David Gholson shoots two of Classic Lanes' seven 700s for the week

Larry Mason

Sept. 19, 2006 - Coming into this week's action, Classic Lanes' bowlers had accumulated nine 700 series. At the end of this week's play, bowlers had raised the season's total to 16, and David Gholson had accounted for three of them.Gholson rolled two 700s this week, a 735 on Thursday, and a 723 on Tuesday.

Greg Pullen, Dewayne Roach, Nick Painter, Nevil Solomon and Harold McClure shot the remaining five 700s, while three more men, Jason Keller, Tommy Fletcher and David Soeder, came close to hitting the 700 level, shooting series in the 690s. Becky Bowden and Kathy Vansickle topped the ladies, shooting 622 and 607, respectively.

�� When one sees David Gholson professionally, he'll give one gas. Not that he's a bad cook or anything such as that, but rather, because he's a route delivery person for the Welding Store. When David isn't delivering gas products, he's bowling or fishing. We don't know how he fairs when he's fishing, but we can tell how he does when he's bowling. He's very good.

David shot not just one, but two 700 series this week.His best, a 735, was the best 700 shot at the center this week. It came during Thursday's men's league play, when David shot games of 242, 235 and 258. Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, Gholson shot a 723 series, consisting of games of 240, 227 and 240. David raised his Thursday average to a 233, and his Tuesday average to a 220. His Thursday's series, coupled with a 617 from last week's leader, Bruce Michaelson, enabled David to take over first place on the high average board, after Bruce dropped his average from a 241 to a 223, which moved him into seventh place on the board.

Gholson has three 700s so far this season, the most from any bowler so far this season. His finest, a 771, places him second on the high series chart, and his best game, a 278, holds the No. 3 position on the high game list. David has always been a very capable bowler, but this is undoubtedly the best start he's ever recorded at Classic Lanes.

Greg Pullen finished second to Gholson this week, tossing a 734 series on Sunday night. The series moved Greg to third place on the high series chart, and raised his Sunday's average to 223, seventh place on the high average board. On Sunday, Greg shot games of 249, 226 and 259.Pullen's third game, the 259, is his season's best. It moved him into a tie for 13th place on the high game list. Greg is averaging 213 on Thursday.

Dewayne Roach, one of our Greenville bowlers, collected his first 700 series of the current season, shooting a 731 on Thursday. Roach shot games of 238, 247 and 246. His series moved him to fourth place on the high series chart, and raised his Thursday's average to a 212, 14th on the high average board. Dewayne's best game to date is the 247 he shot in Game 2 on Thursday. It places Roach in a tie for 21st place on the high game list.

Nick Painter is a boss type person at Northeast Texas Tire, and is the husband of Brigette, the lady who shot that whopping 679 series two weeks ago. This is only a guess, but Nick may have felt that he needed to do something drastic, or face yet another week of teasing in light of Brigette's having a higher average and a higher series. On Tuesday, he did something drastic. Mr. Painter shot a 708 series, his first 700 of the season, booking games of 238, 228 and 242. The series pulled his Tuesday's average up to a 209, which moved him to 15th place on the high average board, and landed him in the No. 10 position on the high series chart. Nick's best game thus far this season is his third game from this week's series, his 242. The game moved Nick to 26th place on the high game list.

Nevil Solomon is one of our senior citizen bowlers. For some time, he bowled on the senior professional bowler's circuit. He always bowls well, and very frequently, bowls very well. Such was the case this past Thursday.Nevil registered his season's first 700 series, a 706 that propelled him into a tie for 11th place on the high series chart. The series raised Nevil's average on Thursday to a 212, 14th on the high average board. Nevil shot games of 267, 204 and 235 to arrive at 706.His first game of the night moved him into a three-way tie for ninth place on the high game list. � � �

Harold McClure is one of your local law enforcement officers. He's a sergeant. This past Sunday, Harold shot games of 231, 225 and 247 to finish the night with a 703 series. It was McClure's second 700 series of the season. His first, a 720, holds sixth place on the high series chart. Harold holds a 208 average on Sunday, but has a 220 on Thursday, which ranks sixth on the high average board. Sgt. McClure's best game is a 268, which claims eighth place on the high game list.

Jason Keller, Tommy Fletcher and David Soeder all shot 690 series this week. Jason's was a 694, Tommy's a 691 and David's a 690. Keller shot games of 219, 275 and 200; Tommy 257, 207 and 224; and David, 244, 225 and 221.Keller's series moved him to 13th place on the high series chart, while Tommy's bumped him up to 14th place. Soeder's series is his second best this season. His best is a 715 that holds the No. 7 position. Keller's best game is his 275 game from this week. It takes over sixth on the high game list, while Tommy's best effort, a 267, ranks ninth on the list. Soeder's best game, a 245, ties him for 23rd place.

Becky Bowden led the ladies again this week, shooting a 622 series on Sunday. She tossed games of 195, 204 and 208. She holds the ladies' highest average, 214, highest game, 256, and second highest series, a 664.

Kathy Vansickle is a very consistent bowler. She will normally shoot around the 525 series mark, and average 175 or so. She finally put it together on Sunday, however, producing her best series of the season, a 607, made up of games of 195, 204 and 208, and averaged 202 for the evening.She is averaging 194, currently, ranking 26th on the combined high average board, second on the ladies' only list. Her 208 ranks eighth on the ladies' only high game list. � �

Colby Pullen, our 13-year old, seventh-grader continued to improve his game this week, booking a 607 series, with games of 169, 246 and 192. He is now averaging 197 on Sunday, and is tied for 23rd on the high average board. His series is his first 600 of the season. It ties him with Turk Morgan, another of our senior bowlers, and Kathy Vansickle. His best game is a 246, 22nd on the high game list.

Scott Hammans bowls with us on Tuesdays. He will usually shoot around 147 each game, and finish with a 441 series for the night. Last Tuesday, however, Scott's 584 series was 143 pins over his average. It gave him a one-night average of 194. Hammans shot games of 169, 214 and 201.

Sybil Galloway averages 146 on Tuesday. Her average series is a 438, but this Tuesday, Sybil tossed a 568, 130 pins over her series average. Sybil averaged 189. She shot games of 201, 131 and 236.

Others who shot well this week include: Mark Smith (683), Clinton Cline (682), Alan Roberts (680), Neldon Smith (677 Tuesday/632 Thursday), Ace Wiginton (671 Tuesday/645 Sunday/604 Thursday), Joe Callahan (671), Tarry Davison (662 Sunday/649 Thursday), Mike Gilliland (662), Roy Schutz (655), Russ Nuss (644) and David Vansickle (641).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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