Two 800s, 15 honor games, 54 200 averages top 2005-06 season
Larry Mason

May 30, 2006 - It wasn’t the greatest season ever seen at Classic Lanes - that came last year - but it was still a very good season.  Classic Lanes’ bowlers registered two 800 honor series, 15 honor games and 179 700 series, while 34 of our bowlers were responsible for registering 54 averages of 200 or better. Not too bad for 36 weeks of bowling. 

 Topping this year’s list of memorable events has to be the two 800 honor series thrown by Wes Campbell (806) and Mark Smith (804). What makes these series even more significant is the fact that they are the first ever honor series rolled by either or these bowlers. The two 800s bring Classic Lanes’ 800 series to 12, spread over 50 years. More accurately, these 12 honor series were rolled in just the last 12 years of the center’s existence. Campbell and Smith join the likes of Mike Fletcher, (800/813) Jason Keller, (803/800), Darreyl Dixon, (812), Cliff Whitney, (801), Bobby Matthews, (807/806), Ronnie Strain, (800) and Robert Cleghorn (859) on the Classic Lanes’ 800 series honor roll. 

Second on our list of notable events has to be the 15 honor games produced by 13 of our center’s bowlers. Six perfect games went into the books this season. They were tossed by Joe Kirkpatrick, Tarry Davison, Bruce Michaelson, Larry Stovall, Ray Howser and Mark Smith. Kirkpatrick and Davison not only shot perfect games, but also recorded a second honor game score as well. Joe hit a 298 for his, and Tarry bagged a 290 for his.

Three bowlers came within a single pin of being perfect, but had to settle for 299 honor games, Jason Keller, Mike Gilliland and Darrell Green.  Still, all three men get rings from the USBC folks, so their efforts weren’t in vain. 

Wes Campbell and Ace Wiginton, the center’s lead mechanic and the center’s general manager, respectively, shot 298 honor games this season.  For Wes, it was about his bazillionth game in the 298/299 range; for Ace, it was his first. 

Wayne Womack and D.J. Kast closed out our honor scores for the season, shooting 290s, even. To get a 290 score, one has to roll a bunch of strikes in a row. The USBC folks give an award for doing so. 

Thirty-four bowlers combined to produce 54 averages of 200 or more during the season. Mike Fletcher completed the season with the highest average for a man, a 224, while Becky Bowden was tops for the ladies with a 208. Jason Keller bowled in three of the center’s leagues, and finished with 200 averages in all three, 221 on Thursday, 219 on Tuesday, and 216 on Sunday. Of all of our bowlers, Jason was by far the most consistent. 

Three men were within a single pin of catching Keller on the average board, Wes Campbell, Vincent Smith and Chad Dailey. All three finished the season with 220 averages, Wes and Vincent’s in the Tuesday league, Dailey’s on Thursdays. Campbell bowled in three leagues. In addition to Tuesday’s 220, he recorded a 218 on Sunday and had a 207 on Thursday. Vincent also bowled on Thursdays, and ended the season with a 212 average in that league.

Bruce Michaelson and Tarry Davison finished tied for fourth place on the high average board, completing the season with 219 averages. Bruce rolled his 219 in the Tuesday league, while Tarry carried his on Sundays. Both men bowled in our Thursday commercial league as well, where Michaelson posted a 218, while Davison carded a 215.

Eight men finished the season with averages ranging between 217 and 210. David Strain, Mike Gilliland, Joe Kirkpatrick, Michael Carter and Ray Howser finished Tuesday’s league with 217, 216, 214, 213, 212 and 210 averages, respectively. Mike Gilliland finished Thursday’s play with a 210, as did teammate Wayne Womack, while Harold McClure and Mark Smith completed Sunday’s league with 210s, as well. Smith also carried a 206 average on Thursday.   

Four bowlers finished the season carrying averages between 200 and 209 in two or more of our leagues. Keith Ethridge carried a 209 on Sunday and a 205 on Thursday. David Gholson finished with a 208 on Thursday, a 204 on Tuesday and a 202 on Sunday. Cliff Whitney, like Gholson, finished with 200 or better in three leagues. He had a 205 on Tuesday, a 203 on Thursday, and a 200 even on Sunday. Darreyl Dixon completes this list with a 203 on Sunday and a 201 on Tuesday.  

Other bowlers having 200 or better averages, less those already mentioned, include: Dewayne Roach (209), Brad Stone and Neldon Smith (207), Tommy Fletcher (206), Koy Cline and David Soeder (204), Nathan Crist and Russ Nuss (203), Nick Painter and Duane Haley (201), and Larry Siegert, David Vansickle and Michael Fletcher (200).  

Twenty-four bowlers finished the season with averages of between 190 and 199. They include: Joe Freeman and Turk Morgan (199), Greg Pullen, Ace Wiginton, Bo Duncan, Larry Stovall, Nevil Solomon and Darrell Green (198), Alan Roberts, Billy Painter and Roy Schutz (197), Eric Barba, Richard Thompson and Jeff Haley (196), Duane Anspon (195), Justin Parmer and Steve Edwards (194), Jesse Haggerty (193), Jerry C. Thompson, John Lambert, Doug Brann and Danny Burns (192), Jerry A. Thompson (191) and Clinton Cline (190). 

Becky Bowden was the center’s most prolific woman bowler, finishing the season with a 208 average in Sunday league play, producing two 700 series, a 714 and a 702, and recording a high game of 280. She was also the top scratch bowler in the ladies’ City Tournament in April, rolling three 600 series, the tournament’s highest game, and carried the highest average, a 206.   

Deana Hale finished second to Bowden in the ladies competition, booking a 184 final average on Mondays, along with a 269 high game, and a 659 high series. 

Overall, it was a fun season, with some special happenings, such as the birth of Dana and David Strain’s baby girl back in December. We chidingly celebrated Kathy Vansickle’s 50th birthday, which she took in good stride, giving as much back as she received. But, along with the happy things, there were sobering, unhappy events as well, most notably, the passing of Vogel Harrison, a long time bowler, and a fixture at Classic Lanes. It’s always a sad day when we lose one of our bowling family members. 

We now begin our 10 weeks of summer league play, beginning the first of June, with an eye to the fall, when the next extended league schedules take off.           


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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