Davison, Gholson, McClure reach 700
Larry Mason

Nov. 7, 2006 - Tarry Davison, David Gholson and Harold McClure rolled 700s this week, bringing the center's 700 series total to 54 for the season. Becky Bowden led the ladies with a 623 series, one of the 31 600s shot during the week.

Classic Lanes' bowlers have accumulated 344 600s at this point in the season, and have registered 1,337 games of between 200 and 289. Another six games have earned honor rings or plaques from the USBC.

We have talked a great deal about Tarry Davison recently, but we have never been able to tell you what he does to earn a living when he's over there in Dallas. Well, we've finally been able to determine that he works in the communication field, and is not a hit man or anything bad like that. But, Tarry was a hit man at Classic Lanes this week, claiming his eighth 700 series of the season this past Thursday. Davison shot his season's best 700 series, a 781, with games of 224, 279 and 278. Both Games 2 and 3 were within one mark of becoming honor scores. The series moved Tarry from fifth place into a tie with Greg Pullen for the second spot on the high series chart. Davison's highest single game, a 289, a score he has rolled twice this season, holds sixth place on the high game list.Where Tarry shines is in the average category, where he holds first place with a 232 Thursday average and ranks second with a 226 average from our Sunday league. He may not be a professional hit man, but he definitely knows how to hit what he's aiming at when it comes to the sport of bowling.� � � �

Davis Gholson registered the week's second best 700 series, a 738, also shot on Thursday, when he booked his fifth 700 of the season with games of 245, 289 and 204. Gholson's second game, the 289, was within a single pin of earning him his first honor score of the fall league. The game did move David into a three-way tie with fellow bowlers Greg Pullen and Tarry “hit man” Davison for sixth place on the high game list. Gholson ranks third on the high average board with a 224 out of the Thursday league, where he shares honors with Jason Keller. Gholson holds a 211 average on Tuesdays.Gholson best series to date, a 771, ranks fourth on the high series chart.Gholson is a ''gas man”, that is, he delivers gas cylinders to local businesses for the Welding Store. He rolled a 659 series on Tuesday. � �

Mr. Harold McClure (he makes us call him mister) is a sergeant with our local police department. He is also “hit man” Davison's brother-in-law. Mr. McClure shot this week's third best series, a 710, his fourth 700 of the season, putting together games of 221, 255 and 234 on Sunday night. Harold holds a 216 average on Sunday, and a 214 on Thursday. McClure's 216 average ranks seventh on the high average board, where he finds himself tied with Darrell Green, while his highest series, a 774, ranks third on the high series chart. His best game to date is a 276, which ties him for ninth place on the high game list.

Becky Bowden carried the week for ladies, shooting a 623 series on Sunday night, when she shot games of 211, 198 and 214. Becky continues to lead the ladies in all of those categories we tabulate weekly, high average, high series, and high game. Becky is averaging 210, has one 700 series, a 700 even, and has a high game of 278. On the men's and ladies' combine listings, she ranks 11th on the high average board, where she joins Nick Painter and Russ Nuss. Bowden is 16th on the high series chart, and eighth on the high game list, where she shares honors with Mike Kopecky.

On the ladies only charts, Amy Sharp claims the No. 2 high average with a 187, as well as the ladies' second highest game, a 265.Brigette Painter holds the ladies' second best high series, a 679.

Following Amy on the ladies' high average board, in third and fourth places, is Kathy Vansickle, who holds a 181 on Monday and a 180 on Sunday.Fifth place honors on the ladies' high average board belongs to two ladies, Debbie Carter and Julita Richardson, where both ladies carry 180s, Debbie's from our Monday ladies league, Julita's from our Tuesday mixed league.Deana Hale finds herself in sixth place with a 176 from Monday, while Brigette Painter ranks seventh, with a 175 from Monday's league.

Behind Becky and Brigette on the ladies' high series board we find Amy Sharp in third place with a 665, while Joy Kozeluh holds fourth place with a 628, and Betty Russell lays claim to fifth place with a 608.

On the ladies' high game list, trailing Bowden and Sharp, we find three ladies with games of 236 tied for third place, Sybil Galloway, Julita Richardson and Debbie Carter.Fourth place is shared by four ladies who have recorded 235s, Kathy Vansickle, Joy Kozeluh, Chebna McClure and Brigette Painter. Vansickle and Kozeluh have accomplished the feat two times this season.In fifth place on the ladies' only high game list is Barbara Siegert, who has shot 234 twice this season.

Mr. Mark Miller is another of our law enforcement guys. He doesn't make us call him mister - we just do. On Sunday, Mark shot a 627 series comprised of games of 242, 221 and 164. It was his second 600 in four tries, and his second in the last three weeks. Mark, who began bowling seriously just about two seasons ago, has raised his average to a 180 for the season.His best game is a 242 this fall, and a 633, his best series.

While Mr. Miller is a very competitive person, he ranks second in competitiveness in the Miller household, when compared to his wife, Debbie. Mrs. Miller is averaging 165, currently. This past Sunday, she rolled a 522 series, 27 pins over her series average, shooting games of 177, 165 and 180.All of Debbie's games were at or over her single game average. Debbie's best game this season is a 210.

Chebna McClure is the wife of Mr. McClure and sister of Tarry “hit man” Davison. She averages 166, and will normally shoot around the 500 series mark. Last Sunday, while her husband was shooting his 710 series, Chebna was doing some pretty good shooting of her own, and it couldn't have come at a better time. It was position round for the league, and the winning team would be one leg up on the championship round coming in April. Chebna shot a 576 series, 78 pins over her series norm, which made up a lot of brother Tarry's 130-pin series shortfall. Because of Chebna and Harold's performances, their team, the Whistle Blowers, won the league's first quarter. Chebna shot games of 225, 186 and 165. � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Joe Kirkpatrick (685 Tuesday/615 Thursday), Ray Howser (671), Darreyl Dixon (665), Bruce Michaelson (663), Russ Nuss and Wayne Womack (649), Dewayne Roach (648), Tommy Fletcher (642), Jason Keller (641), Nevil Solomon (639), Mike Gilliland (637), D.J. Kast (636), Jerry C. Thompson (634), Danny Burns (629), Lynn Mills and Mark Smith (628), Ace Wiginton (625Thursday/605 Tuesday), Bo Duncan (623), David Soeder (621), Neldon Smith (620) and Vincent Smith (619). � � � � �

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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