Classic Lanes bowlers driving their way to more 700s
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Oct. 10, 2006 - Tarry Davison collected his third and fourth 700s of the season this week, while Bruce Michaelson hit his second, David Gholson his fourth and Wes Campbell his first.

David Soeder was four pins shy of booking his third, settling for a 696.Becky Bowden led the ladies once again with a 602 series. Classic Lanes' bowlers have now accounted for 34 700 series six weeks into the season.

Tarry Davison manages to bowl twice a week at our center, Sunday and Thursday. When he arrives on Thursdays, he has driven 100 miles, coming home from Dallas. Most folks would be too tired to do anything, let alone bowl, after the trip. But not so Mr. Davison. This past Thursday, Tarry shot a 747 series, his second 747 of the season, shooting games of 235, 234 and 278.He averages 223 on Thursday. But, on Sundays, Tarry comes to the center better rested than on Thursdays. For example, he shot his highest series of the fall/winter season this past Sunday, shooting a 749, made up of games of 236, 289 and 224.The series raised his Sunday average to a 235, which moved him into sole possession of first place on the high average board, and kept him in the No. 3 position on the high average chart.Tarry's 289 second game jumped him from seventh to fifth place on the high game list.

Bruce Michaelson doesn't drive 100 miles to bowl, but he does make a 50-mile round trip to and from Greenville to do so. This past Thursday, Bruce made the trek, and was rewarded by booking his second 700 series of the season, this one a 722, consisting of games of 247, 268 and 207. Michaelson's first 700 was a 723, which still holds eighth place on the high series chart.He is currently averaging 225 on Thursday, which ranks him third on the high average board. Bruce's highest game of the season, to date, is a 270, which holds 10th place on the high game list.

David Gholson doesn't have to drive any great distance to get to the center, but he does drive a delivery truck full of gas cylinders all day long.That's probably a very tiring job, but it doesn't seem to bother his bowling.He manages to compete twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. This past Thursday, David shot his fourth 700 of the season, this one a 720, made up of games of 255, 219 and 246. Gholson is averaging 230 on Thursday and 217 on Tuesday. His 230 average occupies second place on the high average board, while his best series, a 771, holds second place on the high series chart.David's best game thus far this season is a 278, which ranks seventh on the high game list. He shares this slot with Greg Pullen. On Tuesday, David shot a 619.

Wes Campbell has been recovering from abdominal surgery for some time now, only returning to the lanes in mid-August. Since he lives in Sulphur Springs, he doesn't have to drive a great deal in order to bowl. He rolls with us on Tuesday and Thursday. On Thursday night past, he shot his first 700 series since being released to bowl by his surgeon, shooting games of 244, 254 and 219 finishing the evening with a 717. The series moved Wes onto the high series chart in the No. 10 position, where he joins Cliff Whitney and Bo Duncan. Wes averages 213 on Thursday and 212 on Tuesday.He ranks 12th on the high average board. Campbell's best game to date is a 264, which ranks 14th on the high game list, where he joins Koy Cline and John Lambert. Wes bowled a 620 series on Tuesday.

David Soeder lives in Sulphur Springs, but works in Greenville at L3. He has to drive from Greenville on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to bowl with us. Yes, he would have to make the drive anyway, just to come home, but that has nothing to do with the theme of this week's column. Soeder has been bowling extremely well these past few weeks, and came oh so close to registering his third 700 of the season this past Tuesday, but had to settle for a 696, with games of 259, 184 and 253. Had he not collapsed in Game 2, who knows what he might have finished with for a series? David bowled a 648 on Thursday. Soeder is averaging 222 on Tuesday, and 216 on Thursday.He holds sixth place on the high average board. His best series, a 728, ranks sixth on the high series chart, and his best game, a 268, holds 11th place on the high game list. He is tied with Willie Richardson and Alan Roberts.

Becky Bowden must have a license, because she drives to the center to bowl on Sundays. This past week, Becky Bowden led all of our ladies, coming through with yet another 600 series, a 602 made up of games of 196, 184 and 222. Becky is averaging 213 now, which places her 12th on the high average board, where she joins Wes Campbell. Her best series is a 700 even, which ranks 15th on the high series chart, and her best game, a 267, ranks 12th on the high game list. She is tied with Tommy Fletcher and Nevil Solomon.Becky holds first place in average, series and game on the ladies' only boards.

Our next bowler probably knows how to drive, but he doesn't have a license, that we know of.We are certain that we are correct, because he's only 13, and a SSMS student. His name is Colby Pullen. He is the reason we have been discussing driving matters in this week's column. Young mister Pullen doesn't drive, but he certainly knows how to steer a bowling ball. He shot his best series of the new season, a 655, on Thursday night, putting together games of 245, 205 and 205. Colby beat his dad, Greg, by 39 pins, and can boast that he rolled the best series on his team, a team that includes Darreyl Dixon and Charles Harred. Colby's was the third-best series of the 10 bowled on lanes 5 and 6. The only series better than Colby's were rolled by Wayne Womack (662) and Dewayne Roach (659). Colby's 655 series moved him to 33rd place on the high series chart, and his best game, a 246, ranks 24th on the high game list, where Colby joins Steve Edwards and Keith Ethridge. Colby is now averaging 187 on Sundays, and 173 on Thursdays. � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Darrell Green (685), Russ Nuss (684), Roy Schutz and Doug Brann (683), Cliff Whitney (681 Thursday/610 Tuesday), Harold McClure (676 Thursday/649 Sunday), Neldon Smith (672 Tuesday/631 Thursday), David Vansickle and Greg Pullen (667 Sunday/616 Thursday), Jason Parmer, Mark Smith and Wayne Womack (662), Dewayne Roach (659), Danny Burns (654), Ray Howser (646), Darreyl Dixon (642 Thursday/626 Sunday), Michael Carter (642), Jason Keller (641).Rodney Miller (640), Jeff Wright (634), Alan Roberts (633), and Steve Edwards (620 Thursday/601 Tuesday). � � � � � � � � � � �


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