Strain, Bowden, Parmer week's top bowlers at Classic Lanes 
Larry Mason

July 18, 2006 - David Strain turned in the best three game series in both of Classic Lanes' summer leagues this week, shooting a 684 on Thursday and a 660 on Sunday. Becky Bowden was the top lady performer for the week, turning in Sunday's second highest three-game series, a 616. Jason Parmer finally broke out of the doldrums this past Thursday, shooting a 662 for three games and a 931 for four. 

David Strain captured the week's best three-game series on both Thursday and Sunday, shooting games of 213, 202 and 269 to register a 684 on Thursday night, preceded by games of 215, 222 and 223 for a 660 series on Sunday evening. Strain's fourth game on Thursday was a 214, which gave him the week's second best four-game series, an 898. Overall, David averaged 222 for the week, 224 on Thursday and 220 on Sunday.

Strain now finds himself carrying a 210 average on Thursday and a 203 on Sunday. He ranks third on the high average board with his 210, has pulled into a tie with Greg Pullen for fourth place on the three-game high series chart, by virtue of this week's 684, claims third place on the four-game high series chart with a 917, and is tied with Jason Parmer and Ace Wiginton for fourth place on the high game list. It was a good week of bowling for Mr. Strain. 

Becky Bowden found herself at the head of the list for the ladies again this week, turning in Sunday's second highest series, a 616 consisting of games of 218, 202 and 196. It wasn't an earthshaking series, but it did allow Becky to hold on to first place on the high average board, where she holds a narrow one pin lead over second place holder, Jason Keller, 214 to 213.  Bowden remains tied for first place with Bo Duncan on the three-game high series list with a 703, and is in the No. 2 slot on the high game list with a 279, while Bo Duncan still claims first place with his season high 289. 

Ray Howser must not have cared for last week's article, which chronicled his being drubbed by son Zach some two weeks ago, because Papa Howser shot the lights out on Thursday night. Ray booked his best series of the season thus far, shooting a 673 for his first three games, finishing with an 875 for his four games.

Ray began Thursday's action carrying a 191 average, but all four of his games on Thursday were well above that. Howser fired games of 243, 214 and 216 for his first three-game set of 673, and closed with a 202 fourth game, giving him his 875. He averaged 224 for the first three games and 218 for four. Howser raised his average to a 195, moving him into 14th place on the high average board. This week's 673 moved Ray into eighth place on the three-game high series chart, and his four-game 875 series moved him to the No. 11 position on the four-game high series chart. 

Jason Parmer will be the first to admit that he hasn't been performing at the top of his game for quiet some time now. Thursday night, however, he put everything together, rolling his best sets of the summer. When the night was over, Jason had raised his average by seven pins and had moved onto the high average board in the 16th position, where he joined Red Skelton at 191. Jason's 662 three game set moved him into 13th place on the three-game high series chart, and his 931 four-game series bumped him up to second place on that chart. Parmer shot 235, 213 and 214 in his first three games, and tossed a 269 in the nightcap to finish with his 931. That 269 game, his best of the summer, moved him into a three-way tie with Ace Wiginton and David Strain for fourth place on the high game list. Parmer finished the night 110 pins over his Thursday three game series average of 552, and 195 pins over his four game series average of 736.  

Doug Brann, one of our Greenville residents, produced Thursday's fourth best three-game series, shooting a 658 comprised of games of 169, 253 and 236. His fourth game wasn't anything Doug would write home about, a 180, but it was good enough to give him an 838 for four games, one of only 15 turned in Thursday night. Doug started Thursday's play with a 202 average. For the night, he averaged 219 over three games, and 209 for four.  Doug managed to raise his average to a 203, and moved into seventh place on the high average board. This week's 658 moved him to the No. 16 position on the three-game high series chart. His best four-game series is still his 844 of a few weeks ago, which holds 16th place on that chart, where he is tied with another of our Greenville bowlers, Dewayne Roach. Brann's highest game of the summer is a 266, which ranks fifth on the high game list.

Adam Thompson is the son of Richard and Jean. Adam is a product of both Classic Lanes' high school and youth bowling programs. Adam was averaging 145 at the start of Thursday's play. His first three games were at or above his single game average, 144, 166 and 179. He shot a 489 series, 54 pins over his three-game series norm. Adam's fourth game was astronomical. The young man shot his highest game ever, a 245, which gave him a 734 four-game series, 154 pins over his four-game series average. When Thursday's competition was completed, Adam had raised his average five pins, to a 150. His 245 game moved him onto the high game list, in 15th place. Adam also bowls on Sunday night, where he averages 137. Last Sunday, Adam rolled three very consistent games, each above his average: 143, 141 and 140.  

Jesse McFarland is an employee of Old World Brick. He and his wife Wendy began bowling last fall. Sunday night, Mr. McFarland finished the night 65 pins above his series average, shooting a 470 consisting of games of 127, 162 and 181. Jesse normally averages 135, but Sunday night he carried a 156. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Darreyl Dixon (651/857), Mike Gilliland (623/854), Roy Schutz (616/829), Neldon Smith (616/809), Mark Smith (615/849), Jason Keller (615/850), Mike Miller (615), David Gholson (613/812), Zach Howser (607), Cliff Whitney (605/818), Dewayne Roach (811), Michael Fletcher (804) and Richard Thompson (601/802).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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