Garcia finds time to play football as a senior
Joseph Elerson | News-Telegram Sports Writer

Oct. 12, 2006 - CUMBY - For Cumby senior Venansio Garcia, playing the game of football was something he always wanted to do.

It just took him a while to get to that point.

"I always wanted to play football when I was young, but my dad wasn't around all the time and he couldn't take me or pick me up from practices and games. So, when I got old enough to drive and do what I wanted, I decided to play football and paid for my physical and everything," Garcia said. "My dad doesn't like that sport, and he is mostly about baseball and wanting me to play soccer."

Head coach Kent Hawthorne said Garcia has learned the game of football quickly and has been a great athlete for the team.

"Venansio has only played football for two years now and he plays offensive guard and defensive tackle for us this year," the coach said. "He has good speed and even when he is sick, he still shows up to practice and to the games."

Garcia said that when he is not at practice or games, he is working at McDonald's and helping out his family in any way that he can during the week.

"I just go and work and make the money so that is really all that I do. On my days off I may go to the movies," Garcia said. "All I want to do for the remainder of the year is play football, lift weights and work so that I can make me some money."

Hawthorne said in the four years that he has been at Cumby High School, Garcia has shown that he can hold down a job and still excel in his studies while playing football.

"He works at McDonald's every night and he is able to hold a job down," Hawthorne said. "I think he has held down a job ever since I have known him. He is a hard-working kid and he is a really good kid."

Garcia is one of four children and said all of his relatives are athletes, but his younger brother was not able to play this year.

"I got a brother on the junior varsity team and another brother that couldn't play because he is having problems with his vision," he said. "I also have a sister that is running track."

Garcia said with some of his senior teammates leaving the team, the players have found a way to move on and finish out the remainder of the season.

"It has been tough but we have been moving on and I think we are getting better," he said. "I feel like we have replaced them with better people because if you quit then you are letting the team down and you don't want to be good at it."

He said football has given him an outlet for his aggression and taught him to keep his focus on the goals he sets for himself.

"I get anger management and stress out of the game of football because you can go and hit people and take it out in this sport unlike other sports where you might get in trouble," the senior said. "We just go out there, and I just go out there and keep focus on the game and not let everybody get mad at each other."

Garcia said he plans on attending college and will be looking at becoming an architect or a mechanic.

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