Becky Bowden rolls first perfect game by a woman in Classic Lanes’ history
Larry Mason

Nov. 28, 2006 - Becky Bowden tossed what was her third career perfect game Sunday night, but, even more important to us at Classic Lanes, it was the first 300 game shot by a woman in the 59-year history of our center. Becky’s perfect game came close on the heels of last week’s two perfect games from Tarry Davison and is the fourth shot during the current season.

Bowden also registered one of this week’s three 700 series, her second 700 of the season. Ray Howser and Neldon Smith joined Becky with the other two 700s. Alan Roberts came close to bagging what would have been his first 700 series this year, but had to settle for a 690 by night’s end.

Becky Bowden has set a ton of records at Classic Lanes in recent years.She has bowled the most 700 series by a woman, well in excess of 30 by now, and is the only bowler, man or woman, who has ever thrown back-to-back 700 series in league competition on the same day. She currently boasts the ladies’ highest average,217, highest series, 748, and highest game, 300.

To get her second 700 series of the season, Becky rolled a 245 first game, a 203 second game, and her 300 in Game 3. Those who watched Becky’s third game said that her 11th ball was a tad bit “heavy,” and that when she released it, Becky placed her hands on top of her head, resigned to the fact that she had blown her perfect game. She got lucky, though, because all of the pins fell down. Her last ball was a crusher.� � � �

Becky’s 217 average from Tuesday’s mixed league ranks seventh on the men’s and ladies’ high average board, where she joins Darrell Green, while this week’s 748 series moves her to eighth place on the men’s and ladies’ high series chart, up 14 places from last week’s standings. Becky’s perfect game ties her with Darrell Green and Tarry Davison atop the high game list, a move of 11 places from where she ranked last week. Sunday’s performance raised that night’s average to a 213.

Becky has been a grandmother since August, and I have been remiss in not telling you what the baby’s name is, mainly because I didn’t know it.The baby’s name is Machelle Nicole Allen. She is the daughter of Angela and Richard. also had it pointed out to me that her “other” grandmother is also a lady named Becky who just happens to be another of our league bowlers.Her name is Becky Darden. With two grandmothers bowling, and her parents bowling, I’ll venture to predict now that Machelle will be a bowler as well. I hope this expanded bit of information clears things up for you, and makes our two grandmothers happy.

Becky’s series wasn’t the best of the week; it was second best. The best series of the week came from Ray Howser, who just happened to shoot his first 700 series of the season in the process. Ray rolled games of 233, 265 and 258 on Tuesday night, to finish play with a 756, which moves him to seventh place on the high series chart, up 20 places from last week. Ray is averaging 209 on Tuesday and 205 on Thursday. His 209 ranks 14th on the high average board, where he is joined by Wes Campbell, Cliff Whitney and Russ Nuss. Ray’s best game of the season is a 268, something he has accomplished twice. It places him in the No. 12 position on the high game list, where he finds himself tied with four other men.

Neldon Smith is one of our retired military veterans, out of the U.S. Navy.He’s been bowling forever in military bowling centers all around the world.He’s also my son-in-law, so I have to say nice things about him, on occasion. Tuesday night, Smitty tossed our final 700 series of the week, a 732, made up of games of 267, 245 and 220.The series moves him to 11th place on the high series chart, a move of 17 slots from last week’s standings. Smitty is averaging 206 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues, which places him 16th on the high average board, where he joins four others. His best game of the season is this week’s 267, which places him in 13th place on the high game list, where he is tied with Tommy Fletcher, Nevil Solomon, and Larry Siegert.

Alan Roberts bowls just once a week, on Sunday. He never gets to practice. Yet, in spite of these handicaps, he manages to carry a 201 average, which lands him in a four-way tie for 19th place on the high average board. His 690 series of this week is his season's best. It moves him to 24th place on the high series chart. Alan’s series consisted of games of 228, 231 and 231. How’s that for consistency?He is one of five individuals tied for 12th place on the high game list at 268.

As we near the mid-point of the season, our bowlers have hit the 700 series mark 67 times, have accounted for 426 600 series, and have booked 1,680 games of 200 or more. There are 55 averages of 200 or better, spread over 40 bowlers. There have been nine honor games rolled since August, seven earning rings - four 300s, one 299, and two 298s. The remaining two honor games earned plaques.

Tarry Davison continues to be the leader on the high average board, with a 234 average on Thursday, and a 225 on Sunday. He also is the leader on the high game list, with two perfect games to his credit. Tarry joins Becky Bowden and Darrell Green, who have shot one perfect game each so far this season. Tarry’s best series, currently, is a 781, which ranks second on the high series chart. Davison is tied with Greg Pullen. Tarry has shot nine 700s, as well as two 690 series, one a 698, the other a 694. It has been a good season, thus far.

A few weeks back, I mentioned the Miller family in this column. At the time, I thought I had my information correct - but I didn’t. In an effort to clarify some errors I made in my story, I offer the following: Mark Miller is, in fact, married to Debbie Miller. They have a son, Justin, who is about to return to Texas from a visit to Washington state, where he went to meet his “significant other’s” parents. Upon his return home, he will be joining the U.S. Air Force. Now, what follows is the part that gets confusing. Becky Miller is a niece of the Millers - I think. She married a man who just happened to be named Miller. Whoever this man is, he is not a blood relative of Mark or Debbie. Curt Miller fits into this picture somehow, but I’m not sure where.Mark and Debbie wanted to have this information cleared up as soon as possible. I hope I have most of it correct this time. If not, I’m sure I will hear about it very soon. � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Nick Painter (675), David Vansickle (668), Bo Duncan (666), Greg Pullen and Ken Sharp (662), Tarry Davison (653), Roy Schutz (637), Nathan Crist (622) and David Strain (620).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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