Pullen, Bowden take week's honors at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

2006 - Greg Pullen and Becky Bowden claimed top bowler honors at Classic Lanes this week, shooting 684 and 674, respectively, on Sunday night.  Thursday night high series honors were shared by Richard Thompson, who shot a 670 three-game series, and Nevil Solomon, who shot an 880 four-game set.

Greg Pullen has regained the bragging rights in his home based on a very impressive 684 series last Sunday evening. Greg tossed games of 221, 237 and 226 to produce the week's highest three-game series. Greg did fairly well on Thursday night, too, shooting a 636 for three games, and 836 for four. Sunday he averaged 228, and Thursday he averaged 212 for three games, and 209 for four. Greg's best average, at present, is a 201 in the Thursday men's league, which ties him for eighth on the high average board. Pullen's 684 jumped him into fourth place on the summer's three-game high series chart, and his four games series, the 636, moved him to 16th place on the four-game high series chart. His best game so far this summer is a 238, which places him 18th on the high game list. 

Becky Bowden began Sunday's play carrying a 214 average that positioned her in first place on the high average board. When the night was over, Becky had shot a 674 series, comprised of games of 247.  214 and 213, and had increased her average to a 216, giving her a three pin lead over second-place holder, Jason Keller at 213, and a six pin bulge over third-place claimant, Bo Duncan at 210.  Becky is tied with Duncan for the summer's highest three-game series, a 703, and ranks second on the high game list with a 279, 10 sticks behind first place holder, Duncan, who has a 289 to his credit. Bowden averaged 224 Sunday. 

Thursday night's three-game series honors go to Richard Thompson and his 670. Richard tossed games of 223, 225 and 222, all three games well over his night's entering average of 191. Thompson was also over his average in his fourth game, rolling a 192. Richard's four-game set was a very respectable 862. Richard averaged 223 over his first three games, and 215 for four. It was a pretty consistent night of bowling for Mr. T - and, keeping in tune with this consistency theme, Richard is now averaging 196 on Sunday and 195 on Thursday. He ranks 12th on the high average board, is tied for ninth on the three-game high series chart at 670, is 12th on the four-game high series board with this week's 862, and is tied for 13th place on the high game list with a 258.

Nevil Solomon walked away with this week's best four-game series, an 880, consisting of games of 233, 218, 201 and 228. His three-game series was a 652. He averaged 220 for four games and 217 for three. Solomon is currently averaging 204 for the summer, ranking sixth on the high average board. He has a three-game high series of 653, which holds 16th place on that chart, and his 880 four-game series of this week holds seventh place on the four-game chart. Solomon's best game of the summer thus far is a 255, which ties him for 11th on the high game list. 

Jeff Wright is one of those bowlers we found from among our Wednesday family night cadre of keglers. He hadn't bowled in a league for 13 years at that time. He has a couple of seasons under his belt now, and has been making steady progress with his game during that time. Thursday night, Jeff shot a 645 for three games, averaging 215, and an 849 for four games, averaging 212. Jeff rolled games of 194, 185 266 and 204 in the process. Jeff was averaging 182 when Thursday's play began. Wright was 99 pins over his three-game series average, and 121 pins over his four-game series average, and he was very instrumental in his team's winning four of the five game points available Thursday night. Jeff raised his average to a 186 after Thursday's action. Jeff's 645 moved him to 16th place on the three-game high series chart, and his 849 bumped him into 13th place on the four-game high series chart.  This week's 266 game jumped Jeff into a three way tie for sixth place on the high game list. 

Mark Miller came into Thursday's play averaging 169.  He bowls with Greg and Colby Pullen. You already know what Greg did Thursday, and his performance may have influenced Mike's, because Mr. Miller shone. Mike rolled a 619 three-game series, averaging 206, and finished with a four-game set of 813, averaging 203. Mike rolled games of 225, 216, 178 and 194, all four games well above his single game average. His performance, coupled with Greg's, enabled his team to take five games from their opponents. Mike raised his Thursday average to a 175. His three-game series moved him to 24th place on the three-game high series chart, and his 813 series moved him into a tie for 21st place on the four-game high series chart.  His high game, a 225, put him in a three-way tie for 27th on the high game list.

Back on June 25, Zach Howser shot what I believe is his best three-game series, ever, and I overlooked it.  Actually, I didn't overlook it so much, as I forgot to report it. Howser shot a 631, made up of games of 228, 185 and 218. Zach is the son of Ray Howser, and is a product of Classic Lanes' high school bowling program of a few years back. He has made significant strides in his game, especially this year. For the week, the younger Howser put a “whoopin” on his dad by shooting his best series ever on that Sunday, while dad could only muster a 504 that following Thursday. As a matter of fact, Zach beat dad on Thursday as well, shooting a 569 for three game, compared to Ray's 504, and finishing with a 739 for four games, compared to Ray's 697.  Zach ranks 20th on the three game high series chart, and is 23rd on the high game list with a 232.  Sorry for the oversight, Zach. 

Others who bowled well this week include: David Strain (640/844), David Gholson (623/849) and Dewayne Roach (616/802).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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