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Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

June 11, 2006 - Jose Canseco - straight shooter?

We surely would not have thought that when his tell-all book came out, singling out players who he said shot up steroids with him. Half of the players in Major League Baseball were juiced, he said, and that was a conservative estimate.

Baseball players and management - Bud "Light" Selig and his yes-men included - denounced Canseco's admissions as fairy tales and lies designed only to sell books, not to shine the light on truth on the situation.

I know who I would believe now, and it's not Bud Light.

If journeymen pitchers like Ryan Franklin and Jason Grimsley are using steroids and virtually undetectable HGH (human growth hormone), then everyone is under suspicion. Sorry, Albert Pujols, but that includes you and your 25 home runs, fair or not.

Grimsley decided not to cooperate with federal officials in their investigation into steroids. I wonder if those same officials have talked to Canseco? He seems to be the only person in this entire stinky, self-serving mess who might be telling the truth.

Go figure.

Exit Wacky Jacky, Enter Adrian - The Mavericks can trace this year's success to Nov. 18, 2005. That's when Doug Christie and his loony wife, Wacky Jacky, retired from the NBA, and the Mavericks resigned Adrian Griffin. Griffin is exactly the type of role player a team must have to win a championship. ... The next most important date this season was Oct. 18, 2005 - the retirement date of Shawn Bradley (aka The Invisible Man). I've always contended no team could win a championship with Bradley on its roster. Likewise, the Rangers will never claim a World Series title as long as "consultant' John Hart is still on the payroll. There are some hurdles no team can clear.

Let's All Stick Together - Terrell Owens apparently likes to be disliked. That's the only reason I can think why the irritating Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver showed up at the AAC for Game 1 of the NBA Finals wearing a Heat jersey. ... When Darrell Armstrong, a Washington, D.C., native, shouted, "How about those Redskins?" on the PA system of the AAC after the 'Skins had beaten the Cowboys on Monday night, he was fined $1,000. Coach Avery Johnson said all the Dallas professional teams need to support one another. Let's see if Jerry Jones and the Tuna follow suit.

Don't Juice, Junior - Connecticut became the first state to sanction mandatory steroid testing for high school students. There's a catch: it's only for those who qualify for state championships, meets or tournaments. If tests are positive, the player is out for a year. The message is, don't do steroids unless you're a senior. If you are juiced before that, don't go to state.

Coach Search - SSISD athletic director Greg Owens is filling some of the open spots on his staff, but is still searching for others to complete all of the open positions. A couple of head coaching spots have been filled - Martin Bryant will step up from SSMS to a varsity football job and head girls soccer coach, and David Carrillo, husband to head girls basketball coach Tina Carrillo, comes to SSHS from Commerce. He will coach varsity football and be the head softball coach. We'll do a wrap-up on all the new coaches when the staff is complete.

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