Jason Keller honors with 299; Ken Sharp honors with 298
Larry Mason

Oct. 31, 2006 - Jason Keller shot his first honor game of the season on Thursday night, posting a 299, while Ken Sharp came through with his first honor score of the season this past Tuesday night, registering a 298. Keller finished the night's play on Thursday with a 745 series, while Sharp completed Tuesday's play with a 724. Tarry Davison topped all center bowlers in the chase for 700 this week, booking the week's highest series, a 753 shot on Thursday night.

Greg Pullen contributed a 724 series on Sunday, with Vincent Smith chipping in with a 708, also on Thursday night. As of the end of the week, center bowlers had accounted for six honor games, 51 700 series, 309 600 series and 1,205 200 games, just nine weeks into the season. Becky Bowden was one pin shy of hitting her second 700 series this past Sunday, but had to settle for a 699, our 14th “almost 700” to date.

When Jason Keller came through the doors at Classic Lanes on Thursday, he told everybody that he was going to shoot a 740 series that night. He ended the evening shooting his 745. What he didn't count on was shooting a 299-honor game in the process of registering his first 700 series of the season. Jason's honor game came in Game 3 of Thursday's set, following games of 244 in Game 1, and 202 in Game 2. Jason left a nine pin standing on his 12th ball. The honor game moved Jason to second place on the high game chart, while his series allowed him to climb into seventh place on the high series board, up 12 spaces from last week's hold on 19th place. Thursday's series raised Keller's average to a 226, landing him in a three-way tie for second place on the high average board, where he joins Greg Pullen and Bruce Michaelson. Jason gets a ring from the USBC folks.

Ken Sharp didn't tell anyone that he was going to shoot anything good on Tuesday night. In fact, Ken, who was averaging 182 when play began, doesn't say much of anything when he bowls. He just throws his first ball, and waits for it to come back up the ball return for his second shot. But, when the smoke cleared after Tuesday's play, Ken had plenty to talk about.Mr. Sharp shot his best series of the season, a 724, and logged his first honor game of the season, a 298. Those who saw Ken's honor game said Ken's last ball initially looked as though it was only going to carry five pins, but that, at the last second, the 10 pin jumped out of the gutter, and knocked down three pins, leaving the 5-6 standing. Ken later admitted that he was a tad bit nervous on that last ball. The honor game slid Ken into a third place tie with Darreyl Dixon on the high game list, while the series moved Ken to 12th place on the high series chart, where he shares honors with Nathan Crist and Keith Ethridge. Like Keller, Ken gets a ring from the USBC.

Tarry Davison didn't shoot any honor scores this week. In fact, he hasn't shot one yet this season, but he has come close, twice, shooting 289 - one pin shy of an honor score - which is good enough to claim sixth place on the high game list. Davison did, however, capture his seventh 700 series of the fall season this past Thursday, shooting a 753 comprised of games of 269, 254 and 230.Thursday's performance moved Tarry to fifth place on the high series chart, up two notches from one week ago.Tarry's Thursday average increased to 229, while his Sunday's average, a 231, allows Tarry to continue to hold first place on the high average board, a position he has held for several weeks now. Actually, at this point in the season, Tarry's Sunday and Thursday averages rank first and second, respectively, on the board.

Greg Pullen, who has been on a roll this season, tossed his fourth 700 series of the season this past Sunday, shooting games of 266, 224 and 234. Greg has seen his Sunday average balloon to a 226, which ranks either second or third on the high average board, depending on how one wants to factor in Davison's Thursday average. However one handles Davison, Pullen is still way up there, where he is tied with two other good bowlers, Bruce Michaelson and Jason Keller. Greg's 781 series of a week ago still holds second place on the high series chart, while his season high game, a 289, ties him with Davison for sixth place on the high game list. By the way, in an effort to be accurate, Colby Pullen told me he is not an honor student - but is going to try harder to become one.

Vincent Smith purchased a new bowling ball some three weeks ago, and he has been bowling quite well with it. This week, Vincent shot his first 700 series of the season, a 708, on Thursday.Vincent rolled games of 238, 279 and 191, in the process. The series moved him to 15th place on the high series chart, up 26 slots from last week's 41st ranking. Vince is now averaging 207 on Thursday, 14th best on the high average board, where he joins Ray Howser and Mike Gilliland. Smith ranks seventh on the high game list with a 279 to his credit. Here, he finds himself tied with Jason Parmer, Ace Wiginton, Cliff Whitney and Bo Duncan.

Becky Bowden missed getting her second 700 series of the season this past Sunday, by a single pin, completing Sunday's play with a 699.Becky tossed games of 278, 201 and 220. Her first game, the 278, moved her to eighth place on the high game list, where she is tied with David Gholson and Mike Kopecky. Becky's average, a 210, ranks 11th on the high average board, where she is tied with Nick Painter and Keith Ethridge. Her best series, a 700 even, holds 16th place on the high series chart. On the ladies only performance lists, Becky is first in high average, first in high series, and first in high game.

Penny Shelton averages 151 on Monday, which expands to a 453 series norm. This past Monday, however, Penny booked games of 172, 181 and 195 to finish the night with a 548 series, and a one-night average of 182.Penny was 105 pins over her series average.

Angela Allen, the daughter of Becky Bowden, returned to the lanes for only the second time since the birth of her baby in August. She started this Sunday's play with a 155 average, but finished the night with a one-night average of 180 based on her 540 series, made up of games of 183, 200 and 157. Angela was 75 pins over her series average.

Others who bowled well this week include: Tommy Fletcher (687), Nathan Crist (686), Harold McClure and Cliff Whitney (684), Ray Howser (679 Tuesday/621 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (671), Ace Wiginton and Richard Allen (653), Alan Roberts and Darrell Green (648), Wes Campbell (647), Steve Edwards (642 Thursday/636 Tuesday), Larry Siegert (633 Tuesday/608 Thursday), Wayne Womack (628), Danny Burns (621), Jason Parmer (617 Tuesday/601 Thursday), and David Soeder and David Strain (615).� � � � � � � � �

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