Darrell Green honors with 299; joins Koy Cline with 700
Larry Mason

May 23, 2006 - Darrell Green picked an ideal time to produce is first honor game of the year and his highest series of the season, both coming on the final night of the Sunday Night Mixed league schedule. Darrell joined Koy Cline in shooting the only 700 series rolled over the course of this week. Green fired a 777 and Cline a 704. 

Wes Campbell just missed rolling what would have been his 18th 700 of the season, firing a 694 in the Sunday Mixed League championship roll-off. On the ladies’ side of the ledger, Becky Bowden shot two 600 series this week, a 681 and a 655, while Amy Sharp and Deana Hale each registered 600s as well, 616 and 602, respectively.

Over the course of the last two weeks, four league championships were settled.

The Sunday Night Mixed league championship went to the Whistle Blowers, Tarry Davison, Alan Roberts, and husband and wife Harold and Chebna McClure. The Monday Ladies’ championship went to the Bowling Diva’s, Deana Hale, Erma Whitney, Debbie Carter and Carla Dixon. Tuesday’s Mixed league winners were the Riff Raff, Erma and Cliff Whitney, Debbie Carter, and son Michael Carter. The Thursday Men’s Commercial league championship went to 1-30 Service Rental, Wayne Womack, Nevil Solomon, Larry Siegert, Dewayne Roach and Mike Gilliland. 

As we stated earlier, Darrell Green put together his best series of the season, as well as his best game, on Sunday night, booking a 777 series made up of games of 231, 299 and 247. The series, his third 700 of the season, moved Darrell up 18 places on the high series chart, from 25th to seventh place.  His 299 honor game, also his best of the season, moved him into second place on the high game board, where he is tied with Jason Keller and Mike Gilliland. Darrell’s best average this year came from the Sunday night league, where he finished the season with a 198. He is tied for 25th on the high average chart. Darrell averaged 196 in the Tuesday Mixed league, and 190 in the Men’s Commercial league. If memory serves me correctly, Darrell has rolled two perfect games in his career, to go along with this week’s 299. 

Koy Cline gave us our only other 700 series this week, a 704 shot during the Sunday Night Mixed league’s championship roll-off. To collect this, his second 700 series of the season, Koy tossed games of 210, 236 and 258. His best series, a 726, is tied for 22nd on the high series chart. Koy’s best game of the season is a 289, which ties him for fifth place on the high game list. Koy is averaging 204 on Sundays, which ranks 16th on the high average board.

Wes Campbell rolled games of 276, 238 and 180 to finish the Sunday roll-off with a 694 series. Just prior to the roll-off, Wes rolled a 661 series.  Campbell finished this year’s competitions with averages of 220 on Tuesday, 218 on Sunday and 207 on Thursday. His 220 places him in third place on the high average board, one pin behind Jason Keller and four pins behind board leader Mike Fletcher. Wes produced the season’s best series, an 806, the first ever honor series of his career.  Wes rolled one honor game this season, a 298, which places him in third place on the high game list, where he is tied with Ace Wiginton.   

Becky Bowden found herself in a situation similar to the night when she tossed back-to-back 700s at Classic Lanes. On that night, she bowled a 700 to finish the league’s 36th and final week, and followed that effort with yet another 700 in the championship roll-off. Again, if memory serves, she is the only bowler who has ever accomplished this feat at Classic Lanes. This time around, Becky didn’t shoot 700s, but she came very close, shooting a 681 on the final night of the league, followed by a 655 in the championship roll-off.  In her 681, Becky tossed games of 233, 225 and 223, and in her 655, she tossed games of 177, 264 and 214. 

Becky is the only lady who has shot a 700 series at Classic Lanes this season. Her best, a 714, ranks 28th on the combined men’s and ladies’ high series chart.  Her second 700 series is a 702. Ms. Bowden also produced the ladies’ best game, a 280, and carries the ladies’ highest average, a 208. Her game ranks ninth on the men’s and ladies’ high game list, where she joins Duane Anspon and Mike Fletcher, and her average ranks 12th on the combined high average board.

Amy Sharp tossed in a 616 series this week, rolling games of 252, 241 and 223. Amy finished the Sunday league with a 176 average, fifth best on the ladies’ high average board. Amy’s best series, this week’s 616, ranks sixth on the ladies’ high series chart, where she joins Debbie Carter. Her best game, a 257, ranks third on the ladies’ high game list. 

Deana Hale finished the ladies’ Monday league by rolling a 602 series made up of games of 191, 214 and 197. Deana completed this year’s league play with a 184 average, second on the ladies’ high average board. Her 659 series ranks second on the ladies’ high series chart, and her best game, a 269 ranks second on the high game list.   

Others who bowled well this week include: Duane Roach (676), Vincent Smith  (675), Tarry Davison (674 Thursday/667 Sunday), Wayne Womack (672), Mark Smith (665), Mike Fletcher (664), Mike Gilliland (661), Alan Roberts (658), Harold McClure (656 Thursday/643 Sunday), Jason Keller (652), Greg Pullen (643), Nevil Solomon (642), Bo Duncan (640), Cliff Whitney (639) and Bruce Michaelson (630).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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