Classic Lanes' bowlers add five more 700s
Larry Mason

Sept. 26, 2006 - The fall league bowling schedule commenced four weeks ago. Since that time, center bowlers have accounted for 21 700 series, and seven series in the 690s. This week, Darreyl Dixon, Bo Duncan, David Soeder, Dewayne Roach and Becky Bowden tossed 700s, while Cliff Whitney and Greg Pullen chipped in with two 690s. Three other ladies, Amy Sharp, Joy Kozeluh and Betty Russell, contributed 600 series.

Darreyl Dixon lives and works in Sulphur Springs. His name has been appearing in this column frequently of late. This week, he shot his second 700 series of the season, rolling games of 238, 240 and 263, finishing Sunday's competition with a 741 series. Dixon's first 700 of the fall was a whopping 793, which he rolled in the first week of league play. That series still holds first place on the high series board. Dixon also lays claim to the season's highest average, a 237. That average comes from the Sunday Mixed league. Dixon is toting a respectable 217 in the Men's Commercial league on Thursdays. Darreyl's highest game is a 277, which ranks fourth on the high game list. Darreyl also has accounted for one of our 690s, a 697. 

David Soeder lives in Sulphur Springs, and works as an accountant for L3  in Greenville. On Tuesday, David put together games of 268, 235 and 225 to earn his second 700 series of the season, a 728. The series ranks seventh on the high series chart. Soeder has also tossed one of our 690s, a 690 even to be exact. His average has increased to a 223 on Tuesdays, which ranks him seventh on the high average board. David's highest game is the 268 he rolled in Game 1 on Tuesday. It ties him for eighth on the high game list. 

� Bo Duncan is one of our retired Air Force veterans. He is employed by L3 in Greenville. Mr. Duncan's game has been steadily improving recently and has really come into form over the past few months. This past Thursday, Bo shot his first 700 series of the season, a 717, consisting of games of 226, 254 and 237. The series moved Bo to the No. 8 position on the high series board, and raised his average to a 215 on Thursdays, good enough for 12th place. Bo's best game of the new season is a 257, which holds 15th place on the high game list.

Dewayne Roach is a Greenville resident. He bowls in our Thursday Men's league. This week, Dewayne rolled his second 700 series of the season, this one a 706. Roach rolled games of 207, 243 and 256. Dewayne ranks fourth on the high series chart with a 731. Roach is carrying a 235 average on Tuesdays, which places him in the No. 2 spot, two sticks behind Darreyl Dixon. He holds a 207 average on Thursday night. Dewayne's highest game of the season is the 256 he rolled in Game 3 this week tying him for 16th on the high game list. 

The week's final 700 series was contributed by Becky Bowden, her first 700 of the current season. Becky rolled games of 197, 267 and 236 to hit a 700 even. The series moved her into 14th place on the high series chart, and raised her average to a 220, ninth best on the high average board. Bowden's best game thus far this season is the 267 she shot in Game 2 this week. It puts her in a four-way tie for ninth on the high game list. 

Greg Pullen and Cliff Whitney came close to hitting 700, but had to settle for 696 and 695, respectively. Greg rolled games of 278, 226 and 192 for his series, while Cliff rolled games of 243, 225 and 227 to collect his. Greg rolled his on Thursday, while Cliff registered his on Tuesday. Greg rolled a 653 series on Sunday. Greg is averaging 221 on Sunday, and 210 on Thursday. He ranks eighth on the high average board. Cliff finds himself in a three-way tie for 11th place on the high average board with a 216 from the Thursday league. He is rolling at a 205 clip on Tuesday. Greg's best series is a 734, which places him third on the high series chart, while Cliff's best effort is this week's 695, which ranks 15th on the list. Pullen has shot 278 twice this season, ranking him third on the high game list. Cliff's best, a 263, ranks 12th on the list, where he joins Joe Kirkpatrick.

Amy Sharp is a very capable bowler. She will normally average in the 180s, but she's been known to frequently shoot the lights out. She did just that on Tuesday. Ms. Sharp fired games of 213, 265 and 187 to collect her highest series of the current season, a 665. The series raised her average to a 186, fifth on the ladies' high average board, and it moved her into 29th place on the men's and ladies' combined high series chart. It ranks third on the ladies' only chart. Her 265 from Game 2 of this week nudged her into 10th place on the combined high game list, and second on the ladies' only list.

Joy Kozeluh has come a long way in her bowling. A few years ago, she was one of those right-handed individuals who rolled a back-up ball. That is, she twisted the ball in a clock-wise motion, and aimed for the 1-2 pocket, not the 1-3. Joy finally learned to roll the ball correctly, that is correctly for a right-hander, counter-clockwise, at the 1-3 pocket, and things have been looking up ever since. This past Sunday, Ms. Kozeluh shot her first ever 600 series, a 628. Joy rolled games of 235, 188 and 205, in the process. Her 235 ranks fifth on the ladies' high game list, and her series ranks fourth on the ladies' high series chart. Congratulations, Joy. 

Betty Russell is another of those very capable lady bowlers. She, like Amy, is going to consistently give her team games in 175-180 range. This past Tuesday, Betty tossed games of 197, 211 and 200, to finish the night with a 608 series. Her 211 game ranks 11th on the ladies' high game list, while her series ranks fifth on the ladies' high series chart. She is currently averaging 179. 

Willie Richardson is another of our retired veterans, coming out of the U.S. Navy. He resides in Sulphur Springs. This week, on Sunday, he shot a 617 series, the first 600 from Willie in some time. To get his series, Willie rolled games of 175, 268 and 174. He was averaging 157 at the time. For the night, he averaged 205. By the time play was over, Willie had rolled 146 pins over his series norm, and had moved into a six-way tie for eighth place on the high game list. 

Ralphie Harrod comes from Mineola to bowl with us on Sundays. She likes her bowling, and practices more than most people. It paid off this past Sunday night. Ralphie shot a 566 series, 103 pins over her norm, averaging 188 for the evening. She rolled games of 149, 256 and 161. That 256 second game ranks third on the ladies' high game list, and is 16th on the combined list.

Others who bowled well this week include: Jason Keller (688), Tarry Davison (683 Sunday/616 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (682), Ray Howser (672), D.J. Kast (668), Keith Ethridge (666), Nathan Crist (665), John Lambert (661), David Gholson (660 Thursday/658 Tuesday), Mike Gilliland (650), Joe Kirkpatrick (648), David Strain (644 Thursday/630 Sunday), Mike Fletcher (644), Ace Wiginton (642), Chad Dailey (640), Nick Painter (638) and Tommy Fletcher (630).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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