Tarry Davison shoots two perfect games and one of seven 700s
Larry Mason

Nov. 21, 2006 - Tarry “hit man” Davison didn't just shoot one honor score this week - he shot two - both 300s. The first came on Sunday, the second on Thursday.Tarry also led all of Classic Lanes' bowlers with the highest 700 series for the week, a 775.

Darrell Green, Wes Campbell, Greg Pullen, Nick Painter, D.J. Kast and David Gholson joined Davison with 700s, while Becky Bowden led the ladies again this week with a 637.But Becky's wasn't the only 600 series for the ladies this time around; Kathy Vansickle shot a 616.

Tarry Davison shot a 687 series Sunday night. Normally, that wouldn't get much press, except that in the shooting of this series, Tarry included a perfect game - his first of the season, but not his last. Davison's perfect game came in Game 3. Four days later, Tarry shot another perfect game, this one coming in Game 1 of his 775 series on Thursday night. So, though they were separated by four days, Mr. Davison can still boast that he shot back-to-back 300s. This means that Tarry rolled 24 consecutive strikes, and did it bowling on four different lanes, 1 and 2 on Sunday, 9 and 10 on Thursday. Davison's other games on Sunday were a 203 and a 184, followed by the 300, while Thursday's games were the 300, followed by a 239 and a 239.

Davison has now accounted for 36 games bowled on Thursday and 33 games bowled on Sunday. On Thursday, he is averaging 234, on Sunday, 226.His composite average for the two leagues is a 230 with 69 games bowled.Davison's Thursday average is the best in the house, holding first place on the high average board. His two perfect games rank first on the high game list. His best series is a 781, which ranks second on the high series chart, but Tarry has nine 700s to his credit, two better than his closest competitor, David Gholson. It would seem that Tarry's “down and in” style of bowling works. At least it does at Classic Lanes.

Darrell Green has been bowling awfully well of late. This past Tuesday, Darrell fashioned the week's second best series, a 772, and his highest series of the fall season, shooting games of 288, 228 and 256. The series moves him into fourth place on the high series chart, and raised Darrell's Tuesday average to a 219, where he joins David Strain and Chris Brooks in a three-way tie for sixth place on the high average board. Mr. Green has one of the center's three perfect games, tying him with Tarry Davison for first place on the high game list. � �

Finishing third in the race to 700 this week was Wes Campbell, who rolled an impressive 760 series on Tuesday. Campbell shot games of 225, 256 and 279, in the process. It is Wes's second 700 series of the current season, and his best to date. The series moved Wes to seventh place on the high series chart, and raised his Tuesday's average to a 214, pushing him up the high average board into a tie with Mr. Harold McClure (he makes us call him mister) for 10th place on the high average board. This week's 279 game is the best Wes has rolled so far this season, and it ties him with seven other individuals for seventh place on the high game list. Wes is averaging 198 on Thursdays, but look for that average to improve as the year progresses.

Greg Pullen recovered from a minor slump he'd been in recently, shooting his fifth 700 of the fall, and our fourth best 700 series of the week, a 743. Greg tossed games of 289, 225 and 229 in the process. His best series, currently, is a 781, which ties Greg with Tarry Davison for second place on the high series chart. This week's 289 game is the second he has shot this season, which is good enough to earn him a tie with David Gholson for sixth place on the high game list. Greg's best average comes out of our Sunday mixed league, where he carries a 216. It ranks eighth on the high average board. Greg is averaging 207 on Thursday.

D.J. Kast returned to Texas from Washington state during the summer and returned to bowling at the beginning of the fall season. This past week, Kast found his game, rolling our fifth best 700 series, a 725 on Thursday, and his first 700 of the season. This goes along with a 698 series, shot on Sunday.On Thursday, D.J. shot games of 279, 245 and 201, while he tossed games of 204, 236 and 258 on Sunday. His Sunday average, a 232, currently ranks second on the high average board, though it only includes three games, at present. The challenge for D.J. now is to hold Sunday's average, as Tarry Davison has done with his average, all season long. On Thursdays, Kast is toting a 200. D.J.'s Sunday series moves him to 12th place on the high series board, and his 279 first game bumped him to seventh place on the high game list, where he joins seven others.

David Gholson just seems to plod along at a steady pace, largely unnoticed by the masses. All he managed to do this week was to shoot his seventh 700 of the season, this one a 720, coming on Thursday night. It was the center's sixth 700 series of the week. Dave shot games of 235, 268 and 217. On Tuesday, Mr. Gholson shot a 675 series comprised of games of 249, 187 and 239. David is averaging 226 on Thursday, and 215 on Tuesday. He ranks third on the high average board, is fourth on the high series chart with a 771, and ranks sixth on the high game list with a 289.

Nick Painter bowls just once a week. He doesn't get to practice much, either. Still, he managed to shoot his third 700 series of the season this past Tuesday, the seventh 700 series rolled at Classic Lanes over the past seven days. Nick shot games of 234, 256 and 214 to finish the night with a 704.Painter ranks 17th on the high series chart with a 708, ranks 14th on the high average board with a 209, and ranks 20th on the high game list at 256, a distinction he shares with six others.

Becky Bowden did it again this week. Once more, she rolled the ladies' highest series of the week, this one a 637 made up of games of 233, 210 and 194. Bowden continues to lead all of our lady bowlers with the high average, a 217, which places her in seventh place on the combined men's and ladies' high average board. She has one 700 series so far this season, first among the ladies, 17th on the combined high series chart, and her best game is a 279, again first among the ladies, and seventh on the men's and ladies' combined high game list.

Kathy Vansickle rolled her first 600 series of the season on Monday night, shooting games of 177, 207 and 232, finishing the night's competition with a 616. The series ranks fifth on the ladies' high series chart. Kathy holds third place on the ladies' high average board with a 182 from Sunday's mixed league. She ranks sixth on the ladies' high game list with a 235, a position she shares with Joy Kozeluh, Chebna McClure and Brigette Painter.

Others who bowled well this week include: Wayne Womack (694), Allan Hague (674), Vincent Smith (671), Joe Kirkpatrick (658), Darreyl Dixon (652), Bruce Michaelson (651), Ray Howser (640), David Strain (638), Nathan Crist (633), Justin Haggerty (631), David Vansickle (629), Tommy Fletcher (626), and Bo Duncan (622).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, from the staff at Classic Lanes. � �


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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