Kirkpatrick tosses 300; 700 series total now stands at 127
Larry Mason

March 14, 2006 - Joe Kirkpatrick fired a perfect 300 game on Sunday night, his second honor game of the season. But Kirkpatrick was not among those who rolled 700s this week, having to settle for a 697. Seven men and one woman did break the 700 barrier, however, bringing the center’s season total to 127. Tarry Davison led the list with a 729, followed by Bruce Michaelson’s 723, Richard Thompson’s 711, Wes Campbell’s 706, Nathan Crist’s 703, Becky Bowden’s 702, Jason Keller’s 700 and Harold McClure’s 700. In addition to these 700s, Lisa Rodriquez booked her first 600 series of the season in Sunday’s action.

Joe Kirkpatrick rolled his second honor game of the season on Sunday night, a 300, becoming the fifth person to roll a perfect game at Classic Lanes since September. His 300, coupled with his 298 honor game in September, moved him to the top of the high game list. Joe joins Bruce Michaelson, Larry Stovall, Ray Howser and Mark Smith. Joe came up short in his search for 700, however, having to settle for a 697 series consisting of games of 172, 225 and his perfect game. Kirkpatrick is carrying a 212 average on Tuesday, a 208 on Thursday and a 205 on Sunday. His Tuesday average places him in a tie for seventh place on the high average board. Joe’s highest series is a 772, which holds seventh place on the high series chart. Joe has rolled seven 700 series this season. 

  Tarry Davison has been on a tear lately. When he doesn’t roll a 700, he still comes close. For example, he tossed a 673 series on Sunday. Close, but no cigar. Tarry has a bucket full of 650s and above this year. But, this past Thursday, Tarry got the whole box of cigars, collecting his ninth 700 series of the current season, and this week’s highest, a 729. Tarry rolled games of 208, 279 and 242. A single pin in his second game deprived him of a shot at his second honor game of the year. 

Tarry is the third most prolific shooter of 700s at this point in the season. Wes Campbell leads all bowlers in this category with 14, followed by Jason Keller’s 11. Davison is averaging 213 in both the Sunday Mixed League and the Thursday Men’s League. He ranks sixth on the high average board, where he finds himself tied with brother-in-law, Harold McClure. Tarry ranks 10th on the high series board with a 760. His best game of the current season is a 290 honor game, which ranks fourth on the high game list.

Bruce Michaelson, a retired Air Force veteran who resides in Greenville, has been catching fire of late. Like Davison, Bruce, if he isn’t shooting a 700, will be somewhere in the area. Thursday night, Bruce rolled a 690 series including a 279 in Game 3, where a single pin leave deprived him of a shot at his second honor game of the season. Bruce is one of those five individuals who have shot a 300 in the current season. On Tuesday night, Bruce did hit 700, shooting a 723 series, his sixth 700 of the season. In this one, he rolled games of 263, 216 and 244. Bruce is averaging 217 on Tuesday and 213 on Thursday. He is tied for fifth on the high average board and tied for 13th on the high series chart with a 738.

Richard Thompson shot a 711 series on Tuesday, moving into 26th place on the high series board, up 22 places from last week’s standings. Richard shot games of 222, 222 and 267 in registering his first 700 series of the year.  He is averaging 191 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues and is tied for 26th on the high average board. Richard’s best game is a 278, 11th on the high game list. Richard’s series was 153 pins over his series average, which should give him an award from the USBC. 

Wes Campbell shot his 14th 700 of the season on Tuesday, shooting games of 236, 214 and 256. Wes is averaging 218 on Tuesday and Sunday, and 205 on Thursday. He ranks fourth on the high average board, is 11th on the high series chart with a 755, and has a 298 honor game, which ranks third on the high game list. Wes shot a 682 on Sunday.

Nathan Crist shot his second 700 of the season on Sunday, this one a 703.  Crist shot games of 235, 256 and 212. Nathan averages 204 on Sunday, 15th on the high average board.  His highest series is a 705, placing him 29th on the high series chart, and his highest game is a 279, where he joins five others.

It was just a matter of time before Becky Bowden returned to form. She shot a 698 series just a few weeks ago. This week, Becky recorded her first 700 series of the season, a 702, shooting games of 224, 234 and 244. Becky ranks first in ladies’ average, 204, first in ladies’ high series, 702, and first in ladies’ high game, 270. Becky has rolled tons of 700s in her career, but it has been awhile since she shot her last one. Bowden is the only bowler - man or woman - to shoot back-to-back 700s on the same day here at Classic Lanes. In 2003, she led all bowlers - man or woman - with an average of 225. Becky’s previous high series was a 698, shot in the last week of January. It appears that Ms. Bowden is back.

Jason Keller and Harold McClure both shot 700 even this week. For Jason, it was 700 series No. 11, for Harold it was 700 series No. 5. Jason averages 217 on Tuesday and Thursday, and has a 216 average on Sunday.  He ranks fifth on the high average board. Harold totes a 213 average on Thursday and a 209 on Sunday, and ranks sixth on the high average board.  Jason has a 299 honor game, which ranks second on the high game list, and has a 791 high series, which ranks second on the high series chart. Harold has a 738 high series, 13th on the high series chart, and tossed a 278 high game, good enough for 11th place on the high game list. Jason rolled a 635 on Thursday, Harold a 676 on Sunday. 

Lisa Rodriquez shot a 602 series on Sunday, her first 600 of the season.  Lisa rolled games of 232, 180 and 190. She finished the night 98 pins over her series average. This 602 is her best series to date, and her best game is this week’s 232.

Jo Kays averages 105 on Mondays. She averaged 139 this past Monday, shooting a 419 series with games of 141,129 and 149. She rolled 104 pins over her series average.   

Mary Horton rolled a 462 series on Monday, 99 pins over her series average. Mary rolled games of 138, 160 and 164. She was averaging 121 when play began.

Robert Spurgeon averages 158 on Thursdays. He averaged 202 this week, shooting a 607 series, 133 pins over his series average. Robert shot games of 150, 200 and 257. Robert is a USBC board member out of Dallas.

The Haggerty brothers Justin and Jesse, were both over their series averages this week, Justin 101 pins over, Jesse 103. Justin shot games of 205, 226 and 204 for a 635 series; Jesse rolled games of 223, 267 and 192 for a 682 series.  

Others who bowled well this week include: Vincent Smith and Jesse Haggerty (682), Mike Fletcher (675), Greg Pullen (672), Dewayne Roach (670), David Strain (667), David Gholson (664), Alan Roberts and Justin Parmer (663), Wayne Womack (660), Michael Fletcher (651), Koy Cline (649 Thursday/644 Sunday), Clinton Cline (649), Eric Barba (648), David Pellichino (640) Ray Howser (636), Nick Painter and Chad Dailey (633).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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