Keller bags two of seven 700; total grows to 142
Larry Mason

March 28, 2006 - Jason Keller collected the week’s highest 700 series, a 760, and produced the most 700s for the week, two. Keller was joined in this week’s 700 series hunt by Tarry Davison, 730, Mike Fletcher 728, Keith Ethridge 713, Bruce Michaelson 710, and Michael Carter 705. Alan Roberts and Mark Smith came close, shooting 696s, while Larry Siegert fired a 693 and Bo Duncan came through with a 691. The center’s senior statesman, Turk Morgan, rolled a 689 series.

On the ladies' side of the ledger, Rhonda Stephens shot her first 600 series of the season, a 635, and Becky Bowden contributed a 613. 

Jason Keller shot a 700 series in the men’s league two Thursdays ago, then followed that with a 760 on this past Tuesday, and a 715 Thursday for his third consecutive 700 series over an eight-day period. Tuesday’s 760 consisted of games of 268, 238 and 254. Thursday’s 715 was made up of games of 235, 230 and 250. Keller has accounted for 14 of the center’s 142 700 series this season, which leaves him one series behind center leader, Wes Campbell, who has produced 15. Jason ranks second on the high series chart with a 791. He currently ranks fourth on the high average board with a 218 average, in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues, and he boasts a 216 average in our Sunday league. Keller ranks second on the high game list with a 299 honor game. 

Tarry Davison fashioned his 10th 700 series of the season on Sunday, a 730, by shooting games of 279, 237 and 214. The series nudged his Sunday average up one pin to a 215, which pushed him into fifth place on the high average board. Tarry’s Thursday men’s league average stands at a 214.  Davison’s best series, a 760, holds 10th place on the high series chart, and his best game, a 290 honor score, ties him for fourth place on the high game list. Tarry tossed a 638 series on Thursday night. 

Another of our Greenville bowlers, Mike Fletcher, produced this week’s third-best series, a 728, shot in the Thursday night men’s league, by rolling games of 193, 279 and 256. The 700 series was Mike’s eighth of the season.  His highest series so far this season is a 768, which holds eighth place on the high series chart. Fletcher has climbed to the top of the high average board with a 223, replacing Stephen Spence, who had to withdraw from league competition. Mike’s best game of the season, a 280, ties him for ninth place on the high game list. 

Keith Ethridge seems to have found his groove here of late. On Thursday, he shot the week’s fourth-best 700 series, a 713, with games of 244, 257 and 212. Ethridge has raised his average to a 209 on Sunday and a 208 on Thursday. He now is tied for ninth on the high average board. Keith’s best series of this season is a 718, which places him 21st on the high series chart. His best game is a 279, 10th on the high game list, which ties him with six other bowlers. 

Bruce Michaelson, our retired Air Force veteran out of Greenville, shot the week’s fifth-best 700 series, a 710 rolled on Thursday night, by tossing games of 248, 225 and 237. Bruce carries a 217 average on Tuesday, and a 215 on Thursday. His Tuesday’s average holds the No. 5 slot on the high average board. Thursday’s 700 series is his seventh of the season. He holds 14th place on the high series chart with a 738. Michaelson is tied for first place on the high game list with a perfect game to his credit. He joins four others, Larry Stovall, Joe Kirkpatrick, Ray Howser and Mark Smith. 

Michael Carter gave us our last 700 of the week, shooting games of 258, 199 and 248 to finish Tuesday’s play with a 705. It was Michael’s fourth 700 of the season. Carter’s best, a 782, holds fourth place on the high series board.  Michael is averaging 211 on Tuesday and 202 on Thursday. His 211 ties for seventh on the high average board. Michael’s best game is a 289, which ties for fifth on the high game list. Michael is an employee of L3 in Greenville, and, ladies, he is single. He is also the son of the center’s owners, Paul and Debbie. 

Alan Roberts and Mark Smith both came within four pins of registering 700s this week. Alan rolled games of 237, 246 and 213 to get his highest series of the current season, 696, which places Roberts 35th on the high series chart. Mark would have collected his third 700 series of the season, to go along with his center-leading 804 honor series, shot two weeks ago. 

Larry Siegert shot a 693 series on Tuesday, missing his first 700 series by seven pins. On Thursday night, Bo Duncan missed his first 700 of the season by nine pins. Larry shot games of 244, 259 and 190, while Bo tossed games of 195, 248 and 248.

Rhonda Stephens began bowling at Classic Lanes this season, rolling in our Tuesday mixed league. Rhonda was averaging 171 when this week’s play began, but in last Tuesday’s session, she averaged 211, shooting the week’s best ladies’ series, a 635 made up of games of 193, 202 and 218. 

Becky Bowden averages 205 on Sundays. This past Sunday, she shot a 613 series, two pins under her series average. It’s a 600 series, but not one that Becky wants us to brag about. This is a very competitive lady. Becky holds the ladies’ highest average, highest series, a 702, and highest game, a 277.  She’s never satisfied with just shooting her average.         

Don Gammill averages 160 on Tuesday night, but this past Tuesday, he averaged 202, shooting a 606 series comprised of games of 223, 162 and 221.  He was 126 pins over his series average for the evening. Shooting well is not unusual for Don, however. He wears a 299 honor ring.    

  Heather Freeman is a first-year bowler. She is married to Joe. They bowl together on Tuesdays. Heather is averaging 102, which means her average series is a 306. This past Tuesday, Heather rolled games of 141, 135 and 116, all above her single game average. She finished the night with a 392 series, 86 pins over her series average. 

Melva Shugart bowls with us on Mondays. She averages 111, normally, but on this past Monday night, she rolled games of 146, 129 and 143 to finish with a 418 series. All of her games, like Heather’s, were above her single game average, and bettered her series average by 85 pins. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Turk Morgan (689), John Lambert (683), Wayne Womack (678), Dewayne Roach (676), Ace Wiginton (671), Ray Howser 668 Tuesday/655 Thursday), Steve Edwards (665), Vincent Smith (660 Tuesday/645 Thursday), Darrell Green (656), Cliff Whitney (656 Tuesday/ 633 Sunday), Joe Kirkpatrick (654), Mike Gilliland (651), Nathan Crist (650), Scott Tubb (646) and Duane Anspon (643).    


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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