Bo Duncan tops Thursday with 703; Bowden tops Sunday with 633
Larry Mason

2006 - The men’s Thursday night trio and the Sunday mixed leagues kicked off the summer bowling schedule during the first week of June. In Week 1, the men’s top bowlers included Neldon Smith, who rolled a 682 three-game series, David Strain, who rolled a 917 four-game set, and Becky Bowden who rolled a 633 three-game series to top all of our Sunday bowlers. In that only one league had competed prior to time to submit last week’s column, it was decided that we would wait until both summer leagues had completed at least one week of action before we submitted an article. This is it.

To refresh everyone’s memory, the men’s league in the summer, bowls a four-game format, rather than the usual three, but only the first three of these count for an honor series. However, all four count when it comes down to an honor game. All four factor into a bowler’s average.  

In Week 1, Neldon Smith produced our highest three-game series, that 682, which when added to his fourth game, gave him an 895 four-game series, and a 223 average for the evening. Smitty shot games of 222, 237, 223 and 213. He ranked first on the three-game series chart, second on the average board, and was in seventh place on the high game list, tied with Darreyl Dixon and Roy Schutz. Neldon wasn’t available to bowl in Week 2. 

David Strain gave us our first 900 or better series for four games in Week 1, shooting a 917, consisting of games of 255, 196, 198 and 268. His three-game series, the first three of the four, was a 649. At the end of the first week's play, he ranked first on the average board, first on the four-game series chart, and was second on the high game list, one pin behind high game leader, Ace Wiginton's 269.

Becky Bowden started summer action by tossing a 633 series made up of games of 214, 202 and 217. It was the highest series of the night, man or woman. She finished the evening with a 211 average, good enough to claim sixth place on the high average board. 

Thirteen men ended the week with averages exceeding 200. In addition to Strain, Smith and Bowden, they were: Jason Keller (218), Bo Duncan (216), Darreyl Dixon (215), Ace Wiginton (214), David Gholson (212), Jason Parmer (209), Nevil Solomon (206), Dewayne Roach, Roy Schutz and Greg Pullen (204), and Jeff Boyte and Doug Brann (202). Two men finished the night with 198 averages, Red Skelton and Michael Fletcher.

In the Sunday league, three people joined Bowden in the 200 average club, Terry Kozeluh (204), David Strain (202) and David Gholson (201).

Angela Allen gets her bowling prowess naturally; she just happens to be the daughter of Becky Bowden. Sunday night, Angela rolled what is believed to be her best three-game set ever, a 583. She tossed games of 181, 177 and 225. Her average for the night was a very respectable 194. She ranks 11th on the combined men’s and women’s high average board, and is 15th on the combined high game list with her 225. On the ladies’ listings, she ranks second in average behind her mother, second in high series behind her mother, and is first on the ladies’ high game list with her 225. Angela began bowling seriously when she joined Classic Lanes’ high school bowling program a few years back. 

Colby Pullen, son of Greg, is our youngest USBC-sanctioned bowler. He started bowling with our high school bowlers, again, a few years back. If memory serves, this is his second year to bowl competitively. He bowls with his dad. Thursday night, Colby rolled games of 189, 170 and 208, to finish his three-game series with a 567, which gave him a 189 average for the three games. His fourth game wasn’t anything he wanted to talk about, but it was still a good one, a 146. Colby finished his four-game series with a 713, and an overall average of 178. On Sunday, Pullen shot games of 125, 182 and 190 finishing with a 497 series and a 165 average. He’s in Middle School this year.       

In Week 2, Bo Duncan went crazy. Duncan, a retired Air Force veteran who comes from Greenville and an employee of L3, rolled the first 700 series of the summer, a 703, made up of games of 289, 213, 201; and then, for good measure, he rolled a 259 in game four, giving him a 962 four-game set. All of this effort resulted in his taking over first place on the average board (228), first place on the three-game series chart, first place on the four-game series chart and first place on the high game list (289). He was also elected president of the league. 

In other Week 2 action, six men finished the night’s play with 800 series. These came off of the hands of Jason Keller (856), Nevil Solomon (846), Doug Brann (835), Mark Smith (826), Greg Pullen (824) and Ace Wiginton (819).

 Now, with two weeks of men’s league play in the books, our top averages belong to: Bo Duncan 228, Neldon Smith 223, Becky Bowden 211, David Strain 210, Ace Wiginton and Nevil Solomon 209, Doug Brann and Greg Pullen 205, Terry Kozeluh 204, and David Gholson 201. 

 The high four-game series rankings are: Bo Duncan 962, David Strain 917, Neldon Smith 895, Jason Keller 873, Darreyl Dixon 863, Ace Wiginton 857, David Gholson 849, Nevil Solomon 846, Jason Parmer 837, Doug Brann 835, Mark Smith 826, Greg Pullen 824, Dewayne Roach 819, Roy Schutz 816 and Jeff Boyte 810.

On the three-game series list, our leaders are: Bo Duncan 703, Neldon Smith 682, Ace Wiginton 678, Jason Keller 669, David Gholson 666, Nevil Solomon 653, David Strain 649, Red Skelton 642, Doug Brann 638, Becky Bowden 633, Roy Schutz 629, Darreyl Dixon 626, Dewayne Roach 623, Greg Pullen 622, Terry Kozeluh 614, Jason Parmer 613, Mark Smith 610 and Michael Fletcher, 603. 

Thirty-six people have rolled at least one 200 or better game to date.  The top six positions on the high game list include: Bo Duncan 289, Ace Wiginton 269, David Strain 268, Jason Keller 260, Jeff Boyte 258 and Nevil Solomon 255.  


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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