David Gholson, Vincent Smith and Jeff Wright capture 700s at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

Last week, David Gholson shot one of the center's three 700 series and registered his fifth 700 of the season. This week, David is joined once again by one of three men who shot 700, his 700 being the highest, 725. Gholson is joined by Vincent Smith and Jeff Wright in pursuit of the elusive 700 series this week.

Smith bagged a 723, his second 700 of the season, while Wright registered a 708, his first 700 of the fall league, and the first of his bowling career. Gholson now has six. Becky Bowden, once again, led all of our lady bowlers, garnering a 621 on Sunday night.

David Gholson tossed games of 223, 245 and 247 on Tuesday, to finish the night with a 725 series, his sixth of the current season and the highest shot by any bowler at Classic Lanes during the past seven days. David's Tuesday average is now a 214, but his Thursday average, a 224, is his best. It places him in third place on the high average board, one pin behind second place holders Bruce Michaelson and Jason Keller. David's highest series so far this season is a 771, which ranks fourth on the high series chart, and Gholson's best game, a 289, one pin shy of an honor score, ties him for sixth on the high game list. On Thursday, Gholson shot a 676 series.

Vincent Smith owns a vehicle repair operation in the area of Saltillo/Weaver. When he isn't working on cars and such, he gets an opportunity to bowl. He recently purchased a new bowling ball, and from all indications it appears that he and his new bowling ball are getting along very nicely. On Thursday night, Vince shot the second best 700 series of the week, posting a 723, consisting of games of 208, 238 and 277; with a little bit of luck, Game 3 could have been an honor score. As it is, Vince's third game was two pins shy of his season's best, a 279, which places him in a six-way tie for seventh place on the high game list. This week's 723 series is Vince's best of the season so far. It moved Vince from 15th to 12th place on the high series chart, and bumped his Thursday's average up to a 209, good enough to claim 14th place on the high average board.

Jeff Wright obviously does something to make a living, but we have no idea what he does. What we do know about Jeff is that until he resumed bowling about two seasons back, he hadn't picked up a bowling ball in the previous 13 years. We think he may be glad he resumed his bowling career after last Thursday's performance. Mr. Wright shot the week's third best series, and apparently his career best when he put together games of 225, 247 and 236 to complete the evening's competition with a 708 series. The series moved Jeff into a tie for 15th place on the high series chart, and his 247 third game nudged him into a four-way tie for 25th place on the high game list. Jeff's series improved his average to a 199, 24th best on the high average board. Jeff finished the night 123 pins over his series average. Not a bad night's work , Jeff.

What can we say about Becky Bowden that we haven't already said, when it comes to the sport of bowling? Once again, Ms. Bowden led the ladies with the week's best series, a 621 shot on Sunday. Becky tossed games of 197, 145 and 279 to get her 600, but she was none too happy with her second game. Bowden, not known for being a quitter, didn't quit, and came back with a 279 in Game 3. One more mark, and she would have shot an honor score. As it is, Becky moved into a six-way tie for seventh place on the combined high game list. Becky's best series is a 700 even, which holds 17th place on the high series chart. She has a 699 series to go along with her 700, as well. Bowden is averaging 217 on Tuesdays, and 209 on Sundays. Her 217 Tuesday average ranks seventh on the high average board. Becky leads the ladies in all areas - average, series and game - and she's a grandmother to boot.

Craig McBrayer averages 160 in our Tuesday mixed league. He is a fairly consistent bowler, who will shoot around the 480 series mark. But this past Tuesday, Craig outdid himself, shooting 173 pins over his series average to register his season's best series, a 653. The series moved Craig into a two-way tie with Richard Allen for 40th place on the high series chart. And for the night, Craig averaged 217. McBrayer shot games of 213, 241 and 199. Craig's effort was largely responsible for his team's winning all four games from their opponents.

Zach Howser had come a long way with his bowling since we first saw him in the high school bowling program a few years back. Last Thursday, Zach shot games of 172, 244 and 253, finishing with a 669 series, and a one-night average of 223. He was 132 pins over his series average. Zach's series moved him up to 31st place on the high series chart, and his 253 in Game 3 bumped him into a three-way tie for 23rd place on the high game list. Zach was averaging 179 when the night's play began, but left the center toting a 181.

Christy Miller bowls at the center in the Sunday mixed league. She's a relatively new bowler, who averages around an 86, which expands to a three-game series of 258. This past Sunday, Christy shot games of 168, 87 and 102, giving her 357 series for the night and a 119 average for the evening. She was 99 pins over her series norm.

Mike Booth shot another 600 series this week, this one a 615. He came into the evening's action carrying a 173 average, but finished the night with a 205. Mike rolled games of 182, 227 and 206, and was 96 pins over his series average.

Brigette Painter carries a 156 average on Tuesday and a 175 on Monday. Brigette's Monday average ranks seventh on the ladies' high average board. This past Tuesday, she shot a 549 series, and averaged 183 for the evening. Her highest game of the season is a 235, fifth on the ladies' high game list, and her highest series, a 679, holds second place on the ladies' high series chart. Brigette was 81 pins over her Tuesday series norm.

Others who bowled well this week include: Tarry Davison (687 Thursday/682 Sunday), Jason Keller (685), David Soeder (683), Michael Carter and Bruce Michaelson (665), Cliff Whitney (662), Mike Gilliland (661), Mark Smith (660), Chris Brooks (658), Darrell Green (655), Steve Edwards (654), Bo Duncan (652), Russ Nuss (649), Roy Schultz (648 Tuesday, 600 Thursday), Mike Fletcher (646), Darreyl Dixon (641 Sunday, 607 Thursday), Harold McClure (640), Nathan Crist (635), Tommy Fletcher (632), Wayne Womack (630), Ace Wiginton (627 Sunday, 618 Tuesday), Joe Kirkpatrick (626), Rodney Miller (625) and Alan Roberts (620).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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