Mark Smith post 800 series and a 300 perfect game
Larry Mason

March 7, 2006 - Until Thursday night, there had only been nine 800 honor series bowled at Classic Lanes, all of them coming within the last 15 years. Seven men had shot these nine 800s, with Mike Fletcher and Bobby Matthews producing two each. Fletcher tossed 813 and 800 even; Matthews rolled 807 and 806.  The other five 800s were manufactured by Robert Cleghorn (859), Jason Keller (803), Cliff Whitney (804), Darreyl Dixon and Ronnie Strain (800). Our last 800 series came on April 28, 2005, courtesy of Dixon. Sunday night, Feb. 26, Mark Smith added his name to the list, shooting the center’s 10th 800 series, an 804. Mark just happened to throw in the center’s fourth perfect game of the current season, as well.

Two weeks ago, we stated that Mark Smith was a very capable bowler, who, if he got past his temper, would shoot 700s more frequently. It must have left an impression, because after reading the article, he went to lanes 1 and 2 and promptly began to prove our point. In Game 1, Mark opened with three spares. His temper remained under control. He then rolled eight consecutive strikes, with his last ball leaving a single pin, which he spared.  His game was a 266. In Game 2, he left single pins in the first, fifth, seventh and on his second ball in the 10th frame. All the remaining frames were strikes. His game was a 238. Mark entered Game 3 with a two-game total of 504. To reach 800, he needed a 296 game. Smith tossed the next 12 balls into the 1-3 pockets of lanes 1 and 2, and knocked all of the pins down, ending with a 300 honor game, and an 804 honor series. Smith rolled 27 strikes in 36 attempts. For his exceptional performance, he gets an honor ring for each of these scores from the USBC folks.

Mark now is tied with three others, Bruce Michaelson, Larry Stovall and Ray Howser, for first place on the high game list, all having thrown perfect games, and takes over first place on the high series board with his 804.  Smith is averaging 209 on Sunday and 207 on Thursday. He ranks 11th on the high average chart, where he is tied with Keith Ethridge, one of his teammates on Sunday. Smith is a security manager for a major business enterprise in the Dallas area. 

Normally, if one shoots a 700 series during the week, he or she can anticipate appearing at or near the top of this column. Eight men shot 700s this week, only to find themselves overshadowed by Smith’s performance.  The eight men are Darreyl Dixon, Tarry Davison, Bruce Michaelson, Wayne Womack, Mike Fletcher, Dewayne Roach, Ray Howser and David Gholson.  Nick Painter was close, shooting a 691, while Russ Nuss bagged a 688, Vincent Smith recorded a 683, Mike Gilliland a 682 and Steve Edwards a 680.  Becky Bowden topped the ladies with a 604. 

Dixon shot his best series of the season on Sunday night, tossing games of 233, 279 and 235, ending the night with a 747. The series moved Darreyl into a 12th-place tie on the high series board. Dixon has accounted for three of the center’s 119 700s this season.  He is averaging 204, 15th on the average chart, and his best game to date is a 279, 10th on the high game list, where he is tied with five others.

Tarry Davison shot his eighth 700 series of the season, also on Sunday, firing games of 223, 223 and 290, to finish play with a 736 series. His 290 game is an honor score, for which he will receive a wall plaque for tossing 11 consecutive strikes in one game. Davison is averaging 213 on Sunday and 211 on Thursday. He ranks eighth on the high average chart. Tarry ranks 10th on the high series board with a 760, and is now fourth on the high game list with his 290 honor score. 

Bruce Michaelson finished Tuesday’s play with a 731 series, his fifth of the season, shooting games of 238, 225 and 268. He is averaging 215 on Tuesday and 213 on Thursday. He ranks seventh on the high average chart.  Bruce’s best series, a 738, ties him for 13th on the high series chart.  Michaelson is tied for first place on the high game board with one of those perfect 300s. He rolled a 623 on Thursday.

Wayne Womack tossed his fourth 700 series of the season on Thursday night, rolling games of 222, 255 and 253. Wayne is averaging 207, which ranks him 12th on the high average chart, along with three others. Wayne’s best series is a 733, 16th on the high series board. Wayne is one of those three people who have rolled 290 honor games, landing him in fourth place on the high game list. 

Mike Fletcher came through with his seventh 700 of the season, this one a 713 comprised of games of 242, 234 and 237. His best series of the current season is a 768, placing him eighth on the high series chart. His average, now a 223 on Thursdays, places him second on the high average board, two pins behind first place holder, Stephen Spence. Fletcher is tied for ninth on the high game list with a 280. 

Dewayne Roach shot this week’s sixth-best 700 series, a 709, rolling games of 221, 278 and 210 on Thursday. It was his third of the season. Roach ranks 12th on the high average board with a 207, is ninth with a 767 on the high series chart, and is seventh on the high game list with a 286. 

Ray Howser found his fourth 700 of the season, a 708 rolled on Tuesday.  Ray tossed games of 257, 236 and 215. Howser’s best series, a 774, ranks sixth on the high series chart, and his 210 average in the Tuesday league ranks 10th on the high average board. Ray is one of four individuals who have tossed perfect games this season. He shot a 654 series on Thursday.  

David Gholson finished this week’s 700 series run, tossing a703 on Tuesday. David rolled games of 237, 253 and 213. Gholson ranks 13th on the high average chart at 206, ranks 18th on the high series board with a 726,and is sixth on the high game list with a 288. David shot a 696 series on Thursday.

Nick Painter gave 700 a run on Thursday, ending up with a 691 series made up of games of 225, 233 and 233. Painter averages 202 on Tuesday and 201 on Thursday. He holds 17th place on the high average chart. His best series is a 735, 15th on the high series board and his highest game is a 267, 18th on the high game list. 

Becky Bowden was our top lady bowler this past week, shooting a 604 series.  Becky tossed games of 158, 215 and 231. Her first game might have been influenced by the fact that daughter Angela is about to make Becky a grandmother. Who knows? Becky holds the ladies’ highest average, 203, highest series, 698 and highest game, 270. 

Charlie Romanat is the baby sister of local attorney, Ron Fergerson. For at least the second time this season, Charlie exceeded expectations by rolling at least 98 pins over her series average. She averages 142, but Monday she averaged 174, shooting a 524 series with games of 183, 161 and 180, all three games above her single game average. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Russ Nuss (688), Vincent Smith (683), Mike Gilliland (682), Steve Edwards (680), Wes Campbell (679 Tuesday/655 Sunday), Harold McClure (675 Sunday), Joe Kirkpatrick (673 Tuesday/672 Thursday/637 Sunday), Jason Parmer (669), Koy Cline (654 Sunday/625 Tuesday/620 Thursday), Jason Keller (648 Thursday/632 Sunday/631 Tuesday), and Danny Burns (647).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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