SSMS tennis battles Lindale 
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March 4, 2006 - The SSMS tennis team battled the Lindale Middle School squad on Thursay, and according to coach Lisa Moore the team played outstanding against a tough opponent in its first match of the season. 

"I was really proud of all the kids for their effort," she said. "Lindale's girls were more experienced than their boys, therefore our boys fared a little better in their matches overall."

The team results are as follows with SSMS players listed first.

Girls Doubles - Autum Keiss/Hannah Carrington lost 0-8; Rosalyn Karstens/Natalie Golden lost 3-8; Aspen Houston/WhitneyStarett lost 6-8; Karen Mora/Martiza Sanchez won 8-6; Emma Edge/Monica Fluitt lost 4-8; Brendy Molina/Sophia Sosa lost 3-8.

Boys Doubles - Dakoda Painter/Cade Winborn lost 4-8; Dillon Smith/Jed Walker won 8-4; Zach Adams/Jake Hurley lost 6-8; Garrett Swatsell/Luke Penny won 8-1; Charles Livsey/Blaine Smith lost 4-8.

Girls Singles - Autum Keiss lost 1-8; Rosalyn Karstens lost 2-8; Natalie Golden lost 1-8; Hannah Carrington lost 3-8; Aspen Houston lost 0-8; Brendy Molina lost 0-8; Whitney Starett won 8-6; Karen Mora lost 3-6.

Boys Singles - zach Adams won 8-1; Dakoda Painter won 8-4; Cade Winborn lost 1-8; Dillon Smith won 8-5; Jed Walker won 8-5; Jake Hurley won 8-0; Luke Penny won 8-2; Garrett Swatsell won 8-1; Charles Livsey lost 3-8.

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