Jason Keller rolls two of week's eight 700s; total climbs to 178
Larry Mason

May 11, 2006 - Jason Keller registered two of the eight 700 series shot at Classic Lanes this week, his 19th and 20th of the season. In addition to Keller, Joe Kirkpatrick, Tarry Davison, Ray Howser, David Gholson, Greg Pullen and Wayne Womack also found the range, while Eric Barba was shy of the 700 mark by two pins. Three ladies collected 600 series this week, Deana Hale, Becky Bowden and Lisa Rodriguez. 

Jason Keller didn’t produce the week’s highest 700 series, that honor went to Joe Kirkpatrick, but he did shoot the most, two. In the doing, Keller increased his 700 series season total to 20, giving him a three-series lead over Wes Campbell’s 17 700s shot. Still, Wes and Mark Smith have both shot honor 800s this season, Wes an 806 and Mark an 804, and these probably should count as multiple 700s, right?  Oh, well. 

Jason rolled a 718 on Tuesday and a 727 on Thursday. Tuesday’s games were 215, 245 and 258, Thursday’s 245, 245 and 237. Jason averaged 240 based on Tuesday and Thursday’s performances, and still managed a 227 average for the week when one throws in a sub-par performance on Sunday, a 598. Keller is averaging 221 on Thursdays, finished Tuesdays with a 219, and carries a 213 on Sundays. He ranks second behind center average leader, Mike Fletcher, on the high average board. 

Mr. K. holds the No. 2 position on the high game list with a 299, where he is tied with Mike Gilliland, who just happened to shoot his 299 last week.  Jason ranks third on the high series chart with a 791. Keller has shot five 700s of 750 or higher this season, the most by any center bowler.

Joe Kirkpatrick came through with the week’s highest 700 series, a 738 shot on Tuesday. It consisted of games of 234, 258 and 246. Kirkpatrick shot his series during the Tuesday night mixed league’s quarterly qualifier, and helped his team, the Pin Heads, take the last open slot in the Tuesday league championship round. We will not discuss Joe’s performance in the championship roll-off out of respect for Joe. Oh, what the heck - I dood it anyway. He shot a wimpy 571, which is not a good series for him. Still, his team did finish second in the championship roll-off, mostly because Don Gammill shot a 666, his highest series of the season, 177 pins over his series average. Don will receive an award from the USBC folks for his efforts. 

At any rate, Kirkpatrick finished Tuesday’s league with a 214 average, which gave him claim to seventh place on the high average board. He carries a 208 average in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues. Kirkpatrick has produced two honor games, a perfect 300 and a 298. He sits atop the high game list as a result. He has accounted for 12 of the center’s 178 700 series, with his highest, a 772, holding eighth place on the high series chart. 

Greg Pullen had the week’s second-best 700 series, a 717 that he rolled on Thursday. He has registered three 700s this season, which is not a bad showing given the fact that he broke his bowling arm at the wrist, and only recently returned to the lanes. Greg is averaging 198 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and has a 192 on Sunday. Greg’s best series is a 728, which holds 20th place on the high series chart. Greg is tied for fifth place on the high game list at 289.

Wayne Womack booked the week’s third-best series, a 716, shot on Thursday night. Wayne rolled games of 237, 232 and 247, to collect his sixth 700 series of the season. He is tied for 18th on the high series chart with a 733. Womack averages 211 on Thursdays, placing him 10th on the high average board. His best game is a 290 honor score, placing him in fourth place on the high game list.

David Gholson gave us the week’s fourth-highest series, a 715, made up of games of 274, 214 and 227. David shot his series during the Tuesday mixed league championship roll-off. It is David’s sixth 700 series of the season, and his third in the last two weeks. His best series, a 726, ranks 21st on the high series chart. David is averaging 207 on Thursday, 204 Tuesdays and 202 on Sundays. He ranks 13th on the high average board. He ranks sixth on the high game list with a 288.

Fifth-place winner this week is Ray Howser, who captains the Campbell Soup group. Ray shot his sixth 700 of the season with a 708 on Tuesday. Ray tossed games of 233, 209 and 266. Howser is averaging 212 on Tuesday, 206 Thursdays and 203 on Sundays. He ranks ninth on the high average board. Ray’s best series to date is a 774, which ranks seventh on the high series chart, and his best game is a perfect 300, which ties him with five others atop the high game list. 

Tarry Davison produced the week’s last 700 series, a 705 shot on Sunday.  Tarry bowled games of 243, 247 and 215. It is his 15th 700 series of the season. Tarry is averaging 219 on Sunday and 215 on Thursday, and ranks fourth on the high average board. He accounts for two of the center’s 14 honor games, a 300 shot two weeks ago and a 290 shot early in the season.  Davison ranks 11th on the high series chart with a 765.

Eric Barba came about as close as one can, but missed getting his second 700 by two pins. Barba rolled games of 225, 235 and 238 Sunday night. Eric’s only 700 is a 724, which ranks 23rd on the high series chart, while he averages 196 on Sunday and 194 on Thursday. He ranks 24th on the average board. He ranks 18th on the high game list with a 266.   

Deana Hale, Becky Bowden and Lisa Rodriguez all shot 600s this week, Lisa and Becky on Sunday, Deana on Monday. Deana’s 633 series was high for the ladies, with Becky claiming second with a 618 and Lisa third with a 607. Deana tossed games of 192, 207 and 234; Becky 193, 215 and 210; and Lisa 246, 195 and 166. Becky leads the ladies in all of our categories with a 208 average, a 714 high series, a 280 high game and two 700s to her credit.  Deana’s highest series is a 657, her best game a 269 and she is averaging 182. Lisa, who won the ladies’ city tournament back in April, has a 171 average, a 246 high game and a 602 high series. 

Tonya Moody shot 160 pins over her series average Monday night, rolling a 562 series with games of 161, 212 and 189. Her normal game average is a 134, but Monday she fashioned a 187. She will receive an award from the USBC folks for this performance. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Bruce Michaelson (689 Thursday/667 Tuesday), Chad Dailey (677), Wes Campbell (673 Sunday/649 Thursday/644 Tuesday), Keith Ethridge (670), John Lambert (667), Jesse Haggerty (662), Michael Carter (656 Tuesday Roll-off/647 Tuesday) Harold McClure (654), Cliff Whitney (651), Mark Smith (646), and Billy Painter (642).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. It normally appears on Tuesday.

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