason Keller's 791 and first-place claimant, Darreyl Dixon's 793. Of Tarry's 18 700s, seven are 746s or better, 783, 781, 775, 753, 749, 747 and 747. His closest challengers, Becky Bowden, Jason Keller, Greg Pullen,and Darrell Green, have two each. And Tarry has managed to do all of these things in spite of our many recent “challenging” lane conditions, and a heart attack. And he is still smiling. I like Tarry Davison.

I like Dewayne Roach, also, but I don't know much about him, personally. I do know he's a good bowler, however, and I know he came very near shooting our fourth 700 of the week, falling short by a single pin. It would have been Dewayne's fifth 700 of the season, but a 699 isn't anything to sneeze at, as they say. Roach fired games of 207, 236 and 256 on Thursday night to produce the week's fourth highest series. Dewayne's best series is a 731, a series that places him in 14th place on the high series chart. He averages 202 on Thursday and 198 on Tuesday. His Thursday's average places him 15th on the high average board. Roach has a 276 high game thus far in the season, which holds 10th place on the high game list.

Mike Gilliland tried very hard to duplicate David Gholson's performance of this week, but ended up with a 698 on Tuesday, and a 685 on Thursday. Close, but no cigar. Mike tossed games of 256, 206 and 236 on Tuesday, and 211, 267 and 207 on Thursday. Mike has been moving up the high average board, slowly but surely, and is now in ninth place with a 207 average on Tuesday. He totes a 203 average on Thursday. Mike ranks ninth on the high game list with a 277, something he has done twice since August, and holds 21st place on the high series chart, with a 722. He has hit the 700 level three times, and has shot a 699 and a 698, as well.

Becky Bowden and Amy Sharp came through with the ladies' best series this week, Becky shooting a 619, and Amy a 604. Becky shot her series Sunday night, posting games of 224, 212 and 183, while Amy booked games of 221, 170 and 213 on Tuesday. These weren't the best these ladies did this week, however. In the Ladies' City Tournament, a USBC-sanctioned handicap contest that concluded last Sunday, Amy claimed the championship with a handicap total pin-fall of 1,943, shooting 1,781 scratch for nine games. Becky amassed 1,932 pins scratch, but with no handicap to factor in, her total stayed at 1,932 pins, 11 pins behind Amy's total. Becky was the scratch champion, however, shooting the highest total, 1,932, the highest series, 682, the highest game, 264, and the highest average, 214.

Billy Pickett slips into our column regularly, of late. This week is no exception. Thursday night, the only night Billy gets to bowl, he shot a 650 series, just 10 pins shy of his season's best, 660. Billy shot games of 241, 193 and 216. Billy started competition Thursday averaging 176, but shot a 216 average for the night, and was 122 pins over his series average.

Some time ago, Billy's bowling partner, Red Skelton, shot a 648 series, his highest of the season up to that point, and I overlooked it. I apologize for the oversight. At the time, Red was averaging 178, which meant Jimmy was 110 pins over his series average for the night, and averaged 216 on the evening. Frankly, over the several years that I have known Red now, I've grown accustomed to his bowling consistently well, and expect nothing less. The 648 didn't surprise me, I expect that from Skelton, but I sure did miss it, and I shouldn't have. Sorry, Red.� � � � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Allan Hague (684), Darreyl Dixon (679 Sunday/600 Thursday), Nathan Crist (668), D.J. Kast (661), Mike Fletcher (655), Mark Smith (650), David Soeder (648), Charles Harred (647), Cliff Whitney (646), Ray Howser (640 Thursday/618 Tuesday), Joe Kirkpatrick (639), Alan Roberts (638), Wes Campbell (628 Tuesday/619 Thursday), Turk Morgan (628), Tyren Williams (625), Michael Burnett (622), Neldon Smith (617), Bruce Michaelson (614), James Allen and Jason Keller (613), Red Skelton (606) and John Lambert (605).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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