Allen tops Sunday bowlers; Strain claims Thursday honors
Larry Mason

June 20, 2006 - James Allen topped all Classic Lanes’ bowlers this week, shooting a 676 three-game series on Sunday, while David Strain finished in first place in the Thursday men’s trio league, shooting a 675 three-game set. Jason Keller wasn’t far behind Allen and Strain, shooting a three-game series of 668, and a four-game set of 902, the only 900-plus series for the week. Not far behind these three was Becky Bowden, who shot her second consecutive 600 series on Sunday night, a 650. 

While it was a productive week - 17 individuals averaged over 200 - no one topped the 700 series mark, the first miss of a weekly 700 in over two years.

James Allen shot the week’s highest three-game series on Sunday night, tossing games of 224, 244 and 208 to complete the evening’s action with a 676 series and a one-night average of 225. He started the evening carrying a 144 average, which expands to a 432 three-game series. James was just a few pins over his average – 244 pins to be exact. He raised his season’s average to a 184, moved into fourth place on the three-game high series chart at 676, and slipped into 13th place on the high game list with his 244. He may have had some additional motivation, given that he bowls with Becky Bowden.

David Strain was one pin behind Allen when Thursday’s play was over, having to settle for a three-game 675 series. Strain rolled games of 184, 246 and 235. Ironically, Strain did shoot a 700 series, a 707 to be exact, but it came in the last three games of Thursday’s four-game format, so it doesn’t count for any awards. David finished the night with an 891 four-game set.  David moved up to fourth place on the high average board after Thursday’s play with a 214, took over fifth place on the three-game high series chart with his 675, holds second place on the four-game series chart with a 917, and ranks third on the high game list with a 268.

 Jason Keller contributed the only 900-plus, four-game series to this week’s lists of statistics, a 902. It is the fourth 900 series fashioned by center bowlers thus far this season. The series places Keller in third place on the four-game high series chart. Jason’s three-game set was a 668, made up of games of 231, 212 and 225. Jason averaged 222 for his first three games Thursday, and 225 for all four games. Currently, Keller finds himself in second place on the high average board, three pins behind this week’s leader, Neldon Smith and his 222. Keller ranks seventh on the three-game high series list with a 669, and is in fifth place on the high game list with a 260. 

Charles Harred hasn’t been bowling a great deal in the past few years, but one wouldn’t have known it on Thursday. Harred bagged a 670 three-game series, shooting 257, 177 and 236, and followed those with a 209 fourth game, giving him an 879 over four games, the fifth-best four-game set of the night. Charles averaged 223 for three games, and 219 for four. When play opened on Thursday, Charlie was averaging 182, but when the night was over, he had raised his average to a 195, moving him from unranked into 15th place on the high average board. His three-game set took over sixth place on the three game high series chart, and his four-game 879 set shoved him into sixth place on that chart.  His 257 game from Thursday moved him to seventh place on the high game list.

Terry Kozeluh appears to be rediscovering his game, after a long absence. For the second time in as many weeks, Koz shot another 600 series in the Sunday mixed league, this one a 659 consisting of games of 255, 189 and 215. Terry started play with a 204 average, and finished the night averaging 212. For the evening, Terry averaged 219. His 212 moved him into sixth place on the high average board, one pin behind Sunday’s leading scorer, Becky Bowden. Kozeluh’s 659 moved him into ninth place on the three-game high series chart, and his 255 high game from Sunday, jumped him into eighth place on the high game list. Welcome back, Terry. 

Mark Smith is a name all of you readers should recognize by now, but, in case you don’t, here’s a memory jogger: his was one of only two 800 honor series shot in the fall league, the 13th shot a Classic Lanes in its history.  Thursday night, Mark produced the third highest four-game series of the evening, shooting games of 258, 192, 205 and 232, giving him a 221 average for the four games. Smith improved his average from a 192 to a 202 and moved from 13th to 11th place on the high average board.  His three-game series was a 655, which moved him into 10th place on the three-game high chart, while his 887 four-game set nudged him into fifth place on that chart.  Mark’s best game, his 258 from Thursday, landed him in a three-way tie for sixth place on the high game list. 

Neldon Smith came through with an 885 four-game series Thursday, shooting games of 189, 222, 216 and 258. The series moved his average to 222, up four points from two weeks ago, when he last bowled. His new average puts him in first place on the high average board, three pins ahead of Jason Keller.  ”Smitty”, as he likes to be called, ranks second on the three-game series chart with a 682, is fourth on the four game series chart with an 895, and is tied for sixth place on the high game list with his 258 from Thursday. Smitty missed week two because he was visiting with grandchildren in Maryland.

Becky Bowden has apparently found her game. She tossed her second 600 series in as many weeks this past Sunday, a 650 this time. Her series consisted of games of 184, 253 and 213. The series raised Becky’s average to a 213, which ranks fifth on the combined men and ladies’ high average board. She leads all of the Sunday mixed league bowlers in average, ranks 12th on the three-game high series chart with this week’s 650, and is tied for 10th place on the high game list with this week’s 253.

Dewayne Roach finished Thursday’s action with a four-game series of 844. Roach shot games of 243, 202, 176 and 223. It is the 11th-best four-game set of the young summer season, and it raised Dewayne’s average to a 199, 12th best so far this season. Dewayne ranks 17th on the three-game series chart, and claims the 11th-best high game to date, a 245. Expect to hear a lot more from Mr. Roach before the summer’s leagues conclude. 

Richard Allen is the son-in-law of Becky Bowden. Becky bowls very well, as you know, and this undoubtedly influences her teammates on Sunday.  Becky’s 650 series, for example, may have challenged teammate James Allen, because he shot the night’s top three-game series, 676. Teammate Richard, gave mom-in-law a run for her money as well, shooting a 579 series, for a one night average of 193.  Richard was averaging 162 at the time. Richard fashioned games of 206, 188 and 185 and finished the night 93 pins over his average.  Who says mothers-in-law are all bad?   

Others who bowled well this week include: Greg Pullen (827), David Gholson (823), Red Skelton (819), Nevil Solomon and Mike Gilliland (815), Roy Schutz (814) and Cliff Whitney and Doug Brann (813).     


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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