Gilliland, Duncan, Haggerty shoot top scores at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

June 27, 2006 - Mike Gilliland, Ace Wiginton, Bo Duncan and Jesse Haggerty all came close to breaking through the 700 series barrier this week, but all four fell just a little bit short of the mark. Gilliland finished the week with a 691 three-game series on Thursday, Bo Duncan fired a three-game set of 685 on Thursday, and Jesse Haggerty came out of Thursday's play with a 682 for three games. Haggerty was the only bowler to register a four-game set in excess of 900, shooting a 902. Thirteen men averaged 200 or better for the week. One of these 13 was Colby Pullen, our seventh-grader from SSMS, who came through with an 824 four-game series. Once again, Becky Bowden was our top lady performer, shooting a 589 on Sunday evening.

Mike Gilliland started Thursday's play with a 192 average. When the night's action ended, he had raised his average to a 199, and had moved from 16th to 11th place on our high average board. To make his move, Mike fashioned a 691 series consisting of games of 256, 200 and 235. His fourth game was a 185, not something he will write home about, but he still finished with an 876 for four games, and a 219 average for the evening. He was 108 pins over his series norm for a three-game set. Gilliland's 691 nudged him into second place on the three-game high series chart, up 13 places from last week. His 876 gives Mike eighth place on the four-game series chart. Mike's best game so far this summer is this week's 256 which ranks ninth on the high game list.              

Bo Duncan has been bowling a long while, spending many of his bowling seasons in military bowling venues around the world. He is one of at least eight retired veterans bowling at Classic Lanes. After all those seasons of moving around, it would appear that Mr. Duncan has found a permanent bowling home here at Classic Lanes. Once more, the name Bo Duncan sits atop all of our four honor lists, average, three- and four-game series, as well as high game. Bo shot our second highest three-game series for the week on Thursday, rolling a 685 consisting of games of 204, 233 and 248. Like Gilliland, Bo won't brag about his fourth game, a 173, but it was enough to give him an 858 four game series and a 214 average for the night.  It was  enough to hold his average while last week's leader, Neldon Smith, and second place holder, Jason Keller, stumbled a bit,allowing Bo to regain the average lead. Bo holds a 217, Keller a 213 and Smith a 212, currently.  Duncan's 703 still ranks first on the three-game high series chart, while his 962 series for four games remains first on the that chart. Bo's best game, a 289, continues to hold first place on the high game list.          

Jesse Haggerty hasn't been bowling for many years, and bowls primarily for fun. On occasion, however, he becomes inspired - and rips the cover stock off of his bowling ball. Such an occasion occurred this past Thursday, when Jesse shot our third best three-game series for the night, a 682, with games of 209, 235 and 238. The series moved Jesse into third place on the three-game high series list, tying him with Neldon Smith, and it raised Jesse's average from a 164 to a 194, moving him onto the high average board in the 14th position. Jesse's last game of the evening was a 220, which gave him a 902 four-game series, and a single night's average of 225. Jesse's 238 high game Thursday moved him into a tie for 16th place on the high game list. By the way, Jesse was 190 pins over his three-game series average, and 246 pins over his four-game series norm.

Colby Pullen is our youngest league bowler at Classic Lanes. He attends SSMS, in the seventh grade. Colby was averaging 169 when he stepped onto the lanes Thursday night, which is a pretty good average for a grown-up, let alone a youngster, but that wasn't his average this past Thursday. All young Mr. Pullen was able to accomplish this week was to roll games of 176, 204, and 229 for a three-game set of 609, a 203 average, followed by a fourth-game score of 215 and an 824 four-game series, and a 206 average. He raised his average to a 178 by virtue of his performance Thursday. Colby did one thing Thursday all young people just love doing, and their parents just hate - he beat his dad, Greg, 824 to 805. Colby's 824 ranks 15th on the four-game high series list, one slot below father Greg's 827, and his 609 three-game series ranks 24th on the three-game series chart, four position below dad's 622. Colby's 229 game places him 21st on the high game list, four slots below dad's 237. It appears that Greg is having to fight for bragging rights in the Pullen household.

Jeff Wright stayed out of bowling for about 13 years before returning some two years ago. His game has been steadily improving since his return though he has started a little slowly this summer. Thursday, he entered play with a 172 average, had neither a 600 three-game series, nor an 800 four-games series. His name only appeared on the high game list, at 202.  After Thursday's play, his average had climbed to a 182, he had moved to 22nd place on the four-game high series list, and his best game, a 223, claimed 25th place on the high game list. His four games were 189, 167, 222 and 223. He shot a 612 series in his last three games. Jeff finished the night 113 pins over his four-game series average.

Doug Brann is a steady bowler. He was averaging 204 last Thursday night before play commenced, but when the action was over for the evening, he was averaging 206, and had shot his best four-game series of the season, an 844. Doug is tied for sixth on the high average board, is tied for 12th on the four-game high series chart with his 844, is 13th on the three-game high series chart, and is fifth on the high game list, with a 266.     

Sharon Callahan has graced this column on several occasions in the past. She did it again this week. Sharon bowls on Sundays in the summer.  She would bowl more - but the guys won't let her participate on Thursdays.  She normally shoots games around the 123 area, and her average series will be around 369. This past Sunday, she rolled a 466 series with games of 155, 185 and 126, all above her single game average, ending the night 97 pins over her series average.  

Becky Bowden was this week's top lady bowler with a 589 series, with games of 183, 203 and 203. It was not a stellar night for Becky, but she'll have more good nights than bad before the summer is over. Her average dropped to a 208 as the result of Sunday's series, but she is still sits atop the ladies' high average board, high series chart at 650, and high game list at 253. She ranks fifth on the men's and ladies' combined average board, holds 14th place on the combined three-game series chart, and is tied for 12th on the combined high game list with a 253. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Larry Siegert (667/804), Ace Wiginton (662/886), Darreyl Dixon (646/848), David Gholson (633/806), Charles Harred (626/817), Richard Thompson (625), Greg Pullen (622/805), Ray Howser (620/814) and Mark Smith (619/807).


Larry Mason writes a bowling column about the leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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