Fall/Winter league season starts with four 700s
Larry Mason

Sept. 5, 2006 - Adding a few people to the mix can have a significant impact on statistics. For instance, in the summer, having only 76 bowlers active in league competition, there were only six 700 series rolled over an 11-week period. In this, the first week of the new fall/winter league schedule, our bowlers recorded four 700s with approximately 182 bowlers participating. 

First among the four 700s was that of Darreyl Dixon, who manufactured an impressive 793 series on Sunday, just seven sticks short of a major award. Dixon followed this performance with a 697 series on Thursday. 

The week's second highest series belonged to David Gholson, who threw a 771, followed by Jason Parmer's third best, a 710, with Nathan Crist's claiming the fourth best series, a709. Tarry Davison was within striking distance of 700, shooting a 694.

Two ladies booked 600s this week, Brigette Painter, a 679, and Becky Bowden, a 664. Our youngest league bowler, Colby Pullen, got off to a good start for the season, registering a 579 on Sunday to finish the evening with a 193 average. If things continue at this pace, it should be an interesting year. 

� For Darreyl Dixon, it was one heck of a week. Mr. D. rolled only one sub-200 game in six tries, a 185 rolled in Game 1 on Thursday. Sunday night, Darreyl came very close to hitting a ring-winning 800 series, but had to settle for a 793, consisting of games of 277, 248 and 268. The 793 series gave Dixon a 264 average for Sunday.�

As mentioned earlier, Darreyl started Thursday's play with a lowly 185, by his standards, but came back with a 254 in Game 2, and a 258 in Game 3 to complete the evening's competition with a 697 series, and a 232 average for Thursday. By virtue of his week's work, Darreyl ranks first on the high average board, first on the high series chart, and is third on the high game list. It would appear that mister Dixon has decided to quit playing, as he called it, in favor of doing some serious bowling. 

David Gholson rolled six games this week, just like Dixon, and just like Dixon, he was under 200 on only one occasion. That game, a 185, came on Tuesday night, in his first game. His other games were a 218 and a 206, giving him a 619 series for Tuesday, and a 201 average. That was good, but David's claim to fame came on Thursday night, when he registered the week's second highest series, a 771, shooting games of 237, 278 and 256. By night's end, Gholson was averaging 257, second on the high average board, had the week's second best series, which landed him in the second place slot on the high series chart, and had the week's second best high game, landing him, once again, in the No. 2 position, this time on the high game list. Gholson always takes his bowling seriously. 

Jason Parmer started making improvements in his game beginning in the summer, and has continued his surge into the fall/winter season. Tuesday night, Jason tossed the center's third highest series of the week, a 710 comprised of games of 279, 198 and 233. The series places him third on the high series chart, gives him a 236 average, third best on the high average board, and his 279 first game holds first place on the high game list. It may be that Jason has remembered to slow the speed of his release so that his ball can do its work. 

Nathan Crist didn't bowl during the summer, but it doesn't appear that it bothered him any. In fact, it may have been just what the doctored ordered, because this past Sunday, Aug. 27, he rolled a 709 series made up of games of 229, 214 and 266. Nathan occupies the fourth slot on the high series chart, shares the center's third best average, 236, where he is tied with David Gholson, and his 266 third game from Sunday, places him in the No. 5 position on the high game list. 

Tarry Davison, like Crist, didn't bowl this summer, either, and, as was the case with Nathan, it appears it had little impact on his game. Tarry shot a 694 series Sunday night, tossing in games of 231, 247 and 216 in the process. On Thursday evening, Tarry put together games of 239, 174 and 247 to finish the night with a 660 series. His average for the evening was a 220, and his average for Sunday was a 231. The 231 from Sunday is the fourth best on the high average board. His series 694 series ranks fifth on the high series chart, and his 247 game holds 10th place on the high game list, where he is tied with Scott Tubb, Greg Pullen and Roy Schutz.

On the ladies side of the ledger, there were two stellar performances this week. The first came off of the right hand of Brigette Painter, who rolled what I think is her best series ever, a 679, shot on Monday night. Ms. Painter rolled games of 232, 235 and 212. Her average, a 226, ranks fifth on the men and ladies' combined high average board, and is first among the ladies. Her series holds seventh place on the combined high series chart and first on the ladies chart. Her 235 game holds the 19th position on the combined high game list, but is third on the ladies only list. Brigette took the summer off to nurse a broken toe.  t appears that her time away from the game was a good thing.

Becky Bowden came through with a 664 series on Sunday, rolling games of 256, 194 and 214. Her resulting 221 average puts her in ninth place on the combined high average board, and second on the ladies. Becky's series places her 12th on the combined high series chart and is second on the ladies chart. Her high game, the 256, ranks seventh on the center's combined high game list, but holds first place on the ladies only list. By the way, Becky is now - officially - a grandmother. 

Colby Pullen is maturing, and so is his game. Colby, our youngest league bowler, shot a 579 series with games of 240, 179 and 160, to finish the night with a 193 average. He ranks 28th on the high average board. His 240 game holds the No. 15 ranking on the high game list. Not a bad start for a young man attending Sulphur Springs Middle School.

Others who bowled well this week include: Cliff Whitney (682), Bo Duncan and Russ Nuss (677), Mike Gilliland (676), John Lambert and Brad Stone (673), Greg Pullen (671 Thursday/604 Sunday), Jason Keller (654), Harold McClure (653), Steve Edwards (651 Thursday/643 Tuesday), Vincent Smith (650) Red Skelton (648), Neldon Smith (647 Thursday/639 Tuesday), Wayne Womack (647), Billy Pickett (634), Brian Stegall (627), David Strain (626), Joe Callahan and Doug Brann (625), Nick Painter (624), Larry Siegert (620 Thursday/618 Tuesday), Jerry C. Thompson (617), David Vansickle (614), Turk Morgan (607), Tommy Fletcher (606), Larry Stovall (605), and Charles Harred (602). 

There are still team slots available in all leagues. Sunday and Tuesday are mixed leagues, Monday is our ladies' league and Thursday is our men's commercial league.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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