Classic Lanes' league bowlers produce five more 700s
By Larry Mason | News-Telegram Correspondent

Sept. 12, 2006 - Bruce Michaelson, Harold McClure, David Soeder, Tarry Davison and Darrel Green rolled 700s this week, giving Classic Lanes nine in just two weeks of league play. Julita Richardson claimed the ladies' top series, shooting a 573 on Tuesday. The Sunday and Monday night leagues did not bowl due to the Labor Day holiday.

He's a retired Air Force veteran, an employee of L3, and he lives in Greenville. His name is Bruce Michaelson. Bruce stepped onto the lanes Thursday night not having bowled in over 14 weeks. All he managed to do was to shoot the week's best series, a 723, the night's second best single game, a 270, and the best Thursday night men's average, a 241. Bruce shot games of 237, 270 and 216. Michaelson's average ranks second on the high average board, behind Darrell Dixon's 264 average out of the Sunday night mixed league, while his series holds third place on the high series chart.His 270 game landed him in fifth place on the high game list. It may be that taking some time off, and getting away from the game, is a good thing. It was for Bruce, anyway.

Harold McClure is a local law enforcement sergeant who lives in Saltillo.He didn't bowl during the summer either. Sunday, two weeks ago, he returned to the lanes shooting a 547 series. The following Thursday, he shot a 653. This past Thursday, he shot the week's second best series, a 720, with games of 234, 258 and 228. Currently, Harold ranks fifth on the high average board with a 228, has the fourth best series, his 720, and claims sixth place on the high game list with a 268.Here, ironically, he finds himself tied with his brother-in-law, Tarry Davison.

David Soeder lives in Sulphur Springs. He also is an employee of L3.He is an accountant. Tuesday night David got the numbers right, shooting the week's third best series, a 715, made up of games of 245, 235 and 235. It raised his average from a 180 to a 209 and moved him onto the high average board, in the No. 19 position. His series bumped him up to fifth place on the high series chart, and his 245 first game moved him into a three-way tie for 15th place on the high game list. David didn't retire from the Navy, but he was a sailor, once upon a time. He met his wife during his enlistment. She was a sailor, too.

Tarry Davison lives in Saltillo, but works in Dallas. He is the brother of Chebna McClure, who is the wife of Harold. Tarry shot the week's fourth best series, a 706, comprised of games of 203, 235 and 268. He ranks fourth on the high average board, carrying a 231 on Sunday. He carries a 227 on Thursday.Davison's series moved him to eighth place on the high series chart. His best game is his 268 from Tuesday night. He finds himself in sixth place on the high game list.

Darrell Green is from Sulphur Springs. He works, but no one seems to know at what. At any rate, he is a good bowler, as evidenced by his performance last Tuesday night. Green shot games of 222, 267 and 214, finishing the evening with the week's fifth and final 700 series, a 703.It raised his average to a 215, good enough to move into a tie for the No. 13 position on the high average board. The series also moved him into ninth place on the high series chart. His second game, the 267, nudged him into ninth place on the high game list.

John Lambert is a very large human. I, on the other hand, am not. So, when a very large human indicates to an old and little human, that he, the big guy, is not happy with the fact that the little guy said nothing about his, the big guy's, performance of last Thursday, it probably behooves the little guy to make amends. am amending the oversight now.Last week, John shot a very impressive 673 series, shooting games of 245, 235 and 193. He averaged 224 for the night. His series, after two weeks of league play, holds 15th place on the high series chart. His 245 game places him 16th on the high game list, and his current average, a 213, ranks 14th on the high average board.This past Thursday, John shot a 606 series. Hope this takes care of things, big guy.

Two of the three leagues in which ladies participate at the center did not bowl this week. That left only the Tuesday mixed league ladies to carry the torch. Julita Richardson came closest to hitting the 600 series level, but had to settle for a 573 consisting of games of 211, 199 and 163. Julita averaged 191 for the evening, 13 pins better than her beginning average of two weeks ago, 178. At the end of two weeks of play, Julita is carrying a 192 average, which ranks second on the ladies only high average board. Julita's best game so far this season is a 236, which ranks 23rd on the center's combined high game list, but holds second on the ladies' list.

Colby Pullen lives in Sulphur Springs. He is 13 years old, and a seventh grader at SSMS. He shot a 579 series two weeks ago, which gave him a 193 average at that time. This past Thursday, Colby didn't do quite as well, only shooting a 527 series, but it was a very consistent effort, with Colby shooting games of 172, 174 and 181. His average after the second week of play is a 184, which isn't too bad, even for an adult bowler. His highest game so far this season is a 240, which holds 21st place on the combined high game list.

With two weeks of bowling under our belts, 36 bowlers have produced 43 averages of 200 or better. Another 25 bowlers are carrying averages ranging from 190 to 199. Bowlers have produced nine 700s, the highest being Darreyl Dixon's 793.

The highest game rolled to date is a 296 delivered by Mike Fletcher this past Thursday. Mike wouldn't write home about his series, a 658, but he's only been back on the lanes two weeks, having taken the summer off.

Others who bowled well this week include: Jason Keller (687), Tommy Fletcher (669), Nevil Solomon (659), Wayne Womack (656), Jason Parmer (653), Darreyl Dixon (650), David Gholson (644), Charles Harred (643), Steve Edwards (639), Roy Schutz (629), Neldon Smith, Ray Howser and Michael Carter (626), Koy Cline (625), Russ Nuss (624), Cliff Whitney (623 Thursday/601 Tuesday), Jerry C. Thompson and Danny Burns (618), D.J. Kast (617), Greg Pullen (611), Keith Ethridge (610), Dewayne Roach (609), Chuck Russell and David Strain (606) and Joe Freeman (600).

� � There are still a few openings in all four of our leagues. Sunday's mixed league has slots for four teams, Monday ladies, six teams, Tuesday mixed one team, and Thursday men's, two teams. There are always slots for individual bowlers. Come on in, the waters fine.

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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