Fletcher, Whitney and Howser toss 700s
Larry Mason

Jan. 24, 2006 - Last week Mike Fletcher shot a 748 series. This week, he shot 768 series, with a season high game of 280, and raised his average by two pins to a 226, to climb atop the high average chart. Cliff Whitney and Ray Howser joined Fletcher in collecting 700, the third 700 series of the season for Whitney and the second for Howser.

Joe Kirkpatrick came close to registering his fifth and sixth 700s of the year by shooting a 698 series on Tuesday, and a 695 series on Sunday.  Tommy Fletcher came within striking distance of 700 on Thursday, but had to be satisfied with a 690 series. 

Mike Fletcher started a little slowly this season, but has been making up for lost time of late. As the result of this past Thursday’s performance, Mike’s average increased to a 226, good enough to take over first place on the high average chart, and his position on the high series list moved from ninth place, to sixth. To make these changes occur, all Mike had to do was shoot a 768 series, his highest of the year thus far, rolling games of 243, 245 and 280.  Mike occupies ninth place on the high game list by virtue of this week’s 280 score in his third game. Fletcher now has rolled five 700s this season, and he has produced two of the eight 800 honor series thrown at Classic Lanes during its history.

Cliff Whitney is a retired Air Force sergeant, who is around 70 years young. He doesn’t look it, and he certainly doesn’t bowl like it, either. To prove the point, this past Thursday, Whitney shot his third 700 of the season, a 711. It isn’t his highest of the season, that one is a 747, but it was the center’s second best 700 for the week. Whitney rolled games of 216, 248 and 247 to get it. Cliff is one of the center’s steadiest bowlers, averaging 205 on both Tuesday and Thursday, and 204 on Sunday. He ranks 14th on the center’s high average chart. His 747 series occupies 10th place on the high series list, and his highest game, a 279, holds the No. 10 position on the high game list. He shares this honor with Nathan Crist, Jesse Haggerty and Keith Ethridge. Cliff has shot 279 twice, and has a 277 and a 274, as well. Mr. Whitney shot a 659 series on Sunday, and a 652 on Tuesday. 

Ray Howser bought a new bowling ball just recently, and he is beginning to see some positive results with the change. With his new ball, Ray rolled his second 700 series of the season, a 705 on Tuesday, composed of games of 203, 278 and 224. Howser is averaging 211 on Tuesday and 207 on Thursday, with his Tuesday average placing him in eighth place on the high average chart. Ray’s best series of this season is a 707, which ranks 25th on the high series list, where is joined by David Pellichino. Ray holds 11th place on the high game list with a 278, where Mark Smith, Steve Edwards and Richard Thompson join him.       

Joe Kirkpatrick just hasn’t had any luck in recent weeks. This past week proved to be no different. Kirkpatrick shot a 698 series on Tuesday and a 695 series on Sunday. In the former, he tossed games of 278, 217 and 203, while in the latter he rolled games of 235, 235 and 225. He just missed getting his fifth and sixth 700 series of the season. He shot a 623 on Thursday. Kirkpatrick’s highest average is in the Tuesday mixed league where he is carrying a 214, placing him in seventh place.  He totes a 204 average on Thursday and a 203 on Sunday. Joe’s highest series is a 772, fifth on the high series list, and his best game to date is a 298 honor game, third on the high game list. He is tied with center maintenance guru, Wes Campbell, and center manager Ace Wiginton in the latter category. In addition to his 298 this season, Joe has shot 278 three times, and 289 once. 

Tarry Davison bowls on both Sunday and Thursday. He averages 210 in the former and 207 in the latter. He ranks 10th on the high average chart, where he is tied with Bruce Michaelson, Vincent Smith and Harold McClure.  Tarry’s best series this season is a 760, which claims the No. 8 spot on the high series list. His highest game is a 267, 18th on the high game list, where he is tied with Justin Haggerty and Nick Painter. To register this week’s 695 series, Tarry rolled games of 255, 236 and 204.  Five more pins, and he would have booked his fourth 700 series of the fall/winter season.

Tommy Fletcher is the older brother of Mike Fletcher. They bowl together on Thursdays. This week, while brother Mike was shooting his 768, Tommy was staying close, shooting games of 221, 220 and 249, to finish the night with a 690 series. Ten more pins and Tommy would have recorded his first 700 of the season. Still, the series did move Tommy into 34th place on the high series list, up from 46th. Tommy averages 203 on Thursday, which is 17th on the high average chart, where he is tied with David Vansickle and David Gholson.

Colby Pullen is the only pre-teen bowler in any of our leagues. He bowls for Scott Tubb Construction on Thursday nights. Normally, Colby averages 161 and will shoot around a 483 series. But this past Thursday night, this fifth-grade student shot games of 211, 199 and 177, finishing the evening with a hefty 587 series and a one night average of 197. 

Mark Miller went crazy on Sunday evening, shooting a very impressive 653 series, 125 pins over average. He shot games of 227, 225 and 201.  Miller, who averages 176 normally, finished Sunday with a 217 average. Mark bowls once a week, and very seldom gets to practice because of his work schedule. He just happens to be a policeman in Winnsboro.  

Stacy Ward bowls in our Tuesday mixed league. Her normal three-game series total is about a 357, giving her a 119 average. This past Tuesday, Stacy rolled games of 154, 176 and 171, giving her a 501 series for the night, 144 pins over her series average. I feel certain that there are some awards coming from this effort. 

Shane Quinn returned to the lanes shortly after the season started. At this time, he is averaging 167, and will normally produce a series of about 500.  This past Tuesday, Shane shot games of 197, 204 and 200 to complete the night’s action with a 601 series, 100 pins over his average. Things are looking up for Quinn.

Duane Anspon did it again. This man has been on a rampage over the past two months, shooting one good series after another. On Tuesday, Anspon shot another great series, a 651, made up of games of 219, 216 and 216. Duane shot 86 pins over his series average. 

Brigette Painter shot 83 pins over her series average on Monday, rolling a 566 series comprised of games of 218, 172 and 176. She averaged 188 for the evening, compared to her normal average of  161. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Larry Siegert (688), Wes Campbell (680 Sunday/664 Tuesday/649 Thursday), Mark Smith (672), Jason Keller (666 Thursday/614 Tuesday), Turk Morgan (664), Vincent Smith (658), Harold McClure (657 Sunday/657 Thursday), Ace Wiginton (655), Nick Painter (649), Koy Cline (648 Thursday/643 Tuesday), David Strain (647), Jeff Haley (638), Bo Duncan (635), Larry Stovall (632), and Wayne Womack and John Lambert (631).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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